Rock Star Gary reflects on NWA Great American Bash ’89: Glory Days

Live from Baltimore, MD

Airdate: July 23, 1989

Attendance:  14,500

Hosted by Jim Ross & Bob Caudle

Thus far, 1989 has been great. Can the NWA continue the trend with this show? Read on!

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Match 1 (Triple Crown King of the Hill double-ring battle royale):


Eddie Gilbert, Terry Gordy, Scott Hall, “Wild” Bill Irwin, Brian Pillman, Ranger Ross, Mike Rotunda, Ron Simmons, Dan Spivey, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Kevin Sullivan, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, & Sid Vicious


  • Like the Bunkhouse Stampede, this is the culmination of house show battle royals. In this event, the winner from ring 1 meets the winner from ring 2, and the victor between them earns $50,000.
  • Right off the bat, Simmons eliminated Ross from ring 1.
  • Off camera, Simmons was eliminated from ring 1.
  • In ring 2, he gave Ross a pair of clotheslines.
  • Upon missing a third clothesline, Simmons received a Combat kick from Ross.
  • Ross then followed with a back drop.
  • Simmons then tried to eliminate Ross from ring 2 but got eliminated himself.
  • Sid then eliminated Hall from ring 1.
  • Next, Rick Steiner eliminated Terry Gordy from ring 1.
  • Williams then eliminated Irwin from ring 1.
  • After a clip, Spivey powerbombed Ross twice in ring 2. That’s gonna leave a mark!
  • As Sullivan was eliminated from ring 1, only Pillman and Sid remained.
  • Upon receiving a clothesline from Sid, Pillman provided a 360° sell. Woohoo!
  • In ring 2, Spivey gave Hall a hangman’s neckbreaker. Beware the hangman!
  • In a split-second, Gordy, Sullivan, and Rick Steiner were eliminated.
  • Meanwhile, Pillman gave Sid a pair of dropkicks.
  • However, when he attempted a cross body block, Sid ducked causing Pillman to be eliminated from ring 1.
  • Sid will meet the winner of ring 2.
  • As Williams eliminated Irwin, Spivey and Rotunda collectively eliminated Pillman.
  • Only those three remained in ring 2.
  • Since Williams and Rotunda had a history with one another, Williams gave him a powerslam.
  • Rotunda then reversed an Irish whip, attempted a clothesline, but Williams eliminated him.
  • He then gave Spivey a trio of clotheslines but couldn’t eliminate him.
  • Next, he delivered a four-point stance shoulder block, but Rotunda tripped Williams as he came off the ropes. SNEAKY!
  • Seeing the distracted Williams, Spivey clotheslined him over the top rope.
  • It’s the battle of the Skyscrapers!
  • Suddenly, Teddy Long got on the microphone and stated that the Skyscrapers would split the $50,000 between them rather than fight one another. BOOOOOOOOOO!

Rating: NONE

Summary:  Since this is the PPV debut of the Skyscrapers, it made sense that they would win and split the purse.

Not THAT kind of purse!

Backstage, Gordon Solie interviews Long who claims his Skyscrapers are the best and are ready for all comers. Bring on the Dynamic Dudes!

Match 2: Brian Pillman versus “Wild” Bill Irwin


  • This match took place in ring 1.
  • After Irwin gave Pillman a cross-corner whip, Pillman floated over him and gave him a hip toss followed by a dropkick.
  • Irwin came back, gave Pillman another cross-corner whip, but fell victim to a headscissors that sent him between the ropes to the floor.
  • Pillman then followed with a baseball slide.
  • After a hip toss by Irwin, he missed an elbow drop.
  • As Irwin missed a clothesline, Pillman hit a cross body block for 2.
  • He then leap-frogged Irwin but received a modified sidewalk slam.
  • Irwin then gave him a vertical suplex and tossed him out of the ring.
  • Upon Pillman’s return, Irwin clotheslined him using the top rope for 2.
  • Shortly after, Irwin gave Pillman a kick to the midsection followed by a clothesline with another 360° sell. Daily double!
  • Irwin then put a knee into Pillman’s back and tossed him onto ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta’s table.
  • When Irwin attempted a running guillotine, Pillman evaded him and delivered a pair of dropkicks.
  • After a lariat, Pillman hit a splash for 2.
  • Upon giving Irwin a head butt, Pillman mounted the top turnbuckle but missed a missile dropkick.
  • Irwin then delivered a gutwrench suplex for 2 and launched Pillman into ring 2.
  • While Irwin was distracted by referee Nick Patrick, Pillman mounted the top turnbuckle of ring 2, hit a flying body press, and got the pin. Awesome!

