WWF WrestleMania V

April 2, 1989

From the Trump Plaza & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon


After some audio difficulties, we get Rockin Robin’ singing “America, the Beautiful.” It was not a good rendition.


King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Hercules

Ring announcer Howard Finkel makes a rare screw-up when he announces Haku as “King Tonga.” Haku jumps Hercules from behind but gets caught with a hip toss. Hercules then hits a slam and pancakes Haku before clotheslining him to the floor. Hercules suplexes him back into the ring then drops a pair of elbows as he tries to pump up the crowd but no one seems to care. Hercules then goes outside to chase Heenan off of the apron but that allows Haku to attack him from behind with a clothesline. Messy spot as Hercules turned around way too early. Haku roughs up Hercules and tosses him back inside. Haku gets a nearfall with a backbreaker then puts on a bearhug as that lasts for a minute as Hercules escapes but gets chopped down. Haku chokes out Hercules, who comes back with a crossbody for a two count. Hercules sends Haku into the corner then ducks a crossbody as he is now in control. Hercules fires away then takes Haku down with a knee lift. He hits a few clotheslines then gets two with a powerslam. Hercules heads up top but Haku catches him with a thrust kick. However, Haku misses a splash then Hercules hits a bridging back suplex for the win (6:53) *1/2.

Thoughts: Haku was game but Hercules had a terrible match. He moved slower than usual and pretty much everything he did looked clunky. The match itself really did not have much build at all as the story about Heenan selling off Hercules as a slave had been downplayed significantly at this point. Hell, Heenan barely played into the match at all. Anyway, the King Haku gimmick was going nowhere fast so it made sense for Hercules to get the win. Not much crowd reaction in this one.


Twin Towers w/ Slick vs. The Rockers

The Rockers get the Towers to chase them around to start. Bossman puts Shawn up top and slaps him but turns his attention to Marty and gets hit with a missile dropkick as the Rockers continue to use their speed to their advantage. Bossman makes a blind tag and ends up catching Marty as the Towers sandwich him. Marty gets beat down in the opposing corner as the match has slowed down. Marty avoids a charge as Akeem knocks Bossman down on the apron and makes the tag as Shawn runs wild. Marty comes back in as they keep whipping Akeem into the corner then take him down with a double flying shoulder block. Akeem turns around and drills Shawn with a clothesline and tags Bossman, who misses a top rope splash. Shawn covers for two and tries a rana but Bossman blocks that until Marty trips him up for two. The Rockers hit Bossman with a double missile dropkick that was mistimed then Marty gets dumped outside and catches Shawn off of the top with a powerbomb as Akeem finishes him off with a splash (8:05) **1/4.

Thoughts: Decent action here, although it was not all that competitive. The Twin Towers were being geared up for a tag team feud with Demolition at this point so they were put over strong. The Rockers did some impressive bumping here and according to Akeem in his shoot interview, the Rockers came up with the match layout and he also credited them for doing most of the work in the match.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

DiBiase gets decked after taunting Beefcake with the Million Dollar Belt then takes a breather outside. Back inside, Beefcake hits three scoop slams in a row before clotheslining DiBiase over the top rope. DiBiase gets back in as they trade punches until Beefcake wins that battle. DiBiase is against the ropes then Beefcake approaches but Virgil grabs Beefcake’s leg, allowing DiBiase to take control. He beats on Beefcake in the corner before taking him down with a back elbow smash. DiBiase hits an elbow smash from the top rope then taunts the crowd before nearly putting Beefcake away. Beefcake manages to get a small package for two then blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. They get up and clothesline each other as DiBiase gets up first and hits a suplex. He then locks on the Million Dollar Dream as Beefcake manages to reach the ropes. DiBiase just breaks the hold before the five count then yells at the ref but that gives Beefcake time to hit a turnbuckle smash. Beefcake fights off DiBiase and hammers away before hitting ten turnbuckle smashes. Beefcake wakes up the crowd as he signals for the sleeper then locks on the hold. Virgil is up on the apron as Beefcake tries to fight him but gets attacked from behind. Virgil roughs up Beefcake on the floor but Beefcake backs him off until DiBiase hits him from behind again. Both guy slug it out on the floor and end up getting counted out (10:00) **1/4. After the match, Beefcake chases Virgil around then hits him with an atomic drop in the ring before applying the sleeper. DiBiase runs in for the save but also gets attacked. Beefcake retrieves his clippers but DiBiase and Virgil are able to escape.

