WWE 205 Live – January 10th, 2017


Tonight, Rich Swann will take on Tony Nese in our main event! Also, we’ll have a parley with Jack Gallagher and Ariya Daivari, and Cedric Alexander will take on Noam Dar!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

WWE 205 Live – 1/10/17

Recap video of Cedric Alexander/Noam Dar/Alicia Fox, as Dar continues to kill it as a total sleazebag while Cedric keeps dropping matches.

We are LIVE from the River Center Arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Your hosts are Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, & Austin Aries.

And we aren’t wasting any time this week, as there’s the music of Cedric Alexander! He’s out with Alicia Fox still at his side. That’s followed by the music of Noam Dar, who’s out with a microphone. “Alicia Foooooxxxx.” He references her kissing him last night, and says that if he was meant to be scared away, well, you can just ask all the women in the audience why they call him the Scottish Supernova! And hey, maybe when he’s done emasculating Cedric, he’ll show her!

I’m sorry, but Dar is absolutely masterful in this role. He cracks me up.

Cedric Alexander (w/ Alicia Fox) vs Noam Dar

Dar offers the handshake, but Cedric isn’t having it. Ring the bell! Lockup goes to the corner and Dar screams for the ref to get Cedric off him. Alexander gives him the clean break, lockup again, they go to the ropes, Cedric gives him a clean break again. Dar goes for a cheap shot, but Alexander is ready and drops him with a forearm, then does it again a few times. Chop against the ropes, Irish whip by Cedric, Dar counters a back bodydrop attempt with a lockup, Cedric drops him with a forearm again. Blind charge and Dar moves, Cedric stops himself and comes back to the center and takes Dar over with a headscissors takeover, Dar rolls out but Cedric gives chase and chops away. Dar gets tossed back in and Cedric hits a dropkick for two. Stomp by Cedric, then an elbow to the face, Alexander goes to the corner and goes up. He leaps over a charging Noam and hits a reverse thrust kick to Dar, then goes for the handspring off the ropes but gets kicked in the face by Dar for two. Noam stomps away at Cedric, then chokes with his boot in the corner.

Dar brings him out and snaps the arm across his shoulder, then takes a shot from Alexander before doing it again. He slams the arm against the mat and then stomps on it, then hits a thrust chop to drive him against the ropes. Alexander comes off with a sunset flip attempt, but Dar gets out of that and levels Cedric with an uppercut. 1, 2, no! Noam puts on a straightjacket, Cedric fights up, but Dar forces him back down and plants the knees in the back of Alexander. Cedric flips over him to reverse the move, Dar reverses up and snaps the arm across the shoulder again, then splashes it on the mat. More shots by Dar against the ropes, then in the corner. Uppercut to the back by Dar, that gets two, and he goes to an armbar on Cedric. Alexander fights up, but Dar takes him back down with a wristlock. Cedric gets back to his feet and takes Dar over, then drops him with a few forearms, then catches the leg of Dar and DROPS him with a back elbow. Yee-ouch. Shoulderblock in the corner by Alexander, and he springs in from the apron…..but Dar catches him coming down in an armbar! Shades of KUSHIDA! Kind of! Alexander fights hard to make the ropes quickly, and he does. More shots to the arm in the corner by Dar, and he slams it onto the STEEL steps right in front of Alicia, then he traps the arm inside the steps. Dar backs off to get a running start, but Alicia steps in front of Cedric to hold Noam off. Dar jaws with Alicia, but that gives Cedric enough time to jump through the ropes with a dropkick that sends Dar crashing to the announce table.

Alexander turns his attention to Fox, telling her that he’s got it; dude, she saved you by stepping in front of you! You owe her for that one, you jerk. Cedric sets up on the apron and targets Dar, who’s back in the ring, springboard forearm by Alexander! But that hurt the arm again, and when he goes for the Lumber Check on Dar, Noam grabs the arm to stop it. A few reversals later, Cedric comes off the ropes, handspring roundhouse kick to Dar! 1, 2, NO! Alexander tries for the Lumbar Check again, but he can’t get Dar up and Noam rolls him up with the tights for two. Cedric catches Dar with an uppercut and goes up, but Noam shoves him on the top rope and Alexander crotches himself. Dar goes up, but eats elbows from Cedric and falls, Alexander goes for a moonsault, Fox pulled Dar out of the way! Wait a second, what? Dar comes out of the corner with a running kick! 1, 2, 3!! (Noam Dar over Cedric Alexander, pinfall, 12:34)