Rating: **1/2

Summary: Really good PPV showcase match for Pillman.

Backstage, Solie interviews Dangerously who would rather destroy Cornette than win. He’s also aware of Cornette’s knee brace. I smell strategy.

Match 3: The Dynamic Dudes versus the Skyscrapers (w/ Teddy Long)


  • This match took place in ring 2.
  • To impress children, the Dudes play Frisbee with a youngster at ringside. Aw.
  • Also, Jason Hervey from The Wonder Years gave them high-fives when the Dudes entered the ring. Are you as sickened by the gratuitous babyface crap as I am?
  • As the Baltimore faithful chanted “Peanuthead” at Long, Ace gave Spivey a dropkick but couldn’t take him off his feet.
  • After a clothesline by Spivey, the Dudes gave him a double dropkick.
  • Upon giving Spivey a double cross-corner whip, they delivered a double monkey flip.
  • Douglas then gave Ace a cross-corner whip which allowed Ace to clothesline Spivey.
  • Upon Douglas’ follow-through, he ate boot. It might have tasted better with some hot sauce.
  • After Douglas botched a flip over Spivey’s back, Ace mounted the top turnbuckle, hit a cross body block that accompanied a schoolboy from Douglas, and got a 1-count.
  • As the Baltimore faithful chanted “We Want Sid,” Spivey gave Ace a cross-corner whip followed by a corner clothesline.
  • When Sid tagged in, he received a raucous ovation from the Baltimore faithful. Hmmm…
  • Spivey tagged in, no-sold a kick to the midsection, and clotheslined Ace.
  • He then slammed Ace but missed an elbow drop.
  • Douglas tagged in but fell victim to a Bossman slam by Spivey.
  • As the “We Want Sid” chants revolved around the Baltimore Arena, Spivey gave Douglas a Thunder Fire powerbomb.
  • Upon receiving a big boot from Spivey, Douglas spilled between the ropes to the floor.
  • While Spivey distracted referee Tommy Young, Long put the shoes to Douglas.
  • With Douglas on the apron, Spivey returned him to the ring via a vertical suplex for 2.
  • Sid tagged in, clotheslined Douglas, and soaked up the cheers from the Baltimore faithful. Pay tribute to the new king!
  • He then gave Douglas a HARD cross-corner whip injuring Douglas’ back.
  • Spivey tagged in to a round of boos and gave Douglas a sidewalk slam.
  • Douglas then attempted a cross body block, got caught, and received a backbreaker.
  • When Spivey mounted the second turnbuckle, he missed a diving head butt.
  • Hot tag Ace who mounted the top turnbuckle and hit a lariat for 2 thanks only to a save by Sid.
  • All four men were in the ring.
  • After Spivey slammed Ace, the Skyscrapers tried a double clothesline from opposite angles, but Ace evaded them while picking up the 7-10 split. Spivey definitely got the worse of the punishment from that move.
  • The Dudes then gave Sid a double dropkick that only sent Sid to a knee. C’mon, Sid, sell it like you mean it.
  • Following that, they gave Spivey a double hip toss.
  • While Douglas distracted Young, Spivey gave Ace a Sid-assisted powerbomb.
  • Spivey then tried to deliver one of his own and practically maimed Ace.
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Skyscrapers won.

Rating: **

Summary:  Despite being heels, the Baltimore faithful showed their love for the Skyscrapers especially Sid.

Backstage, Solie interviews Cornette who’s ready to prove himself.

