BoD Daily Update: 01.19.17

Now where’s that pin button… as always, thanks to the boys at CageSide Seats for the rumor pack.

Our Top Story

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James is the direction SmackDown is heading, but don’t expect that feud to make the WrestleMania card – where whoever is wrestling Nikki Bella has the best chance of working the main show in Orlando.

Dos Cientos Y Cinco En Vivo!

WWE is sending out fan surveys again, including one to fans in Mexico asking about content from local promotions and a tournament-style lucha show, which is seen as an indicator that a WWE Latin American Championship Tournament may be on the docket soon.

GFW Status: Only Mostly Dead

Jeff Jarrett flew from the TNA tapings in Orlando to Los Angeles for meetings regarding the future of Global Force Wrestling last week, per PWInsider.

Where in the World Is Carm^H^H^H^HKenny Omega?

Still no word on his future plans, but here’s a rumor killer on Kenny Omega. While there was never much chance he’d be in San Antonio seeing as his New Japan contract is in force through Jan. 31, Omega is scheduled for an appearance in Chile during Royal Rumble weekend, making it almost logistically impossible for him to be there.

Meanwhile, in TNA

Marti Belle is said to be done with TNA, per PWInsider.