The annoying thing about WWE’s writing…

is that when they come up with a potentially great angle, they don’t go all the way with it.

So last night Miz finally outed Renee and Ambrose as a couple, and earned a slap to the face for his trouble.

The obvious comparison to that is the Rude / Roberts angle. Except there, where the heel went after the face’s woman (admittedly, Rude grabbed Cheryl while Miz didn’t touch Renee), the face immediately ran out and tried to kill him to death.

Here, Renee slaps Miz… and Dean does NOTHING. Kind of the same deal as how they’d never let Cena actually be a super-face and save his friends when they were getting the crap kicked out of them, but worse.

I just don’t get the way they think sometimes.

​Yeah, imagine someone pulling that shit with Debra in 2001 and expecting Steve Austin to just be watching on the monitor later and laughing it off. Steve would immediately come out and WHOOP SOME ASS. I think it also speaks to the general issue with Dean Ambrose being too laid-back as a character and not having any fire. Renee slapping Miz should have been immediately followed by Dean storming into the segment and smashing a damn chair on his head or something! He was more upset about his damn potted plant earlier this year!​

​Most of this is indeed the writers, but I think Dean would really benefit from pushing harder for his character as well. Vince respects that and would probably support him if he wanted to have his character defend his girlfriend’s honor.​