Ring of Honor – December 14th, 2016


This week on Ring of Honor TV, it’s an annual Women of Honor show!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 12/14/16

We are TAPED from the William J Myers Pavilion in Baltimore, Maryland! Your hosts are Nigel McGuinness and Ian Riccaboni. Tonight, Kelly Klein puts her undefeated streak on the line against ODB in our main event!

But we’ll get started with the music of Deonna Purrazzo! Let’s hear what she has to say: “I’ve been really fortunate very fast in my career to establish a great reputation!” She’s considered one of the best technical wrestlers in women’s wrestling, she says, and wrestling is a lifestyle to her. She wakes up thinking about wrestling, watching wrestling in the gym; it’s all she ever wanted to do. This division gives her the chance to prove that she is indeed the best!

And there’s the music of her opponent, one Candice Lerae! Candice has a few words as well: “I’m Candice Lerae, from Southern California, I like to say I’m from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!” She likes to say that she’s one of wrestling’s funnest wrestlers, one of the cutest, and one of the toughest! She’s been wrestling for 15 years, and now she’s finally in Ring of Honor at Women of Honor, and she can’t wait to prove that she’s the toughest wrestler in Women of Honor!

This should be decent, both of these ladies can work; Candice especially, as she’s worked PWG for a lot of years.

Candice Lerae vs Deonna Purrazzo

Code of Honor is followed. Lockup, and Deonna controls with a wristlock. Reversed by Lerae, so Deonna goes to a headlock instead. Hammerlock reversals from both women gets us back to the headlock. Lerae forces her down by the knee into an armbar, but that gets reversed into an armdrag by Purrazzo. Another reversal by Candice gets a headlock for Lerae, but Deonna changes that up to a wristlock, Lerae forces her to the ropes for a break. Side headlock again by Purrazzo, Lerae shoots her off, Deonna runs through her with a shoulder. They run the ropes now, armdrag by Lerae! Another! 3rd attempt is blocked and Candice comes off the ropes now with a kick to the face of Deonna, who fires back in kind. Candice off the ropes, dropkick sends Purrazzo to the floor, tope by Lerae! She tosses Deonna back in, shoves a blind charge off with a boot, then comes off with a one-legged seated dropkick that looked like it was going to be a Shining Wizard and Candice changed her mind at the last minute. That gets two. Lerae gets a knucklelock and runs up to the top, but gets shoved off to the floor. And we’re getting a shove by ROH to watch some great ads!

We’re back with Deonna continuing to work the arm of Candice, wringing it and slamming it on the mat. More punishment ensues, stomp and elbows to the arm of Lerae, then a kneedrop to the arm. She sends Lerae to the buckle, but a second one is blocked and Candice drops Purrazzo to the buckle instead. Shoulder to the gut by Candice, but she has to pause to shake out the arm. Tries a second one, but Deonna moves and Candice hits the buckle shoulder-first. Deonna off the ropes, kick to the arm of Lerae! 1,2, no! Second pin attempt, only gets one this time. Lerae fights back with a jawbreaker, then forearms in the corner. Lerae with a backsplash to Purrazzo, and Candice goes up, doublestomp right to the back of Deonna! 1,2, NO! Lerae off the ropes, but gets caught by Deonna with a kick and a kneelift. Suplex by Purrazzo! She pops the hips, again! A third attempt and Purrazzo with a go-behind, Lerae reverses for the Ballsplex!

Hmmm, that doesn’t really work as a name here, does it? Alright, I shall give it a new name – we shall call it….the Trumplex! I’m sure that Joey Styles would be proud of me for that one.

She rolls it over and hits a second one, but a third is blocked by back elbows from Purrazzo. Irish whip is reversed by Candice, but Deonna reverses right back into a side Russian legsweep, then rolls that over into a Fujiwara armbar! Good one, too. Lerae fights for the ropes and makes it, then hits a charging Purrazzo with a few back elbows. Candice comes off the ropes and puts on an Octopus, Deonna backs her into the buckle to break. Lerae catches her with a kick and goes up, but a tornado DDT attempt by Lerae is blocked. Candice fires kicks now, but a big roundhouse misses, and that leaves her open for Deonna to take her down with the armbar, and this time there is no escape as Lerae is forced to tap. (Deonna Purrazzo over Candice Lerae, submission, 9:01)

WORTH WATCHING? – These are going to be hard tonight, in that the Women of Honor shows are sparse and only tangentially build to much of anything. As such, there’s not much to go on besides the ringwork. But these women brought it tonight, and YES, they were worth watching. I’ve seen Candice move a lot faster out there, so I wonder if she was slowing down somewhat for Purrazzo, but I really couldn’t tell that much; Deonna held up her end just fine. Decent opener to start us off.