WORTH WATCHING? – I’m on the fence with Dar. He’s been really killing it lately with his character work, but I’m lukewarm on him in the ring. I think that one of the reasons that he stands out on 205 is that he has a clearly defined character on a show where there aren’t enough of those, so he’s unique in that aspect. On the other hand, the ringwork here was good and stiff in the right spots, and they had more of a real fight feel to what they were doing with fighting off the other guy’s lockup attempts, things like that over the course of the match. Dar did a decent job of working Alexander’s arm, but it didn’t really come into play too much over the course of the match (i.e. Alexander hitting a handspring kick on his ‘useless’ arm late in the bout); that having been said, there was just enough here to warrant a YES, you should watch this one. Hopefully Dar keeps improving and Cedric moves on to better things on this show.

Post-match, Cedric seems to be upset with Alicia, while Dar goes to celebrate with her…..and gets another slap from Fox. He, of course, enjoys it muchly.

Back to the desk, where Austin Aries just throws up his arms to what we just witnessed. Graves pimps the main event of Swann vs Nese, and throws it to a video package for Akira Tozawa.

“Have you ever been in a head-on collision in a car crash?” That’s the question that Kalisto has for you before putting over Akira, saying that he’s going to take 205 Live for a ride. Tozawa is coming soon to 205 Live!

Talking Smack promo.

“I’m a man with a plan!” That can only be the music of Brian Kendrick! He makes his way to the ring as we see the return of Tajiri last week, and his interactions with Kendrick afterwards. There was mist. It was great. “You see that?” He thought Tajiri and he were friends – Brian came out and gave him a nice warm welcome, and Tajiri spit in his face! He’s a sneaky snake! And the next time he sees Tajiri, he’s going to make him choke on that mist! And with that, let’s turn to his opponent, Sean Maluta; now, Maluta is a great kid from a great family! But if Tajiri can beat him, well, he’ll be lucky to last 30 seconds with ‘The’ Brian Kendrick!

“The” Brian Kendrick vs Sean Maluta

Handshake is accepted. Knee to the gut from Kendrick, but a second one is countered by Maluta into a rollup for two. Wristlock attempt from Kendrick, then a full-nelson is countered by Maluta into a rollup for two. Sean ducks a clothesline, then rolls Brian into a crucifix for two. Foreams from Sean, Kendrick with a knee, Maluta comes back with a kick and a neckbreaker. 1, 2, no! Kendrick rolls out to think it over for a second, then catches Sean with a shoulder through the ropes. Back in now, Kendrick tries an Irish whip, reversed by Sean, sunset flip by Kendrick is rolled through into a seated dropkick by Maluta, and now Kendrick rolls all the way to the floor. Maluta heads out to the apron, cannonball off the apron to Kendrick! Sean tosses Brian back in, diving headbutt off the ropes by Maluta! 1, 2, no! Forearm in the corner by Sean, Brian blocks a cross-corner whip and drives Sean into the buckles. Big kick by Kendrick! 1, 2, NO! Kendrick takes the back of Sean and puts on a Cobra Clutch now, Sean fights back up, Brian clubs him back down, then sends him face first to the buckles. Maluta comes out of the corner ready to fight, and ducks a shot from Kendrick before hitting a reverse DDT. Maluta goes for a rolling splash, which didn’t exactly look great, and Brian moves. Kendrick charges, but gets caught with a kick from Sean and rolled up for two. Rolling suplexes by Kendrick into a gourdbuster, Shining Wizard by Maluta! 1, 2, NO! Sean goes up to finish, but the frog splash hits the knees of Kendrick, who rolls Maluta up for two. Kendrick applies the Captain’s Hook immediately thereafter, and Sean has nowhere to go but tapout city. (“The” Brian Kendrick over Sean Maluta, submission, 4:58)

WORTH WATCHING? – Maluta is green as grass and it showed. While I have no real problem with Kendrick, his style hasn’t really lived up to what he did in the CWC at all. NO, I’d skip this; Sean has a shot at being good someday, but that day wasn’t today. Positives are that the match started out very well and I was going with it, but I didn’t dig the middle portion, and a bunch of what happened near the end exposed Sean as being hesitant (that rolling splash didn’t make much sense, as he could see Kendrick had moved before he even started his jump), but I hope he keeps working at it.