Thoughts: The match was fine but I thought the ending was lame. Plus, with how the post-match stuff played out they could have at least given DiBiase a cheap win here. According to Beefcake, he would have loved to feud with DiBiase longer but he was not going to agree to get his haircut and Virgil was bald so it was tough for Beefcake to do much and it was dropped. Anyway, Beefcake is starting to get pushed more as a top guy now and to be honest it made sense as he was really over with the crowds.


We are shown clips from the WrestleMania Brunch that took place earlier today. The Bushwhackers are shoving food into their mouths and speaking at the same time.


Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers

My god did the Rougeaus have the “boo-boo face” during their entrance. Raymond looked like he was out to kill someone. The Bushwhackers chase Hart out of the ring to star but grab his jacket and try to pull it apart but the Rougeaus run in for the attack. Hart comes in two and accidentally gets sandwiched by his men. The match settles down as Luke and Raymond are in the ring. Jacques trips Luke from the apron as the Rougeaus celebrate then Luke knocks Jacques off as the Bushwhackers hit the battering ram as the Rougeaus regroup on the floor. They head back inside as they work over Luke for a bit. Butch rallies the crowd a bit then Jacques works an abdominal stretch. Raymond comes in for a kick as they start celebrating but the Bushwhackers hit Raymond with a battering ram then the double gutbuster while the ref ordered Jacques to the apron as that gets the win (5:11) -*. After the match, the Bushwhackers start licking Sean Mooney in the aisle.

Thoughts: This match sucked. The only time it was even watchable was when the Rougeaus took over on offense but there was major communication problems here and the Bushwhackers looked horrendous. The Rougeaus were legit pissed off here as Jacques said that they were promised the Tag Team belts but got passed over for the Brainbusters and really seemed to be getting phased out with how they were booked here. The Bushwhackers also said in there shoot interview that Jacques was incredibly difficult to work with and kept wanting to get in his spots. After the match, the WWF really put over the Bushwhackers licking Mooney, who sold it almost like a badge of honor. That spot would be used quite frequently going forward.


Mr. Perfect vs. Blue Blazer

Perfect debuts his neon singlet here. Perfect catches Blazer with a hip toss as Jesse bring up Perfect’s dad, Larry Hennig. Perfect slaps Blazer, who slaps him back then uses a drop toehold. Blazer slips while countering a hip toss then hits a slam before sending Perfect outside with a dropkick. Blazer takes Perfect down with a baseball slide then goes out an hits an European uppercut before taking the action back into the ring. Blazer works the arm until Perfect backs him into the corner. Blazer takes Perfect over with a hip toss then hits a slam. Blazer hits a dropkick then gets one with a backbreaker as he goes back to the arm. Blazer hits another slam then heads up top but Perfect gets his knees up on the splash as he starts hammering away. Perfect works a reverse chinlock for a bit but gets caught with a boot as he charged in the corner. Blazer catches Perfect with a belly-to-belly for two then almost puts him away with a crucifix but walks into a clothesline then puts him away with the Perfect Plex (5:49) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid action, despite the fact there were a few rough spots. Perfect’s new look really freshened him up as it stood out a lot more than the generic black trunks. The Blazer was a step up above enhancement talent at this point and was treated as a big underdog on commentary. With the new look and clean win, Perfect seems to finally be on track for more of a push.


Howard Finkel now introduces Jesse Ventura to the crowd as he starts posing for the crowd. Finkel introduced him as a “major Hollywood star.”


We are shown a clip from yesterday morning that took place at the “WrestleMania 5K run.” Mr. Fuji, wearing his ringside attire, is shown with a number as he tells Lord Alfred he will prove everyone wrong. The clip of Fuji running in his suit and cane was hysterical as this was shown to somehow prove Fuji was ready for a match.


