WCW Cruiserweights & The Reverse-Neville

So putting aside the issues with the cruiserweight roll-out, do you think the WWE are actually shooting them selves in the foot by keeping the weight classes separate?

When WCW was at its prime, you had Guerrero, Misterio, Jericho and Malenko all fighting over the belt, Konnan becomes US champ, then all the smaller guys were elevated to fight him. If there hadn’t been some kind of movement, there’s the possibility that some of the greatest of all time aren’t given the chance to get over.

I’d say Neville is almost the antithesis of the WCW model. He’s small, over, nobody knows what to do with him, so put him with the cruisers. He’ll elevate interest in the division in the short term, but who wins long term? And what’s to say that they don’t move Finn Balor in as well if Neville doesn’t work?

And I’m not saying we need Braun squashing cruisers in handicap matches, but it would be fun to watch Jack Gallagher mess around with a guy like him or Bray Wyatt, have Gulak/Neese or the Bollywood Boys wrestling actual tag teams, or have TJP or Swann play underdog for a bigger belt. Keep them MOSTLY separate, sure, but some crossover is bound to help the overall product. Thoughts?

Thanks for the continued great work and Happy New Year!

​For me, if they can manage to create personalities and storylines that I care about on 205 Live and then have Neville and Finn Balor and Austin Aries on top doing ****1/2 main events every week in their own world where they don’t have interference from the main roster…sorry, what’s the down side again? ​