Warrior’s Wrestlemania VIII plans

Before Warrior held up Vince at Summerslam 1991, what were the Ultimate Warrior’s Wrestlemania VIII plans? Rumor has it was supposed to be obviously Flair vs. Hogan, Sid vs. Undertaker, and Savage vs. Jake Roberts in a career match.. I’m just dying to know what his plans were/if there were any plans.

​Well by the time they were making those plans for the show, Warrior was already on the way out​. The logical progression from the booking would have been Warrior v. Jake Roberts based on the angle they did when he was leaving, but I don’t think they were making any long-term plans for the guy. Plus, as we found out with the buildup to WM7, they essentially had no main event until a couple of months before THAT show, so I can’t see them having a main event for WM8 in mind in August, especially with all the s--- going down around the steroid problems.