Hey Scott,

Like most – I’m thoroughly enjoying the trip down memory lane with the Observer reviews. My question is given how much of a self-promoter, nepotist, and bomb as a booker he comes across in the reviews, how is it we all seem to have nothing but fondness for Big Dust? And I’m talking before he died. It’s a given that people are generally kinder to the departed. My theory is that the number of years passed has allowed people to focus solely on the fact that he was over with the fans and was a hell of a promo and basically ignore the behind the scenes stuff (that the younger crowd may not have really been aware of). Also, I’m sure Cody’s introduction/ascension (?) and Goldust’s resurrection didn’t hurt either. Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

​I think that obviously time heals a lot of wounds, but also Dusty being given the opportunity to be in charge of a section of the promotion without really having any significant power allowed him to let the creative portion shine. Really, having creative ideas was never his problem, it was balancing those ideas with the desire to put himself over and terrible business instincts that he had. Once you eliminate the second two factors, he becomes a much better booker. And look at how quickly NXT went downhill from a weekly TV standpoint once he died and his protege Ryan Ward left. ​