Crockett and WCW Pay Per View

One of the things abut Crockett that I never understood was buying promotions like Florida, Central States, and UWF when cable was going to make those syndication slots on local TV moot?

Also, what was the point of Crockett and then WCW still pushing house shows when they weren’t bringing in fans and I think that practice of scheduling these money losing tours until Bischoff took over in 1993?

Another thing with WCW Pay Per View especially under Bischoffm was their whole focus on TV ratings was because they could get credit for the high ratings while pay per view revenue got booked to Turner Entertainment? From a business sense, I never understood giving away PPV caliber main events for free like Hogan-Goldberg

‚ÄčSyndication deals were still very much not moot in 1987. We’re at 1991 in the flashbacks now, and even by then guys like Jerry Jarrett are still trying for syndication. It took the WWF until 1995 to really abandon that market, as well. Now the problem was that Crockett basically got the syndication deals and then completely abandoned all the territories he bought and left them for dead, so the debts incurred pretty much cancelled out the benefits of buying them.

As for pushing house shows when they didn’t draw, that’s what the wrestling business was. Even though WE know with hindsight that the future was weekly cable shows building to monthly PPVs, at the time the belief from the people running the business was still that PPV was a theoretical thing for the future and they still needed to get people out to the arenas. I mean, really they could have just run without them, but the idea kind of turned into using the house shows as a general loss leading advertisement for the TV show rather than the end game. That’s really what it is now.

And no one else gets giving away Hogan-Goldberg, either. ‚Äč