Wrestling Observer Flashback–10.29.90


Previously in the Observer Flashbacks, written during the glorious time before DONALD FUCKING TRUMP became President:  http://blogofdoom.com/index.php/2016/11/07/wrestling-observer-flashback-10-22-90/

So it turns out that “fired” might not actually mean fired for a bunch of guys.

– Dave updates the list of chopped talent from last week, and everyone but Koko B. Ware and Jimmy Snuka have now been confirmed by the company.  Added to the list, however, is Lanny Poffo, which has Randy Savage kind of pissed.  Originally Genius had survived the cuts due to Savage’s influence, but then they changed their mind and decided to fire him after all.  Pretty much everyone is being told that it’s not really a firing, but rather they’re being sent home without pay or employment for six months, at which point they’ll likely be brought back when they expand the house show schedule again.

– Speaking of guys who are gone, Rick Rude quit three weeks ago, and yet for some CRAZY reason that is CRAZY, he’s still being advertised for all the house shows on TV and in local papers.  From the Titan perspective, until the angle where they “suspend” Rude airs, he’s still with the company, so he’s fair game to continue advertising on TV.  The feeling is that he’s got a year left on his contract and he’ll blink first, so they’ll just pretend like he’s still around and he’ll inevitably cave.  However, from Rude’s perspective, sticking around would continue to devalue him as he falls down the card, but sitting out for a year means that he’s suddenly the hottest free agent on the market.  Although John Studd had the same theory when he quit in 86, but then couldn’t back it up in the ring when he returned.  (Of course, Rude would not have that problem.) 

– To further update the firings, Blackjack Lanza will be shuffled to a new position in the company, and George Steele will remain an agent but one of the positions will be cut and the agents will rotate instead. The vast majority of people on the death list will stick around through Survivor Series and then be free to fly like little birds elsewhere.

– Although the WWF has done these housecleanings in the past and they’ve been any big deal, people are losing their shit this time.  This time there’s some pretty big expenses, like that new Titan Towers building that cost $9 million, but overall there’s no long-term problems that Dave can see, especially with the huge amounts of revenue that they take in.

– As an update on Fray Tormenta, the wrestling priest who was accused of abusing boys by a rival wrestler, the wrestler in question was revealed to be lying due to all the real life bad blood between them.  Turns out that Tormenta was incredibly sick in the hospital when the accusations where made, which pretty much made him the sympathetic figure in the papers.  And now the police are just going to drop the whole thing.

– Jim Cornette continues to make friends!  The Midnight Express were wrestling the Steiner Brothers at a show in Altoona, and a fan jumped the rail and started fighting with Bobby Eaton.  Cornette, the only man angrier than Sin Cara, hit him right in the face with the racket and busted his face open.  However, security didn’t kick the guy out, and he continued to sit at ringside yelling at the Midnights while covered in blood.  Finally he was kicked out, but then some other fans called police and reported what happened, which triggered a circus in the parking lot with multiple cop cars looking for Cornette.  By the morning in the papers, the story had morphed into Cornette attacking the guy unprovoked until he collapsed in the hallway and had to be taken to the hospital.  The next day the police came looking for Cornette, and instead found Tom Zenk and Al Greene, which resulted in the cops questioning Zenk about whether or not he was Jim Cornette.  (I kinda think he should have said “yes”.)

(So at this point, the rest of my night goes to shit when I get sucked into watching the trainwreck that was the election for 8 hours, until it’s 1:30 AM and I stagger to bed, bleary-eyed and in shock that THIS SHIT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.  So we pick this up a day later, where hopefully I can remember where I left off.) 

– As mentioned last time, JJ Dillon and Akio Sato were in Japan on behalf of the WWF, looking to make a deal for a Tokyo Dome show with either New Japan or SWS, based on whoever is easier to work with and will cave into their ridiculous money demands first.  So, as Dave notes, that’s probably going to be SWS.  New Japan is looking to send a team to the US for the Starrcade ‘90 international tag tournament deal, so that’s another reason why they probably won’t make a deal with the WWF.

– And now it’s time for…

– Stories of Bobby Heenan and Jake Roberts jumping to the competition are just people talking.  Bobby talked with Jim Herd, true, but it was just a negotiating ploy to get Vince to give him a raise.  And it worked.  Jake’s contract was actually up, but his price was reportedly $500,000 a year and Herd pretty much laughed at him.

– Bill Dundee’s 19 year old son Jamie is working some shows in Memphis now.

– It should be noted that although Chris Champion has not been fired by Jerry Jarrett for his multiple sex offense charges, he HAS dropped the Ninja Turtle gimmick and is just plain Chris Champion again.

– Still no TV for Kevin Von Erich, with crowds hanging at 175 fans per show.

– The WWF signed producer John Fillipelli to executive produce their TV shows and up the production values another notch.  (That must not have lasted long.) 

– A recurring theme on the house show circuit this month:  Kerry Von Erich looks AWFUL in his rematches with Mr. Perfect.

– A very minor historical note that Dave completely misses (although he wouldn’t know it was going to be the only one at the time):  On a 10/15 house show in Hershey, PA, Warrior missed the show due to illness in the family, so the main event was a cage match with Ax & Smash v. the Legion of Doom, which was the first and I believe only time that match ever happened.

– In a nice note, WCW agreed to pay Robert Gibson’s medical expenses even though he’s not under contract, so he won’t have to travel city-to-city with Morton to make ends meet.

– Dave continues to be confused as to why they run PPV on Saturday evening, exactly when World Championship Wrestling is airing on TBS at the same time.  He’s pretty sure that Halloween Havoc will be the last time it’ll happen.  (Oh, poor naive Dave.) 

– Brutus Beefcake plans to come back early in 1991, wearing a mask to protect his face, and has grown out his hair and moustache to look just like Hogan right now.

– And finally, this Mean Mark guy is going to get a SUPER push and work with Hogan.  (Hopefully he’ll have some longevity!) 

Next time:  Halloween Havoc ‘90!