Match 4 (tuxedo): Jim Cornette versus Paul E. Dangerously (a.k.a. the Psycho Yuppie)


  • This match took place in ring 1.
  • Immediately, Cornette removed Dangerously’s jacket.
  • When Cornette tossed the jacket to the Baltimore faithful, Dangerously got some powder and tossed it into Cornette’s eyes.
  • He then retrieved his cellular phone and nailed Cornette’s knees with it. According to Cornette, Dangerously initially hit the wrong knee, but Cornette offered him his other knee.
  • Upon doing so, Dangerously successfully removed Cornette’s jacket.
  • As Ross alluded to Dangerously’s feminity with his “offense,” Dangerously removed his own cummerbund and bow tie to choke Cornette.
  • Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed “Psycho Yuppie,” Cornette grabbed the cummerbund and choked Dangerously.
  • Since Cornette was unable to stand due to his injured knee, he rolled outside the ring to regroup.
  • Dangerously joined and rammed Cornette face-first into the ring post.
  • Back in the ring, Dangerously missed an elbow drop.
  • As Dangerously continued to nail him, Cornette’s blood began to boil over, so he gave Dangerously the ten-punch count-along with Dangerously on his knees.
  • He then removed Dangerously’s dress shirt.
  • When Dangerously escaped a split-second head lock, a shoulder block put both managers down on the mat.
  • As Dangerously retrieved more powder, Cornette kicked it in his face.
  • He then removed Dangerously’s pants to win the match as Dangerously ran away in his Fruit of the Looms.

Rating: *

Summary:  This was more of a feud settlement than a wrestling match. In turn, each manager sold the other’s offense well to make it entertaining. I’m glad they pulled off a brawl rather than the WWF-style comedy match.

After the match, Cornette spikes Dangerously’s cell phone and racquet in celebration.

Backstage, Solie interviews Gary Hart who speaks for Muta.

Match 5 (Texas tornado): The Varsity Club versus Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt & a blood hound)


  • This match took place in ring 1.
  • Why are the Steiners bringing a couple of dogs to the ring?
  • Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.
  • After Scott gave Rotunda a back drop, Sullivan tossed Rick outside the ring.
  • As Sullivan rammed Rick face-first into the timekeeper’s table and WALLOPED him with a chair, Rick no-sold it like his University of Michigan education degree meant diddly-squat.
  • Sullivan then crotched Rick on the steel railing. Much like his degree, Hyatt meant nothing to Rick afterward, but that’s not saying much.
  • After Rotunda used the top rope to guillotine Scott, Sullivan rammed Rick head-first into the timekeeper’s table. E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!
  • When Rick actually turned the table on Sullivan, Rotunda got 2 on Scott.
  • While Sullivan repeatedly rammed Rick face-first into the steel steps, Scott gave Rotunda the ten-punch count-along.
  • After Rotunda tossed Scott over the top rope to the floor, he gave Rick a Sullivan-assisted lariat.
  • Sullivan then mounted the second turnbuckle and clotheslined Rick.
  • Rick came back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex as Scott rammed Rotunda back-first into the corner.
  • As Rick gave Sullivan a powerslam, Scott hooked an inside cradle. Referee Tommy Young counted 2 for Rick and then 2 for Scott. Attaboy, Tommy!
  • When Rick tried to give Sullivan the ten-punch count-along, Sullivan dumped him over the top rope to the floor.
  • Rotunda then gave Scott a vertical suplex for 2.
  • As the Varsity Club gave Scott a double clothesline, Rotunda delivered a standing leg drop for 2. Simultaneously, Sullivan covered Rick for the same count.
  • Meanwhile, Missy barked at ringside. How apropos!
  • When Rick attempted a sunset flip, Sullivan tried to feed Rick a knuckle sandwich but received a series of head butts to the groin YEE-OUCH! Perhaps Sullivan should audition as a soprano for the Handel Choir of Baltimore.
  • After Rick gave Sullivan a Steinerline, Scott rolled up Rotunda for 2.
  • Upon disposing of Rick outside the ring, the Varsity Club gave Scott a double back drop.
  • Rick returned to the ring with a stretcher, but Sullivan grabbed it and nailed him with it.
  • As Scott low-bridged Rotunda to the floor, Sullivan clotheslined Rick.
  • When Sullivan picked up Rick, Scott mounted the top turnbuckle, hit a cross body block, and pinned Sullivan.

