NWA World Championship Wrestling, March 29, 1986

A major confrontation between Ric Flair and the Rock & Roll Express, one of Jimmy Valiant’s best buddies turns on him, Wahoo McDaniel and Jimmy Garvin’s woman get face-to-face, and can the future Big Bossman, Ray Traylor, pull off the upset on Ivan Koloff? Lots of big developments this week…

The opening clip is from an interview with Jimmy Valiant and Pistol Pez Whatley on one of the syndicated shows. Valiant calls Whatley “my brother” and says he’s “the best black athlete in the world”. Whatley’s expression immediately changes, as he obviously doesn’t like what Valiant says. The video freezes but we hear audio of what sounds like a confrontation…

Tony Schiavone & David Crockett are our hosts this week. Coming up, we’ll hear from Pistol Pez Whatley, plus Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, the Rock & Roll Express and the Road Warriors, plus the build to the Crockett Cup continues.

To the ring, Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ron Rossi. Devastating chops from the man who delivers them better than anyone in the business. Wahoo makes quick work of Rossi. *

Ron Garvin joins Tony. He’s still chasing Ric Flair and now he wants the champ in a cage match. Garvin says he’s going to close Flair’s big mouth and the reason Flair has been champ for so long is because he always gets disqualified. There’s no DQ in a cage and there has to be winner, and you’re looking at him. Better Garvin promo than usual, which isn’t saying much.

After a break, Jim Cornette comes out. Cornette says there are three sports legends from Louisville, Kentucky: Muhammad Ali, Coach Denny Crum and Jim Cornette. He says the Road Warriors are in their bracket in the Crockett Cup and they’re likely to meet up. Cornette claims the Warriors’ major academic achievement is graduating the third grade. As the fans chant “rock and roll”, Cornette says he hopes the Rock & Roll Express make it to the finals so they can take them out and claim the Crockett Cup…

To the ring, the NWA World Tag Team Champs, Cornette’s Midnight Express vs. Phil Brown & Wee Willie Wilkins. Cornette says David & Tony could put on a pair of tights and look better than Brown. He calls Wilkins “the world’s biggest midget“. Beautiful Bobby delivers a bodyslam and a flying knee drop off the top rope. Wee Willie tags in. Loverboy Dennis mockingly goes to his knees in a fighting stance, to get eye level with Wee Willie. Bobby executes a belly-to-back suplex from the second rope. Dennis kicks Wee Willie toward his own corner so he can tag in Brown. Wee Willie takes too long to get out of the ring after the tag, so Dennis slugs him a few more times…

Brown gets punished a bit more than tags Wee Willie back in, who vaults over the top rope. He gets into a fighting stance and Bobby, like Dennis earlier, mockingly drops to his knees. Bobby tosses Wee Willie outside and delivers a neckbreaker. Bobby goes to the podium and high fives David & Tony. Back in, Bobby goes to toss Brown out of the ring as Dennis prepares to catch him, but Dennis moves away as Brown goes splat on the floor. They finally finish Wee Willie with the Rocket Launcher. Another excellent squash from the MX. **

Pez Whatley joins Tony at the podium with scissors in his hand. Whatley says, “I got the prize and I got it with the tool right here“, as he holds up what looks like Jimmy Valiant’s pony tail. Whatley calls Valiant an undercover hillbilly. He says he’s not only the best black wrestler around, he’s the best white one, the best Chinese one, etc…

We go to the video referenced at the top. Whatley gets mad when Valiant refers to him as “the best BLACK athlete in the world“. Whatley headbutts Valiant, slugs him, spits on him, and pounds away. David Crockett tries to stop the attack and gets shoved away. Pez grabs scissors out of his back pocket and cuts off a chunk of Valiant’s hair. He spits on him again and stomps away on the “honky”…

We see a prerecorded interview with a very solemn Jimmy Valiant. He can’t explain what happened, and says he’s hurt and devastated. He doesn’t know what happened to his brother and says he’s still calling Pez his brother. Valiant tells them to cut the camera and turns his back. Poor Jimmy.

Back live, it’s Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious vs. Don Turner. Garvin lets Precious get a few slaps in on the jobber. Standard Garvin match that he wins with the brainbuster. 1/2*

Garvin & Precious join Tony. Garvin tells Precious to spray the air because everyone is saying Wahoo McDaniel is back. (Because Wahoo smells.) Garvin asks where he is and why Wahoo isn’t answering his challenge. “It’s not my fault that Wahoo McDaniels is a coward,” Garvin claims. He apologizes for Wahoo being such an embarrassment to the sport of professional wrestling.

