Still grinding my way through ECW. I’m to late June of ’94 and in the last few episodes Bobby Eaton, Arnold, Scorpio,Foley,etc have made their way to the bingo hall. My question(s) is/are what was the deal with so many contracted talent being allowed to work in ECW shows, tv tapings no less? Was it part of the settlement between Turner/WCW and Heyman? Or was WCW still drawing dick for tickets and trying to keep their guys happy by letting them supplement their income? Also what was Sullivan’s status during this time? He seemed to have an extended run in ECW, but didn’t he also become booker of WCW around this time? And did him becoming booker lead to the end of WCW guys in Philly? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I’m stuck on the couch for the next day or two trying to pass a monster kidney stone and I need answers!

​Wow, thanks for the info there. Good luck with THAT.

As for ECW, yes, Paul Heyman kind of intimated in the past that WCW was willing to play ball with him to avoid further lawsuits from his family over his firing. Although it worked out OK for WCW because they could send guys there to freshen up and got early access to a buttload of new top talent. Plus they were able to use Funk and a couple of other guys for Slamboree.

As for Sullivan, I thought he quit the company (WCW, that is) around that time and only came back later? ​My memory is foggy on that one.