Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 2006 WWE Blue as told by Fit Finlay

This was released in August 2012

Sean Oliver is the host

It runs at two hours long

For those wondering, the “Blue” means this timeline covered Smackdown and even ECW.



Juventud Guerrera was released on January 6th as Sean asks Finlay if he was ever disrespectful towards him. Finlay said that Juventud lived in his own bubble and was a weird guy.


On when Triple H got angered over a WWE.com report that used his real name to announce he was expecting a child with Stephanie McMahon, Finlay talked about keeping your name and information private while adding that he uses his real name but also uses many different birth dates and street addresses so its tough to get his information.


Finlay did not have a problem when they vacated Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship due to injury and crowned a new champion in a battle royal. He does recall when the decision was made to give Kurt Angle the belt but that he needed to be used somewhere and people to work with as he puts Angle over for taking every opportunity he could to get better.


Heidenreich checked himself into a hospital on January 17th, stating that he had an ear infection. When WWE agents came to bring him back, he refused to leave and was then released from the company. Finlay said he was with Ricky Steamboat and went to the hospital to get Heidenreich back and told the story of what really happened. They were in New York and it  was snowing. Heidenreich crashed his car into a ditch so he decided to go to sleep and got towed out and brought to a gas station where the tow truck driver called thinking he had hypothermia. At the hospital, Heidenreich refused to leave, even when he was medically cleared, as Heidenreich said he really liked the food and wanted to stay. Finlay then talked about how Heidenreich was going through a lot of personal stuff at the time and seemed to just “blow a gasket.”


Finlay made his in-ring debut on Smackdown after weeks of vignettes. He talked about how they filmed the vignettes in Ireland during a tour and that the producers wanted him to smile all of time.


The Boogeyman beat JBL at the Royal Rumble. Finlay said he loved the gimmick and it was part of the entertainment aspect of wrestling. He then talks about coming up with the idea for him to eat bugs and worms and that he was willing to do anything to get on TV.




On Randy Orton telling Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero was in hell, Finlay said that he was not involved in any of those conversations but assumes they got the okay from Eddie’s family to use this as part of an angle.


Bob Orton was fired on February 14th after it was learned he contracted hepatitis and bled all over the Undertaker. Finlay talks about today, less guys use blood and its a good thing as its much safer. He also notes how they frequently test and have doctors that keep everything on file.


Finlay helped end Bobby Lashley’s undefeated streak by hitting him with the shillelagh at the No Way Out PPV. Finlay stresses how you tap into young, big guys mentally and physically as he puts over Lashley for being receptive and a good athlete.


The company introduced its new Wellness Policy on February 27th. Finlay said that there are at least 3-4 random drug tests per year and you find out when you are backstage and on the list. You also have to stay in the room to pee as you are being watched. Sean asks what the drug testing policy was before this as Finlay claimed to not know the details of the prior policy and puts over the IMPACT testing for concussions and other physical tests they use now.




Chris Kanyon announced on his website that he was gay and that was partially why the WWE had fired him. When asked about homophobia within the WWE locker room, Finlay said it does not exist as they are all wrestlers and have people of all colors and nations and you are fired if you cannot do the job, not because of race or sexual orientation.




Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 22 and was congratulated on stage by Chavo & Vicki Guerrero. Finlay puts over how Mysterio is an exceptionally great wrestler and that his size does not diminish the value of the belt because of how great he is as a performer.


Randy Orton was suspended for sixty days on April 4th due to “unprofessional conduct,” later admitting that it occurred after he was caught smoking marijuana backstage. On if Randy is wild, Finlay says he was when younger but has mellowed out since getting married and having a kid and now travels on his own bus. Finlay also attributes his wildness to becoming so successful at a young age. Finlay talks about wrestling his dad and thinks that Randy is actually better.




Batista and Booker T got into a fight backstage on May 8th during a commercial shoot for “SummerSlam.” Finlay said he helped break it up with Steamboat and that Booker was the one with a swollen eye and did not even want to finish the fight as Batista called him out to do it then and there. Finlay did add that Sharmell kicked Batista in the nuts and denied the rumor that Booker was upset over Batista for disrespecting veteran talent, adding that Batista has always been respectful.


