WWF Superstars of Wrestling – April 15th, 1989

April 15th, 1989

From the El Paso Convention Center in El Paso, TX

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week, Randy Savage will introduce us to his new manager on the “Brother Love Show.” In action will be Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, and the Bushwhackers.


The Rockers vs. Barry Horowitz & “Dangerous” Danny Davis

The Rockers clean house to start as they clear the ring with a double dropkick. We then hear from the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers & Jimmy Hart in an insert promo as they put themselves over as a great tag team and how they do not like anything about the Rockers. Back to the match as Marty fights off both guys then Shawn clotheslines Horowtiz from the apron so Davis returns the favor by kicking Marty. Horowitz hits a suplex but blocks an atomic drop and sends Horowitz into the corner before making the tag. Shawn runs wild then puts Horowitz on his shoulders as Marty comes off of the top with a crossbody for the win (3:30).

Thoughts: Decent action as we now seem to be getting a Rougeaus/Rockers feud.


“No Holds Barred” will be released in theaters on June 2nd.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on the WrestleMania V Intercontinental Title match as we clips of Rude beating Warrior for the title, with the assistance of his manager Bobby Heenan. We then hear comments from both guys as this feud has really heated up.


Warlord w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Mark Ming

We hear from Fuji in an insert as he puts over the size of the Warlord, who slams Ming into the corner. Warlord hits a gutwrench suplex then follows with a back suplex before he puts him away with a running powerslam (1:35).

Thoughts: They are now having the Powers of Pain wrestle in singles matches. Vince kept putting over Warlord’s size but he moved really slow and clunky and could not get the crowd to care about his matches.


A quick vignette to hype the return of Jimmy Snuka airs.


Steve Sharkey vs. Red Rooster

We get an insert promo from the Brooklyn Brawler, who says the Rooster is never able to get the job done. Well, Rooster did beat Heenan and has beaten Brawler multiple times. Rooster hits a slam and a splash in the corner before he works the arm. Rooster then hits a back suplex but Sharkey ends up backing him into the corner and hammers away. Rooster blocks a turnbuckle smash and fires away until putting him away with the chicken wing (2:09).

Thoughts: They are still going with the Rooster/Brawler feud but the Rooster is not over at all. The gimmick was just trash anyway.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center to hype up the May 6th Nashville show. We hear from the Twin Towers as they run down Demolition to hype their match while Bret Hart tells Mr. Perfect he has grown up surrounded by wrestling and will put an end to his perfect world.


Jim Evans vs. Mr. Perfect

Perfect shoves Evans into the corner then slaps him across the face. We then hear from Bret Hart in an insert promo as he tells Perfect wait until he steps into the ring with the “excellence of execution” as Jesse puts over how that will be a great match. Perfect continues to beat on Evans but gets caught with a slam. Evans then hits a dropkick and fires away but runs into a clothesline then Perfect hits the Perfect Plex for the win (1:51).

Thoughts: They are going all in with the Perfect/Bret feud as its been hyped as two great technical wrestlers trying to prove who is the best. Simple and effective way to build a feud.


Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype up the May 6th Nashville show. Hillbilly Jim tells the Honky Tonk Man he is against everything he stands for while Rick Martel blames Tito Santana for nearly costing him his career while claiming that Tito never even bothered to visit while he was in the hospital as he vows to embarrass him.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Dusty Wolfe

Wolfe takes Jake down to start but gets decked as he heads into the corner. We hear from Ted DiBiase in an insert promo as he runs down Jake, who is working the arm. Jake clotheslines Wolfe off of the apron as Vince puts over Jake’s viciousness then he puts Wolfe away with the DDT (2:53).

Thoughts: This was to put over the Jake/DiBiase feud as Jake is irate over DiBiase interfering in his WrestleMania match.


Brother Love Show with guest Randy Savage. Unlike everything else on the show (taped on 3/7) this was actually taped at the 4/4 tapings in Glen Falls, NY, just a couple of days after WrestleMania. Savage comes out and tells Hogan he did not beat him and never can or will. He is also sporting new attire. Savage said the only reason Hogan won is due to Miss Elizabeth (first time she is called that) and since he is through with her he got himself a new manager. Someone who is loyal, faithful, and does not have wandering eyes. This is someone who is not possessed by lust and who is more gorgeous than Elizabeth ever could be as this is someone “unbelievably sensational” as he brings out Sensational Sherri. She addresses Elizabeth and tells her she is more woman than she could ever dream of being. Sherri then tells Elizabeth to eat her heart out as the segment ends with Savage & Sherri parading around. Effective segment, although Sherri’s promo delivery was really odd. According to Sherri, she was told about being paired up with Savage from Elizabeth, who was going off of the road for a while and they wanted her split from Savage.


Bushwhackers vs. Lou Fabiano & Tom Stone

Luke beats on Stone to start as Jesse makes fun of his hygiene. The Bushwhackers are then shown in an insert promo as they rant about nothing while they stay in control of the match. They now beat on Fabiano until they hit the battering ram before putting him away with the double gutbuster (2:45).

Thoughts: Most of this was to put over the Bushwhackers as characters. They did not even mention the Brainbusters, who they had been teasing a feud with earlier.


“The Genius” Lanny Poffo tells us he is the world’s smartest man through a poem.


King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Louie Spicolli

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is shown in an insert promo as he is looking for Haku, noting that he once knocked out Andre the Giant. Spicolli grabs an arm wringer but Haku shakes him off then hits a backdrop before putting him away with a thrust kick (1:28).

Thoughts: They continue to tease a Haku/Duggan feud.


Another mention that “No Holds Barred” will be released on June 2nd.


Mooney is back in the Event Center to hype the May 6th Nashville show. The Red Rooster runs down the Brooklyn Brawler as Bobby Heenan is laughing over the Ultimate Warrior being upset due to losing the Intercontinental Title while Rude calls him a former champion who is no longer the same person.


Next week in action will be the Twin Towers, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rick Rude, and the featured match of Ronnie Garvin vs. Greg Valentine. Plus, Brutus Beefcake will be the guest on the “Brother Love Show” and more.


Final Thoughts: Another good show this week. They continue to start new feud post WrestleMania V while they had the big news of Sensational Sherri being named as Randy Savage’s new manager. Its nice to see some actual feuds on TV for once.


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