WWF Boston Garden – May 13th, 1989

May 13, 1989

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes


Brooklyn Brawler vs. Red Rooster

The Rooster frustrates Brawler by out-wrestling him. Rooster then decks Brawler down and works a headscissors on the mat. Rooster follows with a hip toss and a jawbreaker before punching Brawler down for a two count. Rooster works the arm for a while. Brawler breaks it up with an eye poke then tosses Rooster outside but Rooster heads back in as he tosses Brawler to the floor. Rooster heads out where Brawler knocks him down then heads back inside where he works a chinlock. He gets two with a clothesline before working a side headlock on the mat. The fans rally behind Rooster as he escapes but ends up running into a knee smash. Brawler runs Rooster’s face along the top rope before going back to a side headlock. Brawler dumps Rooster outside then kicks him off of the apron a few times. Brawler tries to slam Rooster back inside but Rooster counters with a small package for two. Rooster gets two with a crossbody but Brawler puts a stop to his comeback. Brawler heads up top after a slam but Rooster gets up and tosses him off. Rooster hits a corkscrew neckbreaker and a backdrop before using ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner. Brawler whips Rooster into the corner and charges but Rooster counters and hits a sunset flip for the win (12:16) *3/4.

Thoughts: The Rooster looked really good here but Brawler is awful on offense so he just used restholds, which is amazing giving his ring name. Lombardi was good at bumping but that’s about it when it came to wrestling. The fans were into this one.


Dusty Wolfe vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz starts off with an arm drag then pats himself on the back. He does this a few more times until Wolfe returns the favor. Wolfe sends Horowitz outside with a dropkick as the crowd remains quiet as both guys are heel enhancement talent on TV. Wolfe grabs an armbar and works that hold for a bit. Horowitz cheap shots Wolfe during a break in the ropes but Wolfe is able to take Horowitz down with a hip toss as he goes back to working the arm. Horowitz takes control with a hairpull as they trade armbars until Horowitz blocks a monkey flip in the corner and hits Wolfe with an inverted atomic drop. Horowitz roughs up Wolfe as referee Danny Davis issues a warning. Earlier in the match, Hayes mentioned how Davis is on a “probationary period” as a referee. Horowitz gets two with an inside cradle then begins to stomp Wolfe before taunting the crowd. Wolfe comes back with a backslide for a nearfall then they trade punches. Horowitz hits a dropkick then drops the leg but that only gets two. Horowitz applies a chinlock but whiffs on a dropkick as Wolfe starts a comeback and gets two off of a suplex. Elbow drop gets two. Wolfe ducks his head for a backdrop but Horowitz hits him with an elbow smash. Horowitz then uses a butterfly suplex before putting Wolfe away with a back elbow smash from the middle rope (10:20) **.

Thoughts: The action was fine although no one cared as they are two heels and enhancement level guys at that. Horowitz was an underappreciated worker though and Wolfe was at least competent.


Tim Horner vs. “Mega Man” Magee

That is how Tom Magee was billed here as Hayes puts over his strength. Magee shoves Horner after a break then they trade arm wringers and end in a stalemate. The crowd starts up a “Boring” chant as Magee shows off his physique as Horner fails to knock him down. Horner slides underneath and gets two with a rollup before working the arm. Horner takes Magee down with a flying headscissors and grounds him for a bit. Magee tosses Horner outside after an Irish whip sequence then heads out and smashes his head off of the ring apron. Back inside, Magee hits a clothesline for two before choking Horner out on the ropes. Magee covers after performing a back flip as the crowd continues to chant “boring.” Magee places Horner up top then tosses him off. Spin kick gets two for Magee but Horner catches him with a small package for a nearfall. Magee chops Horner through the ropes then brings him back in from the apron with a gutwrench suplex. Back inside, Horner gets two with a sunset flip then dodges a charge in the corner. He kicks Magee down and fires away. Horner gets two with a scoop slam then hits some mounted punches but Magee rolls through a crossbody and gets the win (6:51) **.

Thoughts: Horner deserves praise for the carrying of Magee here. Just a great performance by him. Magee had a good physique and agility but just by watching you could tell he did not have the aptitude to make it in wrestling. He didnt have a clue when it came to being a wrestler in the ring. The crowd did not care about this one and Magee would be gone in a few months anyway.


Sean Mooney is backstage with Koko B Ware, who is now sporting hair that matches Frankie’s colors, as he talks about facing the Warlord. They put over his new look in this segment.


The Warlord vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko fires away after ducking an attack in the corner. He then hits a headbutt after a leapfrog as he continues to use his speed to his advantage. Warlord catches Koko’s crossbody attempt but Koko is able to wiggle and get him down as that gets two. Koko ties up Warlord in the ropes after a dropkick then hammers away. Warlord is able to boot him and escape before catching Koko with a bearhug. Warlord prevents Koko from escaping but Koko uses an eye rake to break free. Warlord roughs up Koko before tossing him outside. Koko comes back in with a sunset flip for two as the crowd cheers. Koko manages a few more rollups but is still unable to put the Warlord away. He hits a missile dropkick for two but Warlord then catches him with a powerslam shortly after that and gets the win (10:35) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not a bad big man/little man match. The fans reacted to Koko like he was a star and given what we have seen prior to this match, it makes sense. Neither guy had anything going on at the moment but at least the Warlord got to wrestle on TV.