Post-match, we get a quick replay and the women adhere to the Code of Honor with a handshake. Up next, we’re going to see some tag team action with the Women of Honor – until then, how about everyone watch these great ads?

We’re back with music and the appearance of Veda Scott on my screen! What a welcome sight that is; she shall be missed in ROH. Anyway, she’s out with a tag partner, one Kennadi Brink! Veda: “This is my new best friend!” And there’s the music of their opponents, Faye Jackson and Sumie Sakai, accompanied by Solo Darling! Both Faye and Sumie were on our last Women of Honor special; I enjoyed Sakai’s work a lot, Jackson’s….not so much. Let’s see what we get here.

Veda Scott & Kennadi Brink vs Sumie Sakai & Faye Jackson (w/ Solo Darling)

Code of Honor is followed. Brink and Jackson will start us off, but Kennadi doesn’t seem to want any of Faye and tags Veda in. Test of strength, won by Faye, Scott with a kick to the shin. Veda comes off the ropes and gets knocked silly by Jackson’s shoulder. Kick to the midsection by Veda, but she comes off the ropes and gets knocked down by Faye. Veda comes back with an enzuigiri and a tag to Brink, who comes in and gets….hiptossed by Jackson. I’m being extremely generous in calling it that. Tag now to Sakai, and she comes in as Jackson gets on the second rope and sticks her ass out, Sakai sends Brink to Faye’s posterior. That gets one, and Sakai remains in control, working the wrist and turning the hold into an Ace Crusher. Sakai goes up, missile dropkick to Brink! 1,2, no! Brink off the ropes but she runs into an elbow from Sumie; the ref checks on Kennadi, allowing Scott to hit Sakai with a kick to the head from the apron. Stomps from Brink, and she takes Sakai to the corner and tags in Veda. Scott controls but gets rolled up for two; she returns fire with a kick to Sakai. She sends Sumie to the corner and follows with a forearm, then a snapmare and a seated clothesline. 1,2, NO! Tag to Brink, who comes in with a powerslam for two. Blind tag, which seems to hack Brink off; Scott goes up, but Kennadi brings her down in a fireman’s carry, then turns her around to knock Sakai down feet first. Brink shoves Veda away, right into a spear for two. Sumie tries to fight up, Scott drags her back to the heel corner and tags Kennadi back in. Meanwhile, Faye has taken the magic drink from Darling on the outside, and now she wants in as she jumps up and down on the apron. Ah, good, now the match can presumably get stupid or something. Brink goes for a package piledriver on Sakai, but Sumie escapes through the legs and makes the tag to Faye. Clothesline to Brink! Clothesline to Veda! Back elbow to Brink, back elbow to Veda! Jackson hits the ass to the face in the corner on Brink, then to Veda in the other corner, then again to Brink. Scott comes out of the corner, but gets caught by Jackson in quite possibly the single worst belly-to-belly in wrestling history. Lemme check and see if Sid ever tried a belly-to-belly…..nope, pretty much the worst ever right there. Jackson off the ropes, somersault into a splash on Scott! She apparently calls that “Chocolate Thunder”. 1,2, Brink makes the save! Brink off the ropes, double knees to Jackson, Sakai comes in (I love how ROH is all about equality – the women get to ignore all the tag rules, just like the men!) and hits a Fisherman’s neckbreaker on Brink, Scott with a rolling heel kick to Sakai, Veda with a belly-to-back suplex. Tag to Brink now, double Irish whip, but heel miscommunication rears its ugly head, as Brink wipes out Scott on a forearm aimed at Faye. Sakai goes up to the top, Jackson slams Brink and wheelbarrows Sakai off the top into a senton on Brink! 1,2, Veda saves it! Scott and Sakai spill out to the floor, as Brink STOs Jackson down and applies the Anaconda Vice for the tapout. (Veda Scott & Kennadi Brink over Sumie Sakai & Faye Jackson, submission, 7:17)

