Syxx / Xpac in 1997

Watching Nitro again for the first time since it was actually on air down here in Australia …

Damn, Syxx was ‘nailing’ the promos in June/July. His feud with Flair (complete with "down where?" references and crotch chops) was spot-on.

Did WCW just unintentionally hand over the D-X gimmick to WWF when he left?

​WCW did a lot of stupid shit. To be fair, Sean Waltman was a major medical liability at that point and Bischoff had given him many chances to clean up. Had the same thing occurred today, for example, there is a zero percent chance that Waltman would pass the Wellness exam on the way into the WWE due to his neck problems and multiple concussions. So from WCW’s perspective, it was a clean kill: Waltman was frequently hurt, not justifying his contract, and didn’t want to be there. He just happened to get a lot better and refine his character when he got to the opposition, which sucks for Bischoff. Had he stayed in WCW, however, he probably would have met with a bad end, so I’m glad he got away when he did. ​