Sean Mooney is with the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, who are sporting new coats. Jacques even uses a Boston accent here while Raymond makes fun of the Rockers ripped shirts and that the Rockers do not have a chance because they do not go to bed early as they play up the feud with the Rockers calling the Rougeaus “nerds.”


The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs. The Rockers

Jacques trolls the Boston crowd by revealing a Montreal Canadiens jersey underneath his robe. Raymond and Shawn start things off. Marty clotheslines Raymond from the apron after he cheap-shotted Shawn as the Rockers take control by working the arm of Raymond. Jacques accidentally hits his brother then the two hug outside. Jacques tags in and starts taunting the crowd and stalling as he tries to trick Jannetty into doing some kip-ups. Marty does a few but kept an eye on Jacques and caught his kick attempt as the Rockers work over the leg of Jacques. Raymond then provides a distraction as the Rougeaus double-team Marty behind the referee’s back. The Rougeaus cut off the ring then Raymond puts Marty in a Boston Crab. Jacques then puts Marty in a Sharpshooter for a little bit as the fans are rallying behind Marty. Raymond works a reverse chinlock now as the Rougeaus keep providing distractions to maintain control. Marty inches over and makes the tag with Jacques on his back but Raymond tied up the referee. the Rougeaus try a double-team on Marty but he moved out of the way and finally makes the tags as the crowd goes nuts. Shawn runs wild then the match breaks down. Jacques tries a splash but Shawn gets his knees up and covers for the win (17:31) **1/2.

Thoughts: Not bad but at the same time there was not a whole lot of action either. The crowd loved the Rockers and I really loved how Jacques heeled the Boston crowd.


Sean Mooney is in the ring and lets us know that “No Holds Barred” will be released on June 2nd. The crowd cheers that it stars Hulk Hogan but Mooney brings out the man who thinks he should be the star of the film, Zeus. He comes out and screams a lot while the crowd chants for Hogan. Mooney asks Zeus why he claims to be the star of the film as Zeus says its because he is bigger and badder than Hogan. Zeus then says that Hogan is not a man but rather a woman then when asked what he would say to Hogan if he was here, Zeus says he would destroy Hogan and promises to return as Mooney bails. They really went all out in promoting the film as they kept dragging Zeus along where ever they went. I will say it got positive reactions from the live crowds.


Haku vs. King Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan beating Haku for the crown was aired on this same day. However, Haku was still sporting the crown on his tights. Haku attacks Duggan outside of the ring. He then chokes him out against the ropes but Duggan fights back then clotheslines Haku down. We get some stalling now but the crowd eats up all of Duggan’s chants. Haku yanks Duggan down by the trunks then after some more stalling Haku takes Duggan down and works a nerve hold for a while. Haku dumps Duggan and kicks him off the apron but Duggan comes back in and manages a small package for two. Haku goes back to the nerve hold then beats on Duggan after he escaped but Duggan hulks up and takes control. Haku reverses an Irish whip and catches Duggan with a back elbow smash but misses an elbow drop then Duggan puts him away with the Three Point Stance (10:06) -*.

Thoughts: This crowd was in love with Duggan but man did this match suck. Once again, Duggan looked awful and it was all stalling by Duggan and nerve holds from Haku.


Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd

Studd attacks Andre as soon as he enters the ring. Andre is tied up in the ropes but escapes and chokes out Studd, who rolls outside after getting hit with a headbutt. Back inside, Andre applies a bearhug then chops him down and laughs. Andre works a nerve hold now then chokes out Studd with his strap. More choking and headbutts from Andre in the corner but Studd blocks an attack and works his own nerve hold. Studd knocks Andre down with a punch to the gut but that only gets a mild reaction. Haku has come out to ringside where Studd gets knocked out as he starts chopping away. However, Duggan runs out with his 2×4 and chases Haku away then “hits” Andre with the 2×4 as he was choking out Studd for the DQ (6:38) DUD. It ends with a brawl as Duggan & Studd clear the ring.

Thoughts: This match stunk but at the same time its not like you could expect much more from these two. Studd was not over as he remains completely miscast as a babyface. The end set up tag matches on the house show circuit but Studd would quit a few weeks later.


Final Thoughts: Man, this was a poor card. It only drew 5,000 (3,000 paid) while the “A” show was in San Francisco and saw Hogan vs. Savage, Hart vs. Perfect, and the returning Roddy Piper against Ted DiBiase. This show was the second to last televised Boston Garden show card as the WWF stopped them too because of the sinking house show attendances but who would want to pay for a card like this? I’ve actually seen worse shows but it doesnt mean you should give this one a shot.


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