Rating: ***

Summary:  Creative finish to a good four-way brawl.

Immediately after the match, Solie interviews Sting with Gilbert. Uncharacteristically, Sting maintains his sanity but loses it immediately upon finishing his promo on Muta. Meanwhile, Gilbert will monitor Hart on Sting’s behalf.

Match 6 for the NWA World TV title: Sting (champion w/ “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert) versus the Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart)


  • This match took place in ring 1.
  • In case you’re curious, Muta’s still “undefeated” in WCW.
  • While Muta stood with Hart in ring 2, Sting vaulted over both sets of ropes with a cross body block.
  • As Sting chased after Hart, Muta mounted the top turnbuckle and delivered a chop to Sting.
  • He then gave Sting a cross-corner whip followed by a handspring elbow.
  • After a backbreaker, Muta mounted the top turnbuckle but missed the moonsault.
  • Although Muta landed on his feet, Sting no-sold a savate kick to the midsection. Those ab crunches pay off after all!
  • When a thrust kick knocked Sting outside the ring, Muta delivered a plancha. Woohoo!
  • As Sting returned to the apron, he clotheslined Muta.
  • Next, he mounted the top turnbuckle, hit a top-rope clothesline, and got 2.
  • A standing dropkick by Sting then sent Muta to the floor to regroup.
  • Since Sting resisted any stalling whatsoever, he joined and nailed Muta in the aisle.
  • Back in the ring, Sting slammed Muta for 1.
  • Muta then escaped a vertical suplex attempt and hooked a sleeper.
  • As Sting escaped, he then reversed an Irish whip and gave Muta a gorilla press slam.
  • Upon missing an elbow drop, Sting received one of Muta’s patented elbow drops.
  • While Muta hooked a rope-assisted abdominal stretch, he took Sting down for 2. In the meantime, a portion of the Baltimore faithful chanted “Mu-ta.”
  • Muta then tossed Sting outside the ring, but Sting bounced back in quickly.
  • After Muta kicked Sting in the midsection, he gave Sting another cross-corner whip but came up empty on another handspring elbow attempt.
  • Sting came back with a pair of clotheslines and a face plant.
  • After receiving a standing dropkick from Sting, Muta briefly sought refuge outside the ring.
  • Upon his return, he tried to blind Sting with red mist but hit referee Nick Patrick instead.
  • Sting then tried the Stinger splash, but Muta evaded him.
  • With Patrick blinded on the floor and assisted by Tommy Young, Muta mounted the top turnbuckle, hit the moonsault, but Young only counted 2.
  • After Muta missed a savate kick, Sting delivered a belly-to-back suplex with a bridge and got the pin. Conversely, Ross mentioned each wrestler got his shoulder up.
  • Sting retained.

Rating: ****

Summary:   Extremely fast-paced match showcasing both wrestlers’ excellent styles.

After the match, Muta grabs the TV belt, showcases it to his supporters in the crowd, and leaves the ring with it. As Sting stands in a quandary, the Baltimore faithful helps him with a “BULLSHIT” chant. Afterward, the replay confirms Ross’ initial call.

Backstage, Solie interviews Luger who wants the no-DQ stipulation waived.