Post-match, Kendrick washes his hands of the match and celebrates.

In the back, Alicia is pleading her case to Cedric, who doesn’t want to hear it. If she just wants to be with him, why did she help Noam Dar? His accent? Does she think he’s cute? Well, it doesn’t matter to Alexander, because he and Fox are done! They’re done! And she can take that pervert Noam Dar and slap him around all she wants, because they deserve each other! Cedric walks off as Fox goes NUTS and the segment either gets:

A) Stupid


B) What are you talking about? It was ALWAYS stupid!

So, Fox starts twirling around while screaming that no one breaks up with her, then screams ‘Cedric!` over and over again before sinking to the floor. Yeah! Alicia Fox is CRAYZEE, man!

Ad for the UK Championship tournament. It’s this weekend!

Back to the desk, where Mauro asks Aries to talk about the British style of Sports Entertainment, because if he says ‘wrestling’, Vince’s head explodes or something. Aries says that it’s a prime opportunity for someone to make a name for themselves on the biggest platform in the business. Yeah! It’s bigger than ITV!

(Note: The WWE Network is not bigger than ITV. They do, however, wish that they were!)

Speaking of British wrestling, here’s the music of the extraordinary gentleman, Jack Gallagher! He comes out dressed to the nines, umbrella in tow. You know, Jack, I like you quite a bit, but you can rip off the umbrella all you want, you’re still no Marty Scurll. Highlights from Raw show us that Jack offered Daivari the chance to parley their differences (quick aside: is there a dude in the crowd holding up a blown up picture of himself with Sasha Banks as his poster? ‘Cause that’s a big…..strange, isn’t it?) out on 205 Live. And here comes Ariya Daivari! Oh man, they’re both in street clothes and there’s a contract signing table in the middle of the ring; I bet this is going to be some SCINTILLATING action right here!

Jack asks Daivari to take a seat while he puts ‘William’ (his umbrella) down. He offers tea or biscuits, but Daivari just wants to get this over with. Jack says that they’ve been playing ‘silly boogers’ for far too long and it needs to come to an end. He’s besmirched Jack’s honor, and he’s left Gallagher at a loss for words. Ariya says that he isn’t a gentleman, and he didn’t come here to fight like a gentleman! In fact, people like Jack, who comes here to fight like a gentlemen, those people are the ones who get stomped by people like Daivari! So let’s face it, Gallagher called this parley to admit that he surrendered, didn’t he? Surrender, sayeth Jack? No, they’re here to come to resolution, but he never said that the resolution would be peaceful! He’s a scoundrel who has besmirched Gallagher’s honor! Daivari won’t hear of this. Honor? What about Ariya’s honor? Gallagher has humiliated him on a regular basis, and Daivari won’t rest until Jack is nothing but a pasty white stain on his boots! Gallagher says that if that’s what Daivari wants, then all he has to do is sign the contract inside, as Jack already has! He hands Daivari a folder which has a contract for an “I Forfeit” match, which is an “I Quit” match. But when someone forfeits, that not only ends the match, it ends the entire squabble they’ve had here, for good! Daivari is fine with this and signs the deal; Jack offers a handshake, but Ariya grabs William the Umbrella and throws it down instead! Gallagher unbuttons his cuffs at that, tells Daivari that he hopes the queen isn’t watching, then tosses the table aside and fists are a-flyin’! They brawl all over the ring before the refs are in the ring to break it up.

That segment, well…..it kind of sucked. It was the same promo we’ve seen from them a million times, as Gallagher uses his British vernacular to make the segment try to stand out, but this was just a waste of time to me. Jack has charisma in spades, but dong the same thing with the same opponent every week is a problem that they need to fix quickly, so hopefully this will end the feud for once and all.

Ad for NXT tomorrow night. Revival/DIY rematch!

Ad for the Royal Rumble.

Hey! That’s the music of the Cruiserweight champion! And he’s got a bitchin’ new white jacket! Rich Swann makes his way to the ring with both his belt and his sweet dance moves. Last night on Raw, Neville beat Lince Dorado, but Swann charged in when Neville continued the beatdown after the match, as their issue is far from over. And there’s the music of Tony Nese! This could be sweet.