WORTH WATCHING? – I can’t get there with this one. NO, I’d skip. Jackson still looks completely lost out there, although she certainly got a little better than her least appearance. Brink has potential, and obviously Sakai and Scott can work, but the match itself didn’t really hold together and there were a lot of moves that were missed or too softly hit. I’d pass on this one, as much as I do love Veda. I really hope that the WWE picks her up at some point, she can cut a promo and work in the ring, and her nerd chic thing is something that could probably get over really well in the current environment.

Post-match, Solo Darling comes in to check on Faye with Sumie, as we’re told that up next, Mandy Leon will be taking on Jessicka Havok! But what’s truly up next? Why, it’s these great ads!

We’re back with a promo from Mandy Leon. Oh, Mandy. Last time out, I marveled at how good you were in the ring, and that was no joke, but I’m thinking that you need a LOT more work on your promos. Same flat delivery, same monotone voice here as she tells us that the tension between herself and Taeler Hendrix is NO joke. They had a match, which Mandy won, and Taeler tried to hit her with a chair afterwards, which is indeed in the ‘no joke’ category. Leon returned the favor with a chairshot of her own during Hendrix’s match with Sakai, and now Taeler is sending Jessicka Havok after her instead of doing her own dirty work; well, no matter how big or scary Havok is, Mandy is a woman of honor and will not back down!

And there’s the music of Jessicka Havok! She’s a scary lady. Mandy is out next, and I’m actually looking forward to this, as both ladies can work a nice match.

Jessicka Havok vs Mandy Leon

Havok literally laughs in the ref’s face when he calls for the Code of Honor. I’m counting that as a ‘decline’. Once again, the difference between Leon cutting a promo and her in-ring work shows itself, as she convincingly sells being afraid of Havok before finally getting up her guts and charging her….right into a forearm that drops Leon to the mat. Whoops. Leon avoids a charge from Havok in the corner and throws forearms, then comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. A second! A third! Havok is still on her feet, so Mandy comes off from another side, but Jessicka is ready and clobbers her with a clothesline. Havok off the ropes, misses the legdrop! Leon with a kick and a Hennig necksnap, then a knee to the chest. Leon covers, but Havok pulls her off at one by the hair. Mandy with shots and she comes off the ropes, but gets caught in a wheelbarrow and dropped to the mat, face first. And now it’s time to face facts; and that facts are that its time to watch some great ads!

We’re back with Havok tossing Leon by the hair across the ring. Off the ropes, Leon turns a sideslam into a headscissors takeover. Havok misses a clothesline and Leon goes for a sleeper, but Havok manages to break by backing into a corner. Havok tells Leon to just bring it, so Mandy charges, right into a backbreaker and clothesline combo by Havok. Hmmm. Maybe she should have just left it. Knee to the head by Jessicka, Havok hooks Mandy up, Beautiful Disaster! 1, 2, Havok pulled her up! Jessicka goes out and gets a chair because she’s there to hurt Mandy; now, she could have just won the match and then gotten the chair, but I suppose it’s better not to argue with her about these things. Havok goes to swing it, but Deonna is out from the back and grabs it out of her hands; Havok is perturbed by this insolence, and that leaves her open to Mandy rolling her up for the pin. (Mandy Leon over Jessicka Havok, pinfall, 5:33)

WORTH WATCHING? – Disappointing, considering how much I enjoyed Leon’s work at the last WOH special. NOPE.

Post-match, Jessicka kills some bitches dead, dropping Leon with a kick, then a chokeslam. Purrazzo comes in to try to put a stop to that, but she eats a chokeslam from Havok as well. Havok drapes Leon’s body over Deonna’s as the refs head out to end this carnage. Video tells us that up next, it’s Kelly Klein! And that’s going to happen after these great ads!

