Mid-South Wrestling – April 29th, 1982

April 29, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts.

Tonight, we will see Bob Roop vs. Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan (making his debut) vs. Dick Murdoch


The show opens with the announcers running down the show. Watts brings up how a few weeks ago Dusty Rhodes got fined for leaving the announcers table to attack someone and how he was fined as everyone has to abide by the rules.


Skandor Akbar is with his newest client, Jim Duggan, as Watts had put over Duggan’s football background. Akbar says no one puts their hands on him and that Murdoch will pay as Duggan will face him for just $1,000. Akbar also puts over how many people Duggan have injured.


The Assassin vs. Tony Torres

After the bell rings, The Assassin grabs the mic and tells Ernie Ladd that he walked out on him for money then asks the crowd to put themselves in that situation and what they would have done. Torres surprises Assassin with a rollup for a nearfall but gets beaten down. The Assassin works a front facelock as Torres counters with a pair of small packages but the Assassin beats him down and gets the win with a headbutt (1:47).

Thoughts: The Assassin wins but his act is really not getting over much here and his style is too dated even for 1982.


Larry Higgens vs. Ernie Ladd

Ladd chops Higgens down then rams him in the corner. He hits a slam as Watts puts over Ladd’s return from injury as he beats on Higgens, even calling him “Assassin” then puts him away with a leg drop (1:48).

Thoughts: The crowd was into Ladd a bit but he could barely move around the ring at this point.


Watts talks about Bob Roop winning the North American Heavyweight Title as we get clips of that with Watts saying much like the NFL, they cannot overturn an official decision via replay. I always loved how Watts legitimized the promotion.


Bob Roop vs. Ted DiBiase

This is a non-title match as its DiBiase’s first TV appearance since losing the title. Watts puts over DiBiase as a person and great ambassador for pro wrestling as he works the arm. DiBiase stays on the arm after a slam and an elbow drop. Roop retreats as a pissed off DiBiase comes after him for revenge but Roop catches him with a knee smash then works on the injured leg of DiBiase. Roop cuts off a comeback with an eye rake then fires away in the corner. Roop goes back to the work on the leg then puts on a front facelock but DiBiase fights out as he is fired up. DiBiase then catches Roop with a powerslam and gets the win (7:01) **1/2. After the match, Roop tells DiBiase he wants to fight again so DiBiase hits Roop with his own finisher, the shoulderbreaker, and covers as the ref counts to three again.

Thoughts: Solid TV match to establish that DiBiase is not only back but also healthy. On commentary, Watts mentioned that Paul Orndorff will be here in two weeks as the North American Heaavyweight Title feud remains interesting.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Dick Murdoch

DiBiase attacks Murdoch as he entered the ring. He hits a sloppy running hip toss but Murdoch fights back. Duggan beats him back down as he tries to take off his jacket then they brawl some more. Duggan rakes the eyes but misses the Three Point Stance then Akbar trips up Murdoch, who chases Akbar around with his trenching tool after hitting Duggan with a brainbuster. He chases him into the ring and misses as Duggan hits him from behind. They fight over the tool as Akbar runs back into the ring with the crowd going nuts. Murdoch ends up grabbing it and whacks Duggan, in front of the referee, and gets the win (4:52) *1/2.

Thoughts: The match itself wasn’t much but it had heat and the crowd went nuts for the finish. The story will be Akbar continuing to seek revenge on Murdoch. It was odd to see Duggan get pinned in his debut but he did get hit with a foreign object so at least it was not clean. I’m also shocked the ref did not ring the bell for the DQ.


Bob Sweetan & Kelly Wayne vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

Olympia hits Wayne with a hip toss after an Irish whip sequence then does the same to Sweetan as he entered the ring. JYD tags in and hits a slam as Watts puts him over for being the biggest star in wrestling today then mentions he will be putting up his Louisiana Heavyweight Title against Sweetan next week. Olympia then puts Wayne in a sleeper until Sweetan runs in but Olympia puts Sweetan in the hold too as JYD knocks down Wayne then Olympia breaks and drops an elbow on Wayne for the win (1:45).

Thoughts: Really just a backdrop for Watts to put over JYD as a huge star. Sweetan barely did anything here and certainly not enough to get excited about his match against JYD next week. He was also known for taking liberties with guys in the ring and being a bully in general.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Coco Samoa

Coco tries to use his speed to elude Gang but eventually gets beaten down. Coco breaks out of a bearhug with a bell clap but Gang hammers away then puts him away with a splash (1:57).

Thoughts: Quick win for Gang, who Watts was putting over on commentary by hyping his size and how he had a lot of power behind his strikes.


The Grappler vs. Buddy Landel

This is the standby match. The mix it up to start until the Grappler punches him in the mid-section. The Grappler targets the neck but Landel comes back with a crossbody. Landel hits a pair of dropkicks then tries for a brainbuster but the Grappler blocks that and hits a reverse neckbreaker for the win (2:18) *1/2.

Thoughts: Good action here. Landel really looks good in the ring and the Grappler was solid himself as they made the most out of the time they had.


Final Thoughts: Solid show this week. They advanced some feuds and built up next week’s show quite well. We saw the debut of Duggan and the return of DiBiase too. Mid-South is putting on a quality product with all sorts of wrestlers coming into the promotion.


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