Tony Nese vs Rich Swann

Handshake is accepted. They circle and lockup, Nese with a waistlock, Swann counters to a wristlock, countered back by Nese to a standing side headlock. Swann shoots him off, shoulderblock by Nese runs him over. They run the ropes a few times, and Rich gets a dropkick to send Tony to the floor. Swann wants to fly, but the ref prevents it and Swann gets pulled to the outside. Knee to the gut by Tony, Irish whip to the barricade is reversed by Swann, Nese puts on the breaks and catches a charging Rich with a pop-up that drops Swann on the barricade. Tony tosses him back and covers for two, then goes to a bodyscissors on the mat. Swann tries to break that by moving the leg, Nese moves to a chinlock, Rich back up and he slugs Tony, but Nese avoids a Swann charge in the corner and drapes him across the top turnbuckle. Charging kick and Swann bounces in the air, where Nese catches him in a fireman’s carry and drops him with a gutbuster. 1, 2, no! Tony mounts and fires right hands, then covers again for two before going to a waistlock.

Back to their feet now, and Nese runs Rich into the buckles in the corner before whipping Swann cross-corner for Rich to take the Bret Hart bump as he runs straight into the buckles. Nese tries it again, but Swann stops himself and catches Nese coming in with a back elbow. Right hands from Swann, Nese catches him in the midsection, Swann with another right, Rich off the ropes but Nese trips him up. Tony goes for the double-jump moonsault, but Swann moves and Nese hits the mat. Swann with a boot to Nese on a charge, another one, and Rich moves on a third and Nese hits the buckles. Swann with a huge clothesline, then another one. Rich charges but eats a boot from Tony, Nese goes up, Swann ‘ranas him off the top! 1, 2, NO! Rich tries for a Tiger Bomb, but Nese backdrops out of that, so Swann sunset flips him. Nese gets out of that with a matrix dodge and hits a kick combo on Swann, then a leg sweep and a double stomp! 1, 2, NO! Tony goes for a pumphandle slam, Swann floats over and hits a back kick, Tiger Bomb by Swann! 1, 2, NO! Kick by Swann, kick to the knee by Swann, strike by Swann, Roundhouse kick by Swann! We’re done here. (Rich Swann over Tony Nese, pinfall, 7:58)

WORTH WATCHING? – I really like Nese, probably moreso than I do Swann in a lot of way, but I didn’t really think that they had enough time here to mesh very well. I was less than enthralled with the match, as they didn’t seem to do much in the way of a match story outside of Nese working the ribs in the first half of the match. I didn’t hate the match, I didn’t love it, and I probably wouldn’t watch it again, which is saying something considering how much I like to watch Nese work. I’m saying NO on this one, although I do understand that it was important to get Swann a win before he faces off against Neville for the title, so at least that was accomplished.

Post-match, Swann has himself a microphone! “Hey, for the past couple of weeks, there’s been a man that some people might say resembles a gargoyle calling himself the king of the cruiserweights!” But here’s a newsflash – Swann is still the cruiserweight champion and this is still HIS sho- oh, wait a second, that’s the music of Neville! He comes out laughing at the idea that this is still Rich’s show, considering the beatings that he’s been dishing out recently! Ever since he laid foot in this division, 205 Live has been his show! Swann tells him that it’s hard to hear him, since not everyone has ears like Dumbo! (BECAUSE NEVILLE HAS BIG EARS HAR HAR HAR I CAN HEAR VINCE NOW!) But hey, if he wants to come to the ring, they can settle this right now! Neville calls him a typical ignorant American, projecting his insecurities and shortcomings on Neville. But he isn’t setting foot in the ring against Swann until he gets what he wants, which is a match for the WWE Cruiserweight title! Name the time and place, sayeth Swann, and Neville takes him up on it, as he challenges Swann to a match at the Royal Rumble for the belt! Neville backs up the ramp as Swann’s music plays and Rich holds up the belt, and we’re done for the week on 205 Live.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Lukewarm at best this week. That’s part of the problem, in that none of the wrestling was actively BAD, per se, but there wasn’t anything that I’m rushing out to recommend either. For example, the opening match was barely recommended, and I only barely didn’t recommend the main event – it was a very average week on 205 Live. How much you liked the middle portion probably depended on how much you’re enjoying the Jack Gallagher comedy segments, I suppose. This show needed a lot more Neville, as he’s been the best thing on it for weeks.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
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