NWA World Championship Wrestling, April 25, 1986

The first Crockett Cup tournament is in the books. Which tag team reigned supreme? Highlights coming, plus a heinous attack on Baby Doll, the Four Horsemen strike again, can MulkeyMania measure up to the Legion of Doom, Shaska Whatley targets another victim’s hair, and much more…

We start with video of Magnum T.A. and Nikita Koloff brawling in the ring, then outside. Magnum gains the advantage but Khrusher Khrushchev attacks him from behind and nails Magnum with his crutch…

After the opening montage, we go to the TBS studio. Tony Schiavone and David Crockett are our hosts. David immediately tells us Baby Doll has been hurt and hospitalized by Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express. “She was hurt bad,” Crockett somberly says. Tony says it’s the worst thing he’s ever seen someone do. We’ll see video later. They also tell us the Road Warriors won the Crockett Cup, and there’s another injury. The Four Horsemen put Ricky Morton of the Rock & Roll Express on the shelf! Lots going on this week and we just started…

To the ring, it’s Jimmy Valiant vs. Kent Glover. Why do they open with Valiant almost every week? Seems like a good way to turn viewers away. Valiant jumps Glover with his typical crappy brawling moves. Glover gets tossed outside and rammed into the post. Back in, Valiant applies a devastating nervehold, followed by the Greco-Roman eyepoke. Valiant finally ends this dreck with the elbow drop. DUD

The Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez joins Tony. The Bull says Jimmy Valiant has recruited him to help with the war against Paul Jones Army. B&B Incorporated (the Bull & the Boogie Man) came together a while back to get rid of Abdullah the Butcher and now they’ll do the same to Pez Whatley, etc. Fernandez then orders some nachos, a chimichanga and a margarita, or something similar in espanol.

To the ring, Manny Fernandez vs. Art Pritts. Fernandez works the arm and mixes in some chops. He hits a flying knee, back elbow, snap mare and knee drop. Fernandez goes back to the arm with a hammerlock, and drops some knees. He moves into a double chickenwing with Pritts facedown on the mat. This continues for way too long. Finally it breaks and Fernandez lays in some more punishment, and then back to the hammerlock. The Bull finally ends it with the Flying Burrito. 1/2*

Following the break, we go to video of Shaska Whatley & Paul Jones cutting George South’s hair after a match. Jimmy Valiant comes in for the save and nails Shaska, but Baron von Raschke attacks and they triple-team Valiant and try to cut more of his hair. Manny Fernandez and Nighthawk Coltrane come in for the save.

Back live, Ron Garvin is in the ring. J.J. Dillon comes out says the NWA has decreed Garvin cannot wear athletic tape around his hand. Dillon pushes the issue with the ref and Garvin eventually removes the tape.

To the match, sans athletic tape, it’s Ron Garvin vs. Paul Garner. “He’s a man,” David astutely tells us. Nothing gets past him. Garvin ties up Garner and executes a double stomp. He follows with a back suplex, stomps the shoulder and ties Garner up again. Garvin headbutts Garner in the midsection and follows with a rare forearm shot (because he can’t punch with his injured hand). Garvin backdrops Garner, lines up for the knockout punch, but opts for a headbutt and a splash instead to end it. Interesting to see a Garvin match when he can’t chop or punch. *1/4

Ronnie Garvin joins Tony at the podium. Garvin tells Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon to watch out because he might be in their bedroom overnight looking down on them. That’s not creepy at all.

After a break, the Road Warriors and Paul Ellering come to the podium to talk about the Crockett Cup victory. Ellering says when they set their sights on a goal, they achieve it and now they’re setting their sights on the Midnight Express. Animal says they were the #1 seed and proved it. In the process, they beat the Midnight Express and next is those world tag team belts. Hawk calls the Russians “a crotchety load of soggy buzzard barf”. Creative.

We see some Crockett Cup highlights in a video montage with quick edits. Some of the more interesting shots that we’ve never seen before in JCP: Buzz Sawyer suplexing Koko B. Ware on the floor, Magnum T.A. putting the belly-to-belly suplex on a young Rick Steiner, the Fantastics double-teaming one of the Fabulous Ones, Dr. Death Steve Williams & Nikita Koloff locking up in a test of strength, Magnum T.A. converting a Tiger Mask (Misawa) flying bodypress into a belly-to-belly suplex, Hawk press slamming Ronnie Garvin, and the Road Warriors collecting the Crockett Cup & $1 million check.

