Plug of all plugs!

Hey Scott,

You’ve plugged a few things of mine before, and seeing as how I feel like you reach approximately… 20k unique readers (sounds about right) I am going to ask for one more plug. This is big.

In partnership with PWG, I’m starting a business where people can rent out professional wrestling rings with trainers included for six-hour blocks. This would be ideal for bachelor parties, birthday parties, or just whoever has the cash. It’s certainly been an idea I’ve had for a while. I think this is a unique idea that a lot of people would pay good mone-

I’m just kidding. I actually started a BACHELOR PODCAST. Like, the reality TV show on ABC. I’d love to pluck at least a few of your readers and get them hooked. It’s legit, it’s even on iTunes! Thanks Scott, you’re the man.


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