1997 Rumble and Plans for WM13


Was watching the 97 Rumble on the network in honor of the upcoming Rumble in San Antonio. Even though Austin won the Rumble, it seems they were going to set up the HBK/Bret rematch at WM13 – w/ Bret winning Final Four and HBK reclaiming the title over Sid. The announcers kept talking about Bret’s journey during the match.

Obviously Shawn losing the smile threw those plans into disarray and we got what we got. My question is what were the original plans for Stone Cold? It seems Sid and Taker were destined to fight as well. Would he have been thrown down the midcard for a match vs. Owen or Bulldog? Or someone else?

It’s crazy to think the impact of that one lost smile. Austin was headed towards mega stardom anyway, but the WM13 match really pushed him into the stratosphere.

​Yeah, Shawn really messed them up good there. I believe it was planned to be Austin-Bulldog or something like that, but regardless, yeah, he would have been pretty far down the line there. I still think that talent would have won out because he was on an upward trajectory anyway, though. ​