Match 7 for the NWA US title (no-DQ): The “Total Package” Lex Luger (champion) versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat


  • This match took place in ring 2.
  • Once again, Bonnie and Ritchie led Steamboat to the ring; however, he also brought a Komodo dragon with him.
  • Before the match began, Luger gave Steamboat thirty seconds to waive the stipulation or will leave the ring ASAP.
  • Immediately, promoter Gary Juster entered the ring and removed the stipulation.
  • After Luger missed a haymaker, Steamboat rolled him up for 2.
  • Luger then reversed an Irish whip only to succumb to an inside cradle for 2.
  • Steamboat then hooked a somersault cradle for another 2.
  • After a pair of dropkicks, Steamboat gave Luger a cross-corner whip followed by a back drop.
  • When Luger sought refuge outside the ring, Steamboat joined and chopped Luger on the floor.
  • After Steamboat rammed Luger face-first into the apron, he gave Luger an atomic drop.
  • As Steamboat tried to re-enter the ring, Luger delivered a knee lift to thwart his momentum.
  • With Steamboat on the floor, Luger joined and clotheslined him.
  • Steamboat came back with chops and then made Luger taste the steel railing. It must have tasted like the Mafia Muffaletta at Kooper’s Tavern.
  • After Steamboat tossed Luger back in, he mounted the top turnbuckle, leaped, but ate a shot to the midsection.
  • Luger then followed with a backbreaker and a press slam to the adulation from most of the Baltimore faithful. Methinks that heel turn wasn’t successful.
  • While working on Steamboat’s back, Luger received a 2-count from referee Tommy Young.
  • On the other hand, when he complained about the speed of Young’s count, Steamboat rolled Luger up and received an expeditious 2-count. Clever!
  • Luger retaliated with a series of clotheslines and guillotined Steamboat using the top rope.
  • He then hit a powerslam and got 2.
  • As a portion of the Baltimore faithful chanted “Luger sucks,” Steamboat gave Luger a cross body block for 2.
  • Upon receiving an inverted atomic drop, Steamboat came back with a swinging neckbreaker.
  • He then attempted a slam, but Luger escaped yet soared over the top rope to the floor.
  • With Luger on the apron, Steamboat tried to slam him but Luger fell on top for 2.
  • Luger then gave Steamboat a cross-corner whip, but as Luger followed, Steamboat leaped over him. On the other hand, Steamboat ate knee on his follow-through.
  • When Luger mounted the top turnbuckle, Steamboat caught and slammed him down to the mat.
  • After a dropkick, Steamboat mounted the top turnbuckle and chopped Luger for 2.
  • As Luger leaned against the ropes, Steamboat charged and received a back drop into ring 1.
  • Luger then grabbed a chair, but Steamboat took him down and catapulted him into both the top turnbuckle and the chair.
  • Upon shoving down Young, an angry Steamboat grabbed the chair and nailed Luger with it.
  • Young called for the bell disqualifying Steamboat.
  • Luger retained.

Rating: ***1/2

Summary:  A bogus yet meaningful finish to a match with tremendous drama. Since Luger had only recently regained the title, it made sense that he maintained it.

After the match, Steamboat WALLOPS Luger in the back and midsection with the chair. As Luger retreats, Steamboat tries to crush his skull with it but hits the steel railing instead. He then chases Luger backstage.

While the WarGames cage is being lowered, a pre-taped promo by the Freebirds and SST airs. Following that, Lane cuts a promo while Williams imitates Superman by “flying” from left to right and back again. Bartender, I’ll have what he’s having. When the Road Warriors emerge, Hawk mentions his beatdown at the hands of the Freebirds and SST (aired 7/14, taped 7/6).

Match 8 (WarGames): NWA World tag team champions the Fabulous Freebirds & Samoan SWAT team (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) versus the Road Warriors, the Midnight Express, & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams (w/ “Precious” Paul Ellering & Jim Cornette)


