I know we’re getting another Roman Empire where he wins the Universal/US and then ends New Day’s reign himself, but what do you think of this idea.

Jericho/Rollins opens the show and after 10+ minutes, Owens and Roman get involved leading to a no contest. Foley is pissed and punishes both by making the main event a Fatal 4-way. In the main event, Rollins pedigrees Jericho and Roman spears Owens, but they fight outside and Jericho drapes an arm and WINS the Universal Championship. This sets up Jericho to defend and loss clean to Roman at the Rumble (which keeps Roman out of it), Owens and continue their "we are the champion" thing until they finally blow up and build to Mania and Rollins could go on to finally build to HHH.

PS have you heard rumors of Reigns/Strowman at mania. Because I’m shockingly not opposed to Braun nyrdering everyone and winning to set him up for Roman

​Hold on, you lost me there. Do you mean Jericho defends against OWENS at the Rumble? I’m not entirely clear on your booking there.

Regardless, I legit think that WWE wants to do a Conor riff with the "double champion" gimmick, so we’re probably getting another Reign of Roman out of this until they have him suddenly lose it so they can recoronate him at WM. I don’t see Owens lasting in the title picture much longer, and really the Jericho thing doesn’t need the title. They literally can trigger their feud by having Jericho put him on the List. ​