Kayfabe Commentaries: YouShoot with Mr. Anderson

This was filmed on December 9th, 2016

Sean Oliver is your host

It runs at one hour and forty minutes long


He is asked who inspired him to be a wrestler. Mr. Anderson said it was Steve Austin as he was not a fan of wrestling growing up but while in college saw him in the WWF and was hooked.


On training in OVW and who he roomed with, Mr. Anderson said his class consisted of Bobby Lashley, Daniel Puder, Brent Albright, Paul Burchill, and the guys who made up the Spirit Squad. He credits Paul Heyman for coming in to OVW and getting him ready for the main roster.


A guy in a video submission asks what it was like to work with Jim Cornette. Mr. Anderson said he was awesome but there were so many guys down there under contract it was hard to put everyone on TV. He also tells a story of when he died his hair blond, Cornette was pissed and then put him with the Blond Bombers (Jillian Hall, Melissa Coats, Tank Toland, and Chad Wicks).



When asked about who came up with his entrance and theme music, Anderson said it was Jim Johnston who did his first theme and kept it 80’s sounding as he used “Pour Some Sugar on Me” in the Independent scene.


We get a clip of Maria Kannelis from her YouShoot where she took credit for helping Mr. Anderson come up with the gimmick of repeating his name. He confirms this was true and puts over working with Maria.



He is asked about any good road stories and pretty much avoids the question. After that he is asked about eating on the road and said the worst places are Subway and Applebee’s.


On the Hulkamania Tour of Australia, Mr. Anderson said it was great as you worked two days then had two days off and they all partied and drank on their days off. He tells a story about being at the pool where Brutus Beefcake showed up in a thong with his balls hanging out and told him to fix it as Beefcake casually fixed himself and went back to drinking.



He gets asked a few questions about Randy Orton as Mr. Anderson talks about dropping him on his head by accident. Mr. Anderson then said he would be pissed too. After that he goes into how John Cena and Randy Orton going to the office was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back but getting popped for a Wellness Policy Violation and speaking out on the Chris Benoit tragedy was what really did him in with Vince McMahon.


On why Bob Holly hates him, Mr. Anderson said they had a misunderstanding years ago but now they are cool with each other and mentions that they met up last weekend.


Someone gives Mr. Anderson four names (Randy Orton, Jim Cornette, John Cena, and Vince McMahon) and wants him to rank them top to bottom on who is the biggest asshole. His answers are: 1. Cena, 2. Orton, 3. Cornette, and 4. Vince.


He then gets “F, Marry, Kill” with Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Maryse. Mr. Anderson answers are: F) Maryse, M) Brie, and K) Nikki.



When asked about Wrestler’s Court, Mr. Anderson goes into how in WWE it was serious and he saw men and women cry but in TNA it was a lighter atmosphere. He talked about how in TNA, Tommy Dreamer was the bailiff and wore a suitcoat and a red thong with his balls hanging out then without mentioning her name, talked about a woman in the WWE who was brought up on charges of being a “female hater” as she was mean to the other girls. Mr. Anderson also talks about The Dicks (Chad Wicks & Tank Toland) and how they got into a fight. Apparently, others in the locker room where asking Wicks if he got along with his partner on the road and Wicks said they did not always get along and one time he was asked to get out of the car. So, Chris Benoit asked Wicks if he stood up for himself or did he just “take it like a cunt” as Benoit kept telling him to stand up for himself. Wicks went after Toland, who punched Wicks in the face.



We get another “F, Marry, Kill” but this is the “Boss Edition” with Dixie Carter, Stephanie McMahon, and Sasha Banks. He would marry Stephanie, fuck Sasha, and kill Dixie.


Someone else asks how big is Batista’s dick. Mr. Anderson finally answers the question and said its not his dick that is big but his balls are humongous, comparing it to a “Bulldog with a carrot nose” and someone sitting on a pogo ball.


On dating ODB, Mr. Anderson said she is a great person. He is then asked about her being active in bed as Mr. Anderson said she grabbed her boobs a lot.