Back live, the Road Warriors vs. Jeff Smith & Randy Mulkey. Animal presses Mulkey over his head twice and slams him, then tosses Mulkey to the concrete floor, with another sick bump from Mulkey. MulkeyMania! Smith gets pulverized with shoulder tackles, slams, and a dropkick. He tags Mulkey back in for a devastating powerslam from Animal, followed by a top rope splash from Hawk. Awesome squash. **

After a break, we go to video in Greensboro of the final moments of a six-man elimination match. NWA Champ Ric Flair and Ricky Morton are the only two combatants left. Morton pounds away on Flair in the corner. He sends Flair to other corner and the champ flips upside down and back to the canvass. Morton goes for a dropkick but Flair dodges. Hip toss by Flair, followed by a chop. Flair tries to whip Morton across. He ducks his head for the backdrop, but Morton turns it into a small package and pins the world champion! The crowd goes nuts and Morton celebrates with Dusty Rhodes, Baby Doll, and Robert Gibson

In the ring,, the Four Horsemen are in disbelief and they’re pissed. The camera follows them to the dressing room where they jump Morton & Gibson. Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and J.J. Dillon stomp away on Gibson, while Flair grinds Morton’s face into the dressing room floor. You can see the trail of blood from Morton’s face on the floor. Finally, Dusty Rhodes comes in for the save. Brutal beatdown.

To the ring, it’s Shaska Whatley & Baron von Raschke w/Paul Jones vs. Bill Tabb & Lee Peek. The Baron tosses Peek outside and Jones nails him with the riding crop. Shaska stomps away on Tabb and slams him. They punish Big Bill for awhile. He finally tags Peek back in, who receives much of the same. Peek gets tossed outside hard again and gets kicked by Paul Jones while Shaska chokes and spits on the man. That’s just uncalled for. Jones asks why Valiant doesn’t come out here. That’s uncalled for too. We’ve seen enough of him for the night. Oh good. A reverse chinlock by the Baron. This match really needs restholds. They beat up Peek for seemingly an eternity. He finally makes the cold tag to Tabb, who despite being bigger and more muscular than Shaska, gets pummeled. And Tabb tags back out 15 seconds later. That made sense. Shaska finally, thankfully, ends it with the superplex. Terrible and WAY too long. DUD

The Paul Jones Army join Tony to run down Jimmy Valiant some more. Baron tries to elevate the Army by mentioning Magnum T.A. and Dusty Rhodes, but we have to continue the stupid Valiant-Jones feud for another 63 years.

After a break, it’s NWA World Champion Ric Flair. Flair taunts David Crockett for predicting he would lose the NWA Title in New Orleans, if not before. Flair asks for a moment of silence “for little, itty bitty Ricky Morton, because he found out that pro wrestling, the greatest sport of them all, can be a cold, cold world. When it comes, whoo, to walking the aisle and making some kind of a presentation against the greatest of them all. See Morton, it’s no secret. All the women of this world, ALL the women of this world, fall at my feet because, whoo, I am Ric Flair.” Flair says he made an example of Morton and calls him an ugly ducking that no woman would want now. Flair calls Morton a punk that he put in his place. Flair plugs upcoming matches all over the country and ends it with “diamonds are forever and so is Slick Ric. WHOO!” Another masterpiece promo from the best in the business.

To the ring, it’s Wahoo McDaniel vs. Jim Dawson. Wahoo lands a devastating chop and drops another one for the quick win.*

Jimmy Garvin & Precious join Tony. Garvin says now that the “wildabeast” that was hanging around with Dusty Rhodes is out of action, Precious is the one and only. Garvin shows off some Native American toys and trinkets to taunt Wahoo and challenge him to come out, which he does not do.

After a break, introduce the “horrible” attack on Baby Doll. We go to video of Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express in the ring, with Cornette running down Magnum T.A., Dusty Rhodes, and Baby Doll. Rhodes and Baby Doll come out. Cornette tells Rhodes he has a very nice looking hat and asks him if he got a free bowl of soup with the hat. (You can never go wrong with “Caddyshack” cracks.) Rhodes gets into the ring as Cornette taunts him. The Midnight Express attack, but Rhodes clotheslines them both, then slugs Cornette for a huge pop. Dusty grabs Cornette, but Loverboy Dennis whacks him from behind with the tennis racket. Baby Doll jumps Beautiful Bobby, but he rams her into the turnbuckles. Bobby nails Dusty with the racket, then grabs Baby Doll. He holds her as Cornette rams the tennis racket handle into Baby Doll’s abdomen. She’s in huge pain and there’s legit concern amongst the fans as the face locker room empties to come to her aid…

At the interview area, David Crockett screams at Jim Cornette and storms off. Cornette grabs the mic and talks trash on Dusty & Magnum, while they show video of everyone in the ring attending to Baby Doll. Beautiful Bobby speaks for possibly the first time in JCP: “The wrestling business ain’t no place for a woman,” Eaton says. Loverboy Dennis says something similar as Cornette continues to rant while the faces carry Baby Doll from the ring.