Regarding Paul Heyman, Finlay said he had a lot of passion for the business and is creative but did upset a lot of people and “banged heads” with him a few times over philosophical differences. When asked, Finlay said he thinks its difficult for Heyman to be part of a team and needs the control, something he attributes as a trait of creative people.


Little Bastard (who would later become Hornswoggle) made his debut on May 26th. Finlay said he had the idea of a leprechaun character in WCW but it never came to fruition until he spoke with Vince McMahon, who loved the idea. Finlay talked about the audition they had to find the character and met with a lot of “little people” and found that he was the one.


The new ECW brand was about to start. Sean asks Finlay what role the brand was supposed to have as Finlay said he might be wrong but did not think anyone put stock into the brand as it was watered down version of what the ECW fans were used too.




Regarding Miz, Finlay puts him over for his performance on “Tough Enough” and how he was willing to learn and ask questions.


On working the women wrestlers, Finlay said he would work with them and said he would not let them fail. He talks about the secret was to not teach them all the same thing as that is a problem a lot of training schools cause. He talked about getting to know them and from there work on personality traits.


Finlay said that the tour in Puerto Rico was successful and not as wild and violent like it was in the 80’s and 90’s.




RVD & Sabu were pulled over and arrested on charges of illegal drug possession. Sean asks Finlay how careful he was getting into a car with someone as he talks about spending over 30 years in the business and drives around people who are sensible.


Finlay is asked how far in advance is was told about winning the United States Title.  He said it was not even hours before the match then went into how that was done so information would not leak and guys could not “stooge off” to others. When asked about long-term planning, Finlay said sometimes that happens but it can also change too.




He talks about being “knighted” by King Booker and how while he did not care for the premise, it did have hear.


Finlay talks about Vicki Guerrero and how no one had any idea how good she was as a character as Eddie always overshadowed her backstage when they were together.


Kurt Angle was released on August 25th, less than one month after returning from a 30 day Wellness Policy Violation. Randy Orton failed a drug test around this time and was docked pay and pulled off of all house shows but still attended TV tapings as Vince made an amendment to the Wellness Policy because he was not fond of suspensions ruining TV storylines. Finlay thinks the theory behind that amendment was that you would be punished by not getting paid but put on the TV as to not punish the fans who are watching at home.




Marty Jannetty was fired on September 28th after just two weeks, making it his 9th firing. Finlay did not know him too well and thinks he was brought back due to knowing Shawn Michaels.


Finlay is asked about Batista and all of the women he has dated within the company. Finlay said he is a big “teddy bear” who was sweet with the women.




MVP made his debut on Smackdown. Finlay said he spent a lot of time with him in the ring and said he eventually made the gimmick successful after saying he did not see anything special in him at first.


When asked about Kevin Dunn, Finlay said he was a genius and a very competitive and opinionated guy. Finlay puts him over and how Dunn and Vince pick the best people to assemble a team. He also talks about how they always move forward and treat it like a new product every single day.


The ECW brand stopped running separate house shows. Finlay said they would add 3 ECW matches to a Smackdown event and that meant some Smackdown guys were sitting at home and that caused a bit of unrest.




He is asked about the WWE video games and if a lot of the locker room really does play them. Finlay said everyone kept playing them in the locker room that they had to put a stop on it as the guys should have been using that time to learn.




Regarding John Cena, Finlay said he saw something in him while he wrestled in OVW. They found out that he could rap while on the planes and backstage as that caught on quick with the fans. Finlay says he deserves everything he has.


Final Thoughts: Overall, I was not really a fan of this interview. Actually, it got pretty bad towards the end and I just wanted it to end. Finlay is clearly someone who wants to “protect the business” and appeared like someone touting the company line to get his job back. Sure, he told interesting stories but also gave a lot of non-answers and praised Kevin Dunn like no one else I’ve seen before in one of these interviews. Sean tried to get a lot of information out of him but it did not work.

I really do not recommend this interview. It did not paint a good picture of what happened in 2006 and dragged the second half.

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