To the ring, it’s Ivan Koloff w/ Nikita Koloff vs. Ray Traylor. The soon-to-be Big Bubba Rogers shoves Ivan to the mat out of a collar-and-elbow tie up, which draws huge cheers from the audience. Ivan takes control with kicks and punches, but Traylor fires back. Ivan charges Traylor in the corner, but meets a big boot, followed by a bodyslam. Traylor misses the kneedrop and Ivan goes to work on the leg. He rams the knee into the ringpost and tosses Traylor outside. Back in, Koloff pounds away. Ivan lands the Russian Hammer, a chokehold. Out of a front facelock, Traylor lifts Koloff and places him on the top rope. Ivan misses a punch and Koloff lands a shot to the gut. Traylor delivers a back body drop, but Koloff quickly regains the advantage. Tony & David note how Traylor keeps coming back. Ivan distracts the ref and Nikita hits Traylor with the Russian Sickle. Ivan quickly covers and wins it. Good competitive match. **

Magnum T.A. joins Tony. He notes that for someone who wants him so bad, it’s odd that Nikita just walked away. He challenges Nikita to meet him face-to-face instead attacking someone from behind like he just did with Traylor. Magnum says he’s just as bad as anyone Nikita has ever stepped into the ring with and he welcomes the upcoming Russian Chain Matches. Another good, fiery promo from Magnum.

After a break, Joe Nighthawk Coltrane joins Tony, who notes what a “big impression” Coltrane made last week. Ridiculous hype. Coltrane says he’s worried about his friend Pistol Pez Whatley and welcomes Pistol to come to him and talk to him to try to work things out with Jimmy Valiant.

To the ring, Ron Garvin vs. Tony Zane. Garvin quickly places Zane in a variant of the single leg Boston Crab, while stepping on Zane’s left hand and right arm. He later switches to a modified Camel Clutch, but with Zane flat on the mat. Garvin does the double stomp on Zane’s chest and lights him up with the open handed chop. More punishment followed by the knockout punch gives Garvin the win. *1/4

Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll join Tony. Dusty talks about a recent USA Today article on pro wrestling that questioned why wrestlers like Dusty Rhodes aren’t in an NFL camp. Umm, because he’s fat? Dusty says he makes more money than 95% of the QBs in the NFL, he drives three Mercedes Benz, he’s got houses in L.A. and Charlotte, and a fancy hotel apartment in New Orleans. He’s been with women from shore-to-shore, until Baby Doll came along and settled him down. This sounds more like a Ric Flair promo than a Dusty promo.

“I have rode the wildest horses throughout this country to a standstill. I have looked the devil in the face on many occasion and spit in his eye. I have bit the head off a rattlesnake, and you telling me that Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Ric Flair are gonna stand on the same ground as Dusty Rhodes, the American Dream is, break my leg or whatever and get away with it? That ain’t gonna happen! Steal my belt? It ain’t gonna happen.”

Dusty holds up his bullrope and mentions Wahoo McDaniel is going to help him hit Arn Anderson upside the head with the cowbell. Baby Doll warns Arn that he’s next. She suggests Dusty break his jaw instead of his leg so he can’ t come out here and run his mouth anymore. “Consider it done,” Dusty says.

After a break, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson & J.J. Dillon join Tony. Tully says no man can talk better about himself than Dusty Rhodes, but he put him down for the National Title, so he’s badder than Dusty. Dillon says listening to Baby Doll give people orders makes him sick to his stomach. He says she’s not at home playing with Cabbage Patch dolls. This is real life. Arn says women belong at home, in the kitchen and making babies. He tells Dusty to take his skirt off and put his pants back on. Arn applauds Pez Whatley for finally becoming a man. Arn says Dusty is on the hitlist of “the Three Horsemen” and eventually he’ll be back in a cast. Great promo work by all three.

To the ring, Magnum T.A. vs. Bob Owens. Usual 15-second squash with the belly-to-belly suplex. *

Magnum & Ron Garvin, the third seeded team in the Crockett Cup, join Tony at the podium. Magnum mentions the other great teams in the tournament, like “a good friend of mine” Terry Taylor (replacing an injured Ted Dibiase) & Dr. Death Steve Williams, the Sheepherders, & teams from all over the world. Magnum says he and Garvin aren’t an established tag team, but with Garvin’s KO punch and intensity, he’s glad to have him as a partner. Garvin says it’s a dream to wrestle for $1 million and calls the Crockett Cup “the Super Bowl of wrestling”.