Now, we get the WrestleMania Rap from Run DMC. It was uninspired to say the least and the crowd did not care at all.


WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition (c)

Demolition take control to start as they work over the Warlord. The Barbarian tags but Smash hammers away as Demolition double team him in the corner. Barbarian fights back to hit Smash with a throat thrust then tags out but Demolition starts beating on the Warlord. Ax goes after Fuji but Barbarian attacks him from behind as the ref ordered Smash back onto the apron. Fuji chokes out Ax with his foot then tags in and hits a chop and a falling headbutt to the groin. Barbarian tags in and hits a big boot then a flying shoulder tackle. Ax is being neutralized in the corner but rolls away from a top rope elbow by Fuji as both men are down. Warlord tags in but misses a clothesline as Ax hits him then tags Smash, who runs wild on everyone. The match breaks down after Barbarian broke up a pin. Fuji goes into his tights for salt but Smash ducks and he hits the Warlord by accident. Smash takes Fuji down then tags Ax as they hit the Decapitation for the win (8:55) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Bad match to end a long and underwhelming feud. Both teams were off here and the crowd was not into this at all. Despite their look, the Powers of Pain just did not have what it took to be a top team. Warlord was too mechanical in the ring and the crowd was not invested in this except for the end when Fuji got his comeuppance.


Tony Schiavone tries to get an interview with Randy Savage in his dressing room but Savage flips out and tells him no interviews today. Savage was crazed here.


Before the next match takes place, Howard Finkel introduces Jimmy Snuka to the crowd. Snuka is now back in the fold as he already worked dark matches at the Superstars/Challenge TV tapings in March (along with Earthquake).


Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin vs. “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

Bravo attacks Garvin from behind then hits a slam. He targets the back then starts taunting the crowd. Garvin gets caught on Bravo’s shoulders then punches away and sits down on him. Garvin lays into Bravo with chops and hits some turnbuckle smashes. He uses a jackknife cover for two then locks Bravo in a sleeper. Bravo breaks by reaching the ropes but blocks a piledriver attempt. Garvin lands some more chops in the corner then uses mounted punches but Bravo breaks that with an inverted atomic drop before putting him away with a side slam (4:00) 1/4*. After the match, Garvin knocks Bravo out of the ring then hits Frenchy with the Garvin Stomp.

Thoughts: Bravo was awful here, even more than usual. Everything he did looked pathetic. Garvin hit a few hard chops and that was the highlight of the match. Speaking of Garvin, he came out of this looking like a jabroni, IMO. The end with Frenchy getting his ass kicked marked his final appearance with the company. Personally, I thought he made for an awful manager.


The Brainbusters w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Strike Force

Martel and Tully start it off. Arn catches Martel with a knee from the apron but Martel fights back then the match breaks down. The Brainbusters bail after getting hit with a double dropkick as they regroup with their manager. Back inside, Martel takes Arn down as they battle over a test-of-strength that leads to Martel putting him in the Boston Crab. Tully breaks that up as Tito tags in and puts on the figure four. Arn runs in as Martel also puts him in a figure four. It settles down briefly until Arn breaks up a backslide. Tito gets two with a small package then tags Martel but accidentally hits him with the flying forearm as Tully dropped down. Tully then dropkicks Tito and tags out as Arn hammers away. Martel is on the floor then finally gets up on the apron as Tito is getting worked over by the Brainbusters. Tito comes back to hit Tully with a crossbody but Arn tags in and uses a reverse chinlock. Arn heads up top but Tito slams him off as the camera shows Martel holding his head on the apron. Tito crawls over as Martel still holds his head then walks along the apron then heads back up the aisle as he is pissed off. The Brainbusters beat down as Gorilla is in disbelief. Tito tries to fight back but it fails then the Brainbusters put him away with a spike piledriver (9:17) ***.

Thoughts: Good match that told one hell of a story. Coming into the match, the main story was whether or not the Strike Force could shake off any rust, especially against a great duo in the Brainbusters, and they even had Martel in an insert promo state that he wanted to have a singles match but was willing to team up again with Tito. They did drop a bit of a hint that a heel turn could happen but not too much that the surprise worked. So, they showed the rust and Martel got decked accidentally and that pissed him off to the point that he left and it validated his feelings on why he wanted a singles match. The beginning of this match had some great action too.


