3 questions

Hey Scott,

Few questions for you. First, who do you think takes the Rumble match this year? Also, if it was your call, who would you have win it?

​I think Roman Reigns wins it again because clearly they’re not giving up and there’s no one else anyway. Outside chance of John Cena winning to set up a challenge for Flair’s record, but I think he’s getting Undertaker this year if Taker is healthy.

If it’s me, probably Chris Jericho, where he can hopefully do some sort of running gag where he adds guys to the List every time they enter, so we can have SUPER BEST FRIENDS COLLIDE at Wrestlemania. But they really don’t need the title or the Rumble to get there and have people care. ​

Lastly, do you think any PPV trilogy can top Royal Rumble, No Way Out and Wrestlemania 17 in 2001?​

​Doesn’t seem likely these days. Especially since there’s even another show THIS WEEKEND and I didn’t even know about it until someone e-mailed me this morning about it. Those three shows were not only great, but really memorable. ​