Lucha Underground

Hey, out of curiosity, why do you think it seems like no one pays attention to Lucha Underground anymore? It came out swinging in season 1, season 2 was not as popular and now it feels like season 3 it’s falling off a cliff. I think the weird booking for Pentagon has been a major issue, since the crowd seems to love him but he is not in the right spot on the show.

What say you?

​The main problem has been that season one was a long story about the transformation of Pentagon into Pentagon Dark and his bizarre relationship with Vampiro and all that. Season two was about the rise of the MONSTER MATANZA as he destroyed all the home-grown LU babyfaces. Season three has had NOTHING for ongoing storyline arcs for people to follow. It was literally just weeks of Dario spinning a damn wheel because he didn’t have any ideas! Now the main feud appears to be Johnny Mundo v. Sexy Star. I’ve heard the spoilers for the season finale months ago and only vaguely remember them, but I sure didn’t remember anything that would suddenly tie the season together and make any of it make sense. ​If you’re going to do a truly episodic wrestling show, which is what they had been doing, you need a storyline. As it is now, it’s just week to week booking with no house shows and no one watching. We already have TNA for that.