We’re back to the music of Kelly Klein! Kelly’s out alone this time, because BJ Whitmer went CUH-RAZEE. And there’s the drums that tell us that we’re about to see ODB! She makes her way to the ring, flask in hand. Now, I freely admit that I’m not the biggest fan of either one of these ladies, so let’s see what they can do out there tonight.

Kelly Klein vs ODB

ODB offers the Code of Honor, but Klein just puts in her mouthpiece instead. Now that’s a cool way to decline the handshake. I approve. Lockup goes nowhere, and Klein shoves ODB away; ODB responds by hitting Kelly with her chest, knocking Klein back to the ropes. Klein with a go-behind and a front facelock, but ODB shoves her off. ODB with a waistlock takedown, but Kelly makes the ropes off the mat. Kelly rolls out, so ODB follows her with a forearm and a spank. Yeah, you read that right. Klein with a forearm and she tries to send ODB to the post, but gets reversed and eats the steel herself. Klein with shots and she tries for another whip, but that also gets reversed and Kelly gets sent to the barricade. Might be time for a new strategy there. ODB tosses Kelly back in, Klein hits a dropkick on the apron to send ODB back to the floor. Klein goes back out now, but gets caught against the barricade and ODB slaps Kelly across the chest. Another one, and ODB rolls Klein back in and covers for one. Whip is reversed to an armwringer by Klein, back elbow by Kelly, into the ropes and Kelly hits a knee. Klein keeps hold of the arm and takes ODB over with a throw, then stomps away. Leg-assisted hammerlock as Klein hits ODB in the chest with forearms, then takes her down with a DDT. This match hasn’t really set the world on fire yet, but here’s what could – these great ads!

We’re back with Klein covering for two. Cravat by Klein and she throws knees, snapmares ODB over and hits her with a knee to the back. 1, 2, no! Kelly sends ODB to the buckles, again, a third time. Front facelock by Klein, ODB throws knees to get out, ODB off the ropes, big boot by Kelly! 1, 2, no! Klein covers again for two. Shoulda hit the legdrop. Kelly sends ODB to the ropes, but ODB hooks the top and grabs her own crotch to taunt Klein; it seems to work, as Kelly charges and gets dumped over the top to the floor. Ian: “Could this be the opening that ODB needs?”

Nah. It’s just too easy.

Klein gets back to the apron and they exchange forearm shots there, now Klein gets back in and they slug it out, won by ODB. Shoulderblock by ODB! A second! ODB off the ropes, flying shoulder drops Kelly! ODB splashes Kelly in the corner, then catches Klein on a blind charge with a back elbow. ODB goes up and smashes Klein’s head into the top turnbuckle several times, then comes off with a Thesz Press! 1 count as her momentum carried her over Klein there. ODB with a fireman’s carry, but Klein slips out and hits a short German suplex! Kelly ducks a clothesline and hits a Northern Lights suplex! 1, 2, NO! Klein goes for a suplex, but ODB gets out and they exchange forearms, Klein off the ropes, spear by ODB! 1, 2, NO! ODB goes for a fallaway slam, but Kelly slips out and hooks the End of the Match (Guillotine choke, for those not familiar with that dumbass name), and ODB passes out. (Kelly Klein over ODB, ref stoppage, 9:12)

WORTH WATCHING? – This one didn’t really trip my trigger. ODB is just not a wrestler that I enjoy watching, although I’ll grant that Kelly looked better to me than she did last time out. Still, I’m going with a NO on this one, as they were having some problems with some awkward transitions out there, and the match itself was boring in the first half before picking up some in the second half; still, not enough to save it.

Post-match, Klein tosses ODB’s flask at her, then glowers at the camera while Ian and Nigel thank us for watching, and we’re done for the week in ROH.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: No disrespect intended to the ladies at all, as many of them are talented wrestlers, but I fail to see the point of the Women of Honor specials unless they actually plan to do something with the division. Nigel and Ian did what they could, talking about Leon and Hendrix’s feud and trying to put over Klein and ODB being ‘undefeated’ (ODB just did a job at Total Nonstop Deletion to Sienna), but until ROH is going to be serious about making the women a regular part of the promotion on television, these specials will always be somewhat interesting, but completely inconsequential; as such, check it out if you feel the need, but you can certainly skip this one.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on Twitter