Someone asks him about Booker T and if he liked to party. Mr Anderson then talks about how Booker T got his job as a color commentator in the WWE as he would stand behind the curtain at house shows and do commentary on matches that were bad to crack up the other guys.


We now get the gimmick bag game. Here is Mr. Anderson’s answers:

Jack Daniels: Undertaker. Mr. Anderson said that Taker would go to a bar and ask them to pick up full bottles of Jack Daniels and then have them poured into shotglasses for everyone to drink.

Marijuana: Rob Van Dam.

Shit: Randy Orton as Mr. Anderson said he put it in Sable’s bag.

Big Black Dick:Shelton Benjamin

He did not give answers for cocaine, pills, or syringe. Anderson later on said he used to take a lot of pills as we se Bob Holly in his YouShoot naming Anderson for that when he played the gimmick bag game.



Someone asks Mr. Anderson about any weird stuff that happened in the locker room. We then get a story of how everyone was gone and Randy Orton was in a towel as he got out of the shower and as Mr. Anderson was gathering his stuff, he noticed Orton standing over his boots and kept squatting down as he was dipping his cock into them. Anderson also said he’d be driving in a car with Orton by themselves and Orton would put his hand on his lap to amuse himself.


Mr. Anderson goes off topic to repeat some stories that Chris Benoit told him. The first is there was some guy they used to prank by pissing into a cup then drawing a few cc’s with a syringe that they would inject into his toothpaste and the payoff of this was when they washed him brush his teeth. Benoit also told him there was a special needs guy who used to come into the locker room and guys would inject him with steroids.



He does not stay in contact with Steve Austin but credits him for offering a lot of advice. Mr. Anderson also says that the Undertaker commands respect and said he took MVP and himself under his wing.


Mr. Anderson said Abyss is too nice and that the guys in the WWE locker room would have eaten him up ten years ago.



He is asked why he switched his finish from the Green Bay Plunge to the Mic Check. Mr. Anderson said it was tougher to get into situations where both guys would wind up top and also said he once went backstage were JBL told him it was a hell of a finisher but that he would never take the move himself and if top guys were not taking the move he should switch it to something else.


Mr. Anderson said he was supposed to be Vince McMahon’s son and become the World Champion but that ended once he got popped with a Wellness Policy violation.


He talks about the differences between working RAW and Smackdown for a bit and tells a story about working with the Undertaker. When they wrestled, Anderson said he would cover up in the corner like you would do in a real fight. Undertaker told him doing stuff like that was different and set it apart but to be careful doing something like that on RAW as you could upset other people as Anderson said Shawn Michaels complained about him covering up in the corner.



Anderson said TNA’s advertising was horrible as they only did so on Facebook and Twitter while saying you cannot run a successful business like that.


He talks about getting a concussion when Jeff Hardy busted him open hardway with a chair shot to the back of the head. Mr Anderson has no ill will towards Hardy over the incident.


Regarding Aces & Eights, Mr. Anderson said he believes it was Eric Bischoff’s idea.


On the payment issues wrestlers have had with TNA, Mr. Anderson said the first three years he was in the company there were never any issues but once John Gaburik was brought in he started having payment issues. At one point, Anderson said he was owed for 26 dates and eventually got the money and said the payment issues always happened around Christmas.



He talks about being down on wrestling and says that three hours of RAW a week is too much and like a job. He then goes on to say he wouldnt want to do anything for three hours including watching his own girlfriend play with her pussy, which is apparently his favorite thing in the world.


Final Thoughts: Overall, this was an entertaining interview. One of the best YouShoots to come out over the past few years. Mr. Anderson pretty much answered every though question, even after commenting how brutal some of them were, and also displayed great chemistry with Sean Oliver. This interview breezed by and we get some stories of wrestlers that remain in key positions in the WWE today. Overall, I recommend this interview as the first Kayfabe Commentaries release of 2017 was a success.

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