  • According to Ross, the Freebirds won the coin toss. Hmmm…I smell a pattern here.
  • While everyone else walked down the aisle to the ring, the Road Warriors were shuttled via Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  • Garvin and Eaton began the 5-minute period.
  • When Garvin whipped Eaton into the corner, Eaton exploded with a swinging neckbreaker but missed an elbow drop.
  • Upon receiving a slam, Eaton came back with an atomic drop but ate a mule kick.
  • Garvin then rammed Eaton face-first into the cage.
  • Eaton came back with a hip toss followed by a back elbow.
  • With one minute left in the period, Eaton gave Garvin a backbreaker followed by a slam.
  • He then hooked a Boston crab until Gordy entered the cage.
  • Gordy then slammed Eaton before Garvin and Gordy gave him a double back elbow.
  • As the period expired, Eaton ate the cage again.
  • Williams entered the cage and gave both Gordy and Garvin a double clothesline.
  • When Gordy and Williams brawled in ring 2, Williams military-pressed him EIGHT times before slamming him. Wow!
  • Gordy then gave Williams a cross-corner whip followed by a corner clothesline.
  • Alternatively, when he gave Williams a second cross-corner whip, Williams exploded out of the corner with a clothesline.
  • As the period expired, Williams rammed Gordy face-first into the cage.
  • Samu entered the cage and gave Williams a spinning thrust kick followed by a diving head butt.
  • Afterward, Gordy gave Williams a belly-to-back suplex. Samu followed with an elbow drop to Williams’ back.
  • While Ross mentioned the NWA Board’s discussion regarding the TV title match, Gordy and Samu gave Williams a double suplex.
  • Animal entered the cage, delivered a pair of clotheslines to Gordy, and gave Samu a pair of big boots to the face.
  • Like a cruiserweight, Animal then vaulted over both ropes while delivering a flying shoulder block to Samu. Impressive!
  • As the period ended, Eaton gave Samu a bulldog.
  • Fatu entered the cage, and the SST gave Animal a double head butt followed by a double clothesline.
  • As the SST broke the wishbone on Animal, Hawk seethed on the floor awaiting his turn.
  • With one minute left in the period, Williams gave Gordy a belly-to-back suplex.
  • Lane entered the cage and consecutively rammed Gordy, Samu, and Fatu face-first into the cage.
  • While Hayes reluctantly realized he’s the next wrestler into the cage, Williams and Animal gave Fatu corner clotheslines.
  • Hayes entered the cage and gave Williams, Animal, and Eaton DDTs in succession.
  • Ross then mentioned that Hayes and Garvin met the Road Warriors in a cage in 1986. That would be at AWA WrestleRock ’86 on 4/20/86. I may have to reflect upon that show in the near future.
  • As the Baltimore faithful chanted “We Want Hawk,” Lane gave Hayes a spinning thrust kick to the midsection.
  • As the period ended, Gordy nearly decapitated Williams with another clothesline.
  • Hawk entered the cage, mounted the top turnbuckle, and delivered a double clothesline to the SST.
  • Upon clotheslining Hayes, Hawk teamed with Williams to double clothesline Gordy.
  • Next, he gave Garvin Snake Eyes.
  • Afterward, Eaton gave Hayes and Samu consecutive DDTs.
  • Taking a page out of his partner’s book, Hawk launched himself over both sets of ropes and gave Samu a flying shoulder block.
  • After Eaton rammed Hayes face-first into the cage, Dangerously unsuccessfully tried to hand Samu his cell phone through the cage. They might have to make those smaller in the future.
  • As the Road Warriors attempted to give Gordy the Doomsday Device, Garvin interfered.
  • Nevertheless, Hawk leaped from the top turnbuckle and clotheslined Garvin.
  • While Animal clotheslined Gordy, Hawk gave Garvin a hangman’s neckbreaker.
  • He then hooked Garvin in the Hangman, and Garvin submitted.
  • Like I said before, beware the hangman!

Rating: ****

Summary:  Extremely entertaining match with a unique finish.

After the match, the heels attack Animal before he can exit the cage. How dastardly! Since the faces can’t interfere, Gordy clotheslines Animal while Samu mounts the top turnbuckle and gives him a diving head butt. Finally, Hawk and Williams break in to save Animal.

Backstage, Solie interviews Flair who believes he’s “120%.” He must be using the new math.