To the ring, Tully Blanchard vs. Big Bill Tabb. Blanchard outsmarts and outwrestles Big Bill and puts him away with the slingshot suplex. *

Precious, with Jimmy Garvin, joins Tony. She calls out Wahoo McDaniel, saying he doesn’t have the nerve to show up out here. Wahoo does come out, and asks if her man sent her out here to do a man’s job. Precious says Wahoo’s Indian headdress is “a bogus hat” and “I don’t think you’re a real Indian anyway, Wahoo”. She says Gorgeous Jimmy, if he wasn’t busy, would come out here and beat Wahoo’s brains out. She continues to run her mouth, sprays her air freshener and walks off.

After a break, NWA Champ Ric Flair joins Tony. Flair notes that it’s Final Four time in college basketball, but last night in Daytona Beach, he walked out with a bevy of beauties and “had my own Final Four“, and Miss Indiana was the winner. Flair hypes the Crockett Cup and his upcoming challengers Ronnie Garvin, Magnum T.A., Dusty Rhodes, etc. He says he’ll bet $100,000 he will make it to New Orleans still with the belt around his waist…

The Rock & Roll Express‘ music plays, interrupting Flair. We go to the ring. It’s the R&R vs. Art Pritts & Kent Glover. Flair apparently told Tony he’d be right back and “he was irate”. Flair returns and mocks the R&R and their teeny bopper fans. Flair says he’s got a present for the R&R that one of his ladies gave him. Flair continues to badmouth the R&R while they work over Pritts and Glover. The Rock & Roll Express wins with the double dropkick. *

Flair calls the Rock & Roll Express over to the podium. Flair says one of his women asked him to give Ricky Morton a gift. He pulls out a training bra and tells Morton to give it to one of his little teeny boppers. He places it around Morton’s neck. “In other words, I like the big girls, and you like the little teeny ones,” Flair says. Morton notes that it wasn’t too long ago that all these nice people stood behind him and made him what he is today. “Without these people out here, you’re nothing, and I’m nothing,” Morton says…

Are you trying to tell me that when your name is Ric Flair and you’re the world champion, that you’ve got to have a whole building full of people to carry on? Wherever I go, I don’t care if they love me or hate me because I love myself and I know that I’m the best there is,” Flair retorts.

Morton grabs Flair’s sunglasses and stomps on them. Flair slaps Morton, who responds by decking the champ with a right hand, and now we’ve got fisticuffs. To the ring, Morton whips Flair to the corner. He does the Flair Flip, gets punched in the face repeatedly and suplexed back in. Flair gets up and Morton decks him again.

After a break, it’s Arn Anderson vs. David Dellinger for the NWA World TV Title. Arn makes fairly quick work of Dellinger and wins with the gourdbuster. *

Ivan & Nikita Koloff join Tony. Ivan says Tony is a prejudiced American and how every time an American team comes out here he says they’ve got a great chance of winning the Crockett Cup. Ivan says they’re going to win the $1 million and they will hurt the Road Warriors and Magnum T.A. before the tournament. Nikita says Ivan is going down in the Russian Chain Match.

After a break, Wahoo McDaniel returns. Wahoo says he’s mellowed a little in the last few years, but warns Jimmy Garvin not to send his woman out here to do a man’s work again. He tells Precious not to get in his face again because he won’t be held responsible for what he’s going to do.

To the ring, it’s the Road Warriors vs. Larry Clarke & Paul Garner. The Warriors bum rush their opponents, as usual. Animal hits the flying shoulderblock and presses Clarke over his head, dropping him face first. Hawk hits the over-the-knee shoulder breaker. Animal nearly decapitates Clarke with the clothesline and pins him. *1/2

To the podium, the Road Warriors & Paul Ellering hype the Crockett Cup. Animal says Jim Crockett Sr. built this promotion from nothing to the biggest in the world, just like the Road Warriors came from nothing to being three-time tag team of the year. Ellering says revenge means more to them than regional and world titles. Hawk says they used to get in three or four fights a day in their days on the south side of Chicago. They’ve been bred to fight and if you have any doubts they won’t win the Crockett Cup, you’ve got brain damage. Animal says they’re the #1 seed for a reason and they’ll take on anybody, anyplace, anytime to prove why they’re #1. Ellering finishes with another challenge to Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express.

Big show this week with a lot of happenings. Thanks for reading.