Rick Rude DVD

So if Rick Rude is going into the HOF that means it’s likely a DVD is coming with his matches and bio.

I don’t recall any 5 star matches with him, but I do recall him pulling a decent match out of Warrior. I suspect he had good matches in WCW but being Canadian, I wasn’t able to see them when he was there. I also recall he was in USWA for a bit, with a blond Percy Pringle acting as his manager. Maybe there was a decent match there with somebody (young Steve Austin)?

Anyways, which matches would you select for his DVD?

​He didn’t exactly have a varied collection of classics, but the standard set would be:

– The NWA World title tournament final against Chono in 1992.

– The pair of matches with Warrior in 1989 and their match on SNME in 90.

– Winning the NWA tag titles with Manny Fernandez against RNR Express in 86

– A few matches from World Class, where he was World champion for a while.

– One of the Sting matches from WCW. Probably the Clash 17 match is easiest for them.

– Something from the Roberts feud, like their MSG match.

​I dunno, that’s about all I can think of off the top of my head. I suspect it would be mostly promos and such, really. ​