Back live to the studio, a very pissed off Dusty Rhodes & Magnum T.A. join Tony. Magnum said they called out America’s Team because they knew he wasn’t there. After what they did to Baby Doll, it’s not about titles, it’s about vengeance. Magnum says he  never thought I’d see the day where I’d want to go to war for Baby Doll but he’s behind her and it’s only just begun. Dusty says Baby Doll just wanted to be equal and becomes a women’s lib advocate. “This world is not a man’s world, it belongs to the women,” he says, which gets a huge pop from the ladies in the audience. Dusty says what’s going down now for Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express is “one good, old fashioned ass kicking“. That was a money promo from both guys.

Toe the ring, the Rock & Roll Express vs. Ron Rossi & Bob Owens. Morton’s face is a mess from what Flair did to him. The R&R end it quickly with the double dropkick.*

After a break, Jim Cornette comes out and gloats. He compares Baby Doll to a horse and says women have no place in professional wrestling or any sport. Cornette says Baby Doll, “the big heifer” attacked his man and got exactly what she deserved. He mocks Dusty’s “hard times” promo and introduces his team…

The Midnight Express vs. Rocky King & George South. Rocky King surprises Dennis with a sunset flip, and he and South nail him with a double elbow. South and King exchange dropkicks on Bobby for the temporary advantage. However, King misses the dropkick and the MX takes over. Bobby lands a beautiful Alabama Jam (top-rope legdrop). Dennis positions South for what looks like a back suplex, while Bobby comes off the top to nail him, and that’s the finisher. *1/2

After a break, the Rock & Roll Express join Tony. We get a closeup of Morton’s face and it looks horrible. Morton says the Horsemen didn’t finish the job and they’re coming after them.

To the ring, Tully Blanchard w/J.J. Dillon vs. Mike Simani. Really quick squash with the slingshot suplex.*

Afterwards, Tully & J.J. gloat about what they did to Ricky Morton.

Following a break, the Koloffs join Tony. We get a quick clip of Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum T.A. in a Russian Chain Match. Nikita comes off the second rope with a double axehandle on Magnum with the chain. They vow Nikita will be U.S. champ and hype their upcoming battles with the Road Warriors.

To the ring, a World TV Title Match, Arn Anderson vs. Gene Ligon. Arn controls from the outset and nails the spinebuster, followed by the gourdbuster for a fairly quick victory. *

The Four Horsemen, or “Three Horsemen” as Tony calls it, come to the podium. J.J. Dillon grabs the mic and shoves Tony out the way and conducts the interviews. Arn Anderson says people all over the world dream of being someone else, but we’re happy being who we are. Flair says there’s a whole bunch of women in New Orleans that know why they call them “the Three Horsemen”. “When we left town, they’re all walking around in a daze,” Flair adds while his cohorts chuckle. Tully Blanchard says they’re “rich women’s lovers and poor women’s dreams”. Flair mentions a woman was calling him “Secretariat” as he walked out the door. WHOO!!

That’s it for this show. Wow. A whole lot of happenings to lead us into a very hot summer of action for Jim Crockett Promotions. Things have taken a very serious turn and they’ve done a masterful job of laying the groundwork for multiple hot feuds. Great stuff.

5 thoughts on “NWA World Championship Wrestling, April 25, 1986”

  1. Man the NwA was stacked & loaded at this time. It seemed like it was a pretty awesome product at the time. The Four Horsemen: Flair, Blanchard & Anderson, Nikita Koloff, Road Warriors, Midnights, Dusty, Magnum, RnR Express, Garvins…..with even more talent on the way. I was JUST discovering the WWF at this time, so I’m feeling like I missed out on some great shit.

    British Bulldogs v Dream Team in Chicago at WMII roped me in. My first look at NwA was the Clash of the Champions during WM4. Loved it.

  2. Count “rubbing someone’s face on the concrete floor” along with “blading a body part other than the forehead, like, say, an arm” as spots that have all but completely vanished from the wrestling landscape


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