Highspots Shoot Interview with the Wild Samoans

This interview runs at two hours and nine minutes long


Afa talks about their uncle Peter Maivia and following him around as he was a star wrestling at the Cow Palace in Sn Francisco. He then talks about driving him around and eventually picking his brain until he got into the business as one day Maivia decided to break him into wrestling. Afa said Maivia, Rocky Johnson, and Ricky Thompson helped train him. He gets a bit into family history as his sister’s children are Little Sam (Tonga Kid) along with Rikishi and Umaga. Afa’s sons are Samu, LA Smooth, and Afa Jr. Sika’s son is Rosey.


Sika talks about how Peter Maivia took the Samoan community by storm. He talks about how in San Francisco they hated Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens (as fans) but they were the best team around and their idols when they got into the business.


Afa tells a story about picking up Maivia then going out to San Jose. Maivia worked a match against Paul Demarco and one of the Japanese wrestlers threw salt in Maivia’s eyes as Demarco won. Afa said he was sitting ringside and waited in the parking lot afterwards for what seemed like hours where Maivia came out with a towel on his head. He said one night Maivia said he will give him a sign to come in and beat them up. The next night, Afa was waiting for then signal and it never came as Maivia told Afa to never smarten his brother up.


Sika talks about his training and how rough it was. He was working as a long shoreman when his is brother asked him if he wanted to train. He talks about how at first he thought it was ridiculous to train 8 hours a day but also was not smartened up and did not realize it was fake as he got the shit kicked out of him and was bruised all over. They then joke how despite being Hall of Famers they are still not smartened up to the business.


They talk about the first time working in Calgary for Stu Hart. They ran out of gas and pushed the car to the venue. They never went to the dungeon but said Stu would stretch the kid out in the vans while they were driving around. They eventually left due to the travel and they were too far away from their families.


On working in Louisiana, Afa said that is where they turned heel. He talks about wrestling Bob Backlund, who was making his wrestling debut, and Grizzly Smith as they were really stiff with them in the ring. Afa said they had no idea Grizzly was the booker and only lasted for a few weeks.


Afa then talked about how they had a rep of working rough and that Sika was not really smartened up at all and would really lay into people. He then talks about how they would really play up their gimmick in Puerto Rico and would go to a hamburger stand and go there and rip up the paper and eat that instead and cause a mess while they hid the food in their pockets. They then tell a story of how they put a live chicken in a paper bag after teasing what was in the bag for a few weeks and pulled it out and started ripping it apart and started eating it as the guts were all over the place and fans were passing out as they ended up losing their TV deal as Carlos Colon was pissed.


They got into the WWWF as Vince McMahon Sr. called them up. They were poor and living on the beach so Toru Tanaka gave them the money for the ticket and they eventually paid them both back. Afa said he appreciated the WWF and remained loyal to them as they really treated them well. Vince Sr. told them they were like family and that Vince Jr. was around when that was said as that is why they still have a relationship today. Afa puts over how wrestlers say you havent made it until your work at Madison Square Garden as he explains just how incredible the atmosphere is and how special it feels.


On working in Mid-South, Sika talks about they had their own style and the fans would stick nails on the floor when they came out so they would step on them.


They went back to the WWWF  in 1983 after leaving Georgia where they left after an angle that saw then get suspended. Afa talks about Sika getting hurt and how they wanted him to team up with Don Muraco but he refused as Vince agreed to have him wrestle in six-man tags as Samula was brought into the company.


He asks Sika about getting into a fight with Chief Jay Strongbow as the interviewer brings up Sika’s temper. Sika does not remember the specifics but thinks he might have given Strongbow a “receipt” and it spilled over in the locker room.


Afa talks about his students as he trained guys like Billy Kidman, Batista, and Gene Snitsky. Afa said Batista was a big, muscled guy from Washington D.C he helped steer to the WWE and how Snitsky had a little bit of a run with the WWE but it just didnt work out. He also puts over Beth Phoenix, who he trained, and how she is a great person. Afa also talks about how he talks to the office and puts over those he feels are talented.


On getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Afa said he was skeptical about being inducted for a long time as they had a lot of undeserving people get in and didnt think it was a serious honor but after a while dropped a hint to Vince McMahon as to not forget about them and they got inducted in 2008.


Afa is asked about a story of being in a car with Hulk Hogan, who was not feeling well. They did TV in Georgia and was heading over to Connecticut as they pulled over because they got lost. A cop knocks on the door as they said they did not speak English and to talk to Hogan. The cop asked if they were okay as Hogan said they were fine but trying to find the right way. The cop asked for the registration and there was a gun in the glove box as Afa said they had no idea regarding the gun laws up North so the cop told them all to get out. They ended up going to jail with Hogan and the judge ended up letting Hogan leave.



Final Thoughts: Overall, this was not a good interview. The interviewer, someone who was a referee and a wrestler at some point, was all over the place with his questions and Sika was extremely tough to follow. Afa did okay and told a few interesting stories but both guys seemed way too protective of their characters and Sika still apparently believes the wrestling business is real.

I’d take a pass on this one.