Gene Okerlund is backstage with Rick Martel and wants an explanation for his actions. Martel said as far as he is concerned, Tito got what he deserved. He talks about doing great as a singles wrestler since his return and that Tito was trying to ride his coattails. Martel yells that he is fed up with Tito and calls him a loser.


Piper’s Pit with guests Roddy Piper and Morton Downey Jr. Brother Love trolls the audience by coming out to the bagpipes and wearing a kilt. He then does an impression of Piper as he pretends to conduct an interview. It was a bit funny at first but got old fast. Morton Downey Jr. comes out next and gets a nice reaction. He makes a skirt joke at Brother Love’s expense then calls him fat as he lights up a cigarette. Piper finally comes out next and gets a great reaction. Piper asks Brother Love if he has heard of the Oprah Winfrey diet then makes fun of his appearance. Brother Love says he is not a fighter but a lover a Piper once again calls him fat and that is gold jewelry is fake. He then accuses Love of not wearing any underwear under his kilt and teases lifting it up as he has him backed into the corner and begging. Piper yanks off the kilt and reveals red briefs as Love flees up the aisle. Piper then interviews Downey and asks him not to blow smoke into his face. Downey continues to blow the smoke in his face and does it with a smile. Piper wants to know how Downey got his name as Downey tells him its the name Piper’s momma gave him. Piper then talks about Downey’s warts all over his face and we get some bad comedy about that for a minute. Piper gets pissed as Downey blows more smoke in his face then asks for a cigarette himself because they are so great. Downey pulls one out and lights it up but as that happens, Piper takes a fire extinguisher that was underneath a stool and sprays it in his face. Piper then leaves and poses up the aisle then taunts Downey before leaving. Some of this was amusing but the segment itself lasted 20 minutes and it was way too long for the payoff we got. At least the fans dug Piper.


A trailer for “No Holds Barred” is shown. A bit after this aired, Jesse is pissed that Hogan is invading Hollywood.


Mooney asks Donald Trump about hosting WrestleMania for the second year in a row. Trump says its been an honor and the casinos have been packed.


After a video package on the Mega Powers feud is shown, Hogan is with Okerlund and talks about the jealously eating Savage alive before getting into Hulkamania shaking the foundation of Trump Plaza but that Trump should not worry.


Andre the Giant w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Special Guest Referee Big John Studd )

Andre attacks Jake before the bell and rams him into the corner as the turnbuckle pad is missing. Andre chokes out Jake, who escapes and heads towards his bag, but Andre drags him into the center of the ring. We get more choking from Andre as he is staying within the rules. Jake fights back and gets Andre caught in the ropes then teases getting Damien as the crowd goes nuts but Jake opts to fire away. Andre fights out and chokes Jake while sitting in the ropes then sends him down with a headbutt. Andre once again chokes out Jake in the corner but Jake comes back with a few knee smashes. Jake has Andre down but ends up getting chopped through the ropes. Andre and Studd are in each other’s faces as Andre refuses to let Jake get into the ring. Jake then grabs Damien and is about to head in but Studd stops him. Andre then hits Studd so Studd pushes him back but as that happens, DiBiase runs out and nails him from behind then steals Damien. Jake chases him up the aisle then Andre attacks a distracted Studd from behind. Jake gets the snake back and heads to the ring and makes the save as he slides Damien into the ring. We then learn that Jake has won by disqualification (9:39) DUD.

Thoughts: A long, heatless match. Andre could barely moved and Jake was the third wheel of the match as all of the hype was regarding Studd and Andre as the WWF wanted them to feud but the problem was that no one cared. DiBiase’s interference here made little sense and why would someone in his position come down and basically act like a lackey in taking Damien away from Jake? If that’s how you wanted to start a DiBiase/Jake feud, have Virgil come out and take the bag.