Match 9 for the NWA World title: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (champion) versus Terry Funk (w/ Gary Hart)


  • This match took place in ring 1.
  • While Baltimore’s finest brought Funk and Hart to the ring, four beautiful ladies escorted Flair.
  • The match began outside the ring as Flair made Funk taste the steel railing. It must have tasted like the K-B Dog at Chaps Pit Beef.
  • While Funk tormented the fans at ringside, Flair leaped from the apron and delivered a double axe handle.
  • As Flair chopped layers of skin from Funk’s chest, Funk sailed over the top rope to the floor.
  • Once again, Flair leaped from the apron and hit Funk with a forearm smash.
  • Funk came back and rammed Flair face-first into the ring post.
  • With Flair on the apron, Funk returned him to the ring via a vertical suplex and got 2.
  • As Flair was on the apron again, he suplexed Funk as both wrestlers fell to the floor.
  • Back in the ring, Funk attempted a piledriver, but Flair countered with a back drop over the top rope to the floor.
  • Did referee Tommy Young call for the bell to disqualify Flair?
  • No, but Flair joined Funk and twisted his neck. OUCH!
  • When they returned to the ring, Flair continued to work on Funk’s neck with a pair of knee drops for 2.
  • Flair then delivered the piledriver to a raucous ovation.
  • As Funk got up, Flair gave him a second one.
  • That caused Funk to fall out of the ring.
  • Next, a flying forearm by Flair got another 2.
  • After a belly-to-back suplex, Flair hooked the figure-four leg lock.
  • As Hart distracted Young, Funk grabbed his branding iron and nailed Flair.
  • Flair was BUSTED OPEN!
  • Funk then gave Flair a piledriver.
  • Could that be it for the “Nature Boy?”
  • 1-2-NO! Flair got his foot on the bottom rope.
  • Funk then exited the ring and removed the mat from one side of the ring.
  • He then attempted to piledrive Flair on the concrete, but Flair again countered with a back drop.
  • Back in the ring, Funk gave Flair a series of swinging neckbreakers.
  • While Hart distracted Young again, Flair grabbed Funk’s branding iron and HAMMERED him with it.
  • After Funk fell out of the ring, Flair joined and rammed him face-first into the ring post.
  • Funk was BUSTED OPEN!
  • Back in the ring, Flair gave Funk the ten-punch count-along.
  • Upon giving Funk an elbow smash in the corner, Flair charged but came up empty on his follow-through.
  • Since Flair hurt his knee, Funk applied the spinning toe hold.
  • Flair reversed it, but Funk hooked an inside cradle.
  • Flair reversed that as well.
  • 1-2-3.
  • Flair retained.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Excellent bloody brawl as Flair outwrestled Funk at the end.

After the match, Hart enters the ring only to get nailed by Flair. Abruptly, Muta runs in and blinds Flair with green mist. Funk and Muta then double-team Flair as Muta nails him with the World title belt. As the Baltimore faithful chants “We Want Sting,” Funk tries to piledrive Flair on a chair, but WCW security director Doug Dillinger prevents it albeit getting nailed in the process.

As Muta nails Flair with a chair, Sting runs in not only to aid Flair but also go after Muta. A four-way brawl breaks out until the faces get the upper hand. That is until Flair and Sting meet Funk and Muta in the aisle to continue the melee until the heels retreat backstage.

According to Ross, the TV title has been held up. As Ross and Caudle try to wrap up the show, the four-way brawl continues behind them as Sting nails Muta with a chair to the head. Flair then gets ahold of the branding iron and WAFFLES both Funk and Muta with it. This is WILD! Add an extra ½* for the aftermath.

Ross then interviews Flair who thanks Sting for his assistance. He then calls out Funk by stating “I’m gonna dog you until I wear your Texas ass out.” Now THOSE are fighting words.

Conclusion:  With not one, not two, but three four-star matches along with other good matches, this is one of the greatest wrestling spectaculars of all-time. Whether you enjoy some hardcore action like the Steiners-Varsity Club match, a feud-settling tuxedo match, non-stop battles with Sting-Muta and Luger-Steamboat, a grueling WarGames match, or an absolute bloodbath in Flair-Funk, this card was stacked and booked extremely well. Great job, WCW! I’m ready for more!

See you for WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event XXII!

Rating: 1.50

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