Schiavone is in the locker room with Sensational Sherri. She talks about how she is Sensational, unlike Rockin’ Robin who sings as bad as she wrestles. Sherri then addresses Miss Elizabeth and how people say she is beautiful then twirls around before laughing at the fact the Mega Powers are exploding today.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hart Foundation

Bret starts off by hammering away on Honky. He hits a pair of atomic drops then hits Valentine with one as he tagged into the match. Bret hits a dropkick and knocks down Valentine before tagging Neidhart and slingshotting him at Valentine for two. Bret hits a backbreaker as the tags back in but misses an elbow drop from the middle rope as Valentine goes back to work. Bret gets worked over in the corner for a bit as Valentine & Honky are cutting off the ring. Valentine hits an inverted atomic drop then Honky tags and hits the Shake, Rattle, and Roll but stops to celebrate. He then tags Valentine who tries for the figure four but Bret breaks that up. Valentine gets two with a gutbuster then tags Honky as Bret comes back with a crossbody for two but gets dumped outside on the kickout. Bret floats over and tags out as Neidhart runs wild. He hits a pair of dropkicks then clotheslines Valentine for two as Honky makes the save. Neidhart catches a thumb in the eye as Honky tags but the Hart Foundation beat him down. The match breaks down as Jimmy slips the megaphone to Honky but the Anvil chases him away and tosses it to Bret, who whacks Honky behind the refs back and gets the win (7:40) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match. Bret did a great job here, especially at the beginning as this had decent action throughout. The story heading in was that the Hart Foundation would get their contracts back from Jimmy Hart if they won but that was not played up on commentary during the show.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: “Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Ultimate Warrior (c)

Warrior hammers away to start then he starts tossing him into the corner. Warrior then locks on a bearhug but Rude escapes then hits a missile dropkick for two as Warrior powers out. Warrior hits a pair of slams then poses to the fans briefly before going back to the bearhug. Rude breaks out but Warrior bites his forehead then hits a backdrop. Rude gets his knees up on a splash then after that hits a piledriver for a two count. Rude comes back with a jawbreaker then a clothesline but that still cannot put him away. Neckbreaker gets two. Rude stretches Warrior out but warrior powers up by shaking the rope. He hits Rude with a flying shoulder tackle then hits a pair of mat slams before tripping after trying to hit Rude with a second backbreaker. Rude is getting ragdolled but dodges a corner splash and tries for the Rude Awakening but Warrior powers out. Warrior hits a clothesline then Rude bails as Warrior tosses him back inside. Rude gets clotheslined to the floor then tries to suplex him back into the ring but Heenan trips Warrior up mid-move and holds down his leg as Rude falls on top and gets the win (9:42) **1/4. After the match, Warrior beats down Heenan then dumps him with a gorilla press slam before chasing Rude up the apron.

Thoughts: The match was decent enough, thanks to Rude who really carried things here. He bumped around like a pinball for Warrior here. The win was a shock but the finish came off great and continued their feud, which would become more heated.


Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Bad News attacks Duggan as he entered the ring. He lands some punches but misses a charge in the corner as Duggan fights back. The announcers want to know about Heenan’s condition as he is wrestling next as we see Bad News retreat halfway up the aisle. He heads back in and breaks up a brawl with a thumb to Duggan’s eye. Bad News headbutts Duggan to the floor then sends him into the post. Back inside, Duggan ducks the Ghetto Blaster then hits the Three Point Stance. Bad News rolls outside and grabs a steel chair so Duggan gets his 2×4 and they start swinging as the ref calls for the bell as this is a double disqualification (3:47) 3/4*. They brawl some more until Bad News gets clotheslined to the floor as we see a ton of snot hanging from Duggan’s nose.

Thoughts: Brief match with a lot of generic brawling. This match received next to no hype coming in as both guys were starting to get phased down the card and no one really seemed to care, either. Plus, at this point in the show everyone just wanted to get to the main event.


Okerlund is with the Red Rooster, who cuts a goofy promo with tons of farm references.


Bobby Heenan w/ Brooklyn Brawler vs. Red Rooster

Heenan is selling a lot of pain from Warrior’s slam. Rooster starts roughing him up then rams Heenan into the post for the win (0:32). After the match, Brawler attacks Rooster from behind but Rooster ends up chasing him away.

Thoughts: The end of this feud, which Heenan himself called an “embarrassment.” The Rooster gimmick was really awful and it was never going to work as he had been labeled as a complete loser since getting the gimmick. At least this match was short.


Okerlund is backstage with Elizabeth. She talks about being in a neutral corner but will continue to support both men. She hopes and prays for one thing and that no one gets seriously injured.


WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage (c) vs. Hulk Hogan

Elizabeth comes out to Savage’s theme music and goes to a neutral corner as Jesse calls her a “gold digger” who will leave with the winner. Jesse calls Hulk “Lust Hogan” during his entrance and talks about how he is underhanded and you cannot go lower than chasing after your best friend’s woman. Savage bails after toying with Hogan then starts posing on the top rope. Savage gets tossed down as Savage steps out on the apron and does some stalling while the crowd chants for Hogan. Savage rakes the eyes while using a side headlock then ducks outside and taunts Hogan after bouncing off of the ropes. Hogan chases him around as Savage grabs Elizabeth and uses her as a shield. Back inside, Hogan takes Savage down with a drop toehold then uses a front facelock. Savage breaks a headlock with a back suplex but misses an elbow drop as Hogan gets right up and knocks him down. Savage breaks up an arm wringer with a thumb to the eye then hits a double axe handle off of the top for a nearfall. Savage now works the arm for a bit but Hogan yanks his tights as he flies out through the ropes right near Elizabeth. Hogan brings Savage inside and hits a clothesline. He drops a pair of elbows then uses a boot rake but ducks his head and gets booted in the face. Savage gets two with a clothesline as Hogan is cut open above the eye. Savage uses a chinlock as the crowd cheers for Hogan. Savage tries a kick but Hogan catches his foot and hits an atomic drop. Savage dodges an elbow then sends Hogan into the corner with a knee smash and rolls up Hogan while grabbing the tights for a two count. Savage taunts the fans but Hogan fights back then slams Savage over the top rope as Jesse yells that Savage should stay outside and get counted out so he can keep the title. Elizabeth tries to help Savage up but he shoves her off. Hogan tries to swing at Savage but is pulled outside as Savage targets the cut eye of Hogan. Savage gets his face smashed off of the apron as Hogan wants to torpedo Savage into the post but Elizabeth refuses to get out of the way so Savage slips out and sends Hogan into the post again. Savage rolls inside but comes back out to shove Elizabeth back as she went over to Hogan. Elizabeth is then ordered to leave as Savage flies outside with a double axe handle. They head back inside as Savage snaps Hogan’s neck off of the top rope then taunts the crowd some more. Savage takes off his wrist tape and uses that to choke out Hogan for a bit. Savage then heads up top and hits the flying elbow drop and covers but Hogan kicks out then starts hulking up as Savage is in disbelief. The crowd goes nuts as Savage keeps firing away without any effect. Hogan lands a few punches then hits a big boot before getting the win and the title with a leg drop (17:54) ***3/4.

Thoughts: A very good match that told an excellent story. However, I did not care for the end much as Savage got treated just like every other jabroni Hogan has beat since 1984. They could have done a bit more after Hogan kicking out of the elbow drop. Plus, they probably could have done insane business with Hogan chasing Savage a bit longer but with “No Holds Barred” coming out in theaters, making him the champ made sense for promotion of the film. They used Elizabeth perfectly here too and this was the end of her with Savage for a few years. It was the only match on the card that was built up great on TV and in all honesty its one of the best TV feuds the WWF was ever produced. The match was worthy of the hype.


Final Thoughts: The main event certainly delivered here. However, the rest of the card was built up poorly and a lot of the matches here were either forgettable or plain terrible and just way too much filler in general. Lots of these matches were just announced at random with the only build being through insert promos on TV. There were a few other solid matches on the card but this was the definition of a one-match show and being 3.5 hours long they needed more. At this point, the WWF can go back to building up feuds and storylines on TV since nothing else was compelling besides the Mega Powers feud. Besides the main event, IC Title change and the Martel turn, there is nothing else really worth seeing. A bottom ten WrestleMania, easily.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 5/6/82

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/8/89

Monday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/9/89

Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/15/89

Wednesday: EVOLVE 69

Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/16/89