Kayfabe Commentaries Presents: Breaking Kayfabe with Marty Jannetty

This was released on October 14, 2013

The interview is conducted by Sean Oliver

It runs at one hour and ten minutes long


Sean asks Marty about living the rockstar life in the 80’s and the Rockers name. Marty says that Verne Gagne wanted to have a team like the Rock n’ Roll Express then goes off topic and talks about Verne slamming someone down at a nursing home. Marty then talks about his “partner” which he did not name but was obviously Shawn and how they got booking sheets every three weeks and would look down the list of towns and while most of the guys were excited about the money and guessing how much they would make while they would count all of the women in the towns and that they would try to check off who could get more and would only count “blowjob or better” and the girls would flock to his “partner” but would turn them off when speaking as Marty said he would scoop them up.


Marty talks about not liking the terms “rats” or “marks” as he hates insulting fans and no one else in other professions does that to their fans, saying that they have no right to call people stupid when they are doing stuff like taking backdrops on a concrete floor.


Sean asks when the drinking and drugs go from being fun to crossing a line to being something serious. Marty says they lived like there was no tomorrow but there is as he then talks about having an addiction to sex.


Marty now gets serious and talks about being molested by a family member as a five year old child. He was hungry and was promised a hamburger from Crystal’s by a family member if he did something. He then talks about having sex for the first time as a twelve year old as parts of this is bleeped out as that also might have been with a family member or family friend but he thinks this is why he became addicted to sex as it felt good.


On his first experience with drugs, Marty talks about his mother then stops talking as he says family will be watching this and does not want to talk much about these situations. He talks about not understanding about certain things until he gets older and grew up thinking it was normal for his mother to beat them up as kids. Marty says when he was three years old one of his brothers got murdered and said his dad was not around much but left. Marty said his dad was a psychologist and worked with the Red Cross.


Sean asks him about “gimmicking” drinks with Halcyons while part of the Rockers. Marty says they did it to loosen people up and have fun but some of the guys would dump several in some girls drink and that was the only way they could get with a woman.


They talk about Marty’s messed up ankle as Sean brings up how his “former partner” knew about it and did nothing but Bret Hart saw it and helped him out. Marty said that his “former partner” tried as Marty gets on the table to show us how messed up his ankle is as he cannot even wear his shoe correctly while making some sort of vague joke about feeling better after taking “white powder.” Marty does not want to say anything bad about Shawn as he is asked about a Facebook rant he made at him. Marty attributes that to alcohol and says Shawn has a big heart.


Marty talks about Shawn Michaels shoot interview with RF Video and the story he told about the Rockers quitting the WWF was false. Marty says he is telling the truth here and goes into the story again at a commercial shoot where everyone else got $10,000 while they had to split that amount. Marty said Shawn threw a tantrum at the studio and told Marty they should quit. Marty figured they should go to WCW and told Vince they wanted to put in their notice. Marty said Shawn was sitting next to him as that happened as Marty said Vince wanted to talk at the next TV tapings but Marty declined. Marty said Shawn get asking what Vince said as Marty told him they got to finish up at the Survivor Series without getting jobbed out but Shawn looked upset as he thought Vince would counter with a higher money offer. Marty said Shawn orchestrated this to split off from the Rockers into a singles act.


Sean asks Marty about the WWF offering medical assistance and if that should be part of the Wellness Program as the medical problems directly result from what occured in WWE rings. Marty says he had to take pain pills for his ankle and built up a tolerance to Oxycontin so he called up the WWE looking for help. Marty then questions why you will not help out people who have to take drugs because they are all “gimped up” but only do it for recreational drug abusers. He told this to the WWE and Marty was told if they did it for him they would have to do it for everyone. Marty also goes into how the WWE made $250,000 off of the Rockers royalties this year and his surgery would be about a quarter of that. Marty said he was told from lawyers he has a case but he does not want to sue the company as he loves them.


Marty is asked about when he contemplated suicide. He talks about getting a DUI while having a suspended license then Sean jokingly asks about Marty and if he is ever quiet. Marty says there is two sides of him, “MJ” is the one who parties while “Marty” is quiet. Marty’s girlfriend is off camera saying he is a great person as Marty talks about how his mind always races and cannot stand being bored as he thinks he probably has ADHD. He then talks about the attempt and how he left the courtroom and called up his brother and told him then called his girlfriend at the time, who Marty thinks is now a hooker, then told his roommate he was going to take a walk. Marty said he was never religious and talking to god and thought of how he was going to end his life and thought up a plan of overdosing on cocaine. His roommate then called him up and he came back home and got a voicemail and it was from Shawn, who invited him to his church. Marty said it was a sign then asked Shawn how he got his number, which Shawn got from a fan two days prior at an autograph signing when the fan asked Shawn if he talked to Marty lately.


Sean asks Marty about Rob Feinstein accusing him of stealing merchandise at an autograph signing. Marty said he was singing autographs at a show and filming stuff in the backstage area while on the phone and said he could see Rob’s point of why was he doing that but when he got accused of stealing, Marty said Rob was completely full of shit. Marty said when he left the venue, he took a Mickie James 8×10 to give to his roommate off of the last table. The promoter came to Marty and asked why he was holding that as Marty said he was giving it to someone. Marty said he had his own bag of 8×10 photos then someone told him to empty his bags. Marty gave the photo back and that was the end. Marty finally wraps this up and says the heat with Rob came from a shoot interview where Marty did not want something included in an interview and not only included it but put it in the trailer.


They wrap it up with final five questions but its more like three:

Dinner with Person Dead or Alive: Matt Borne

Most illegal thing: Having sex when he was 14 years old

Phobia: Having sex with ugly women


Final Thoughts: This interview was something else. Marty was deeply troubled starting from childhood when he was taking advantage of from being hungry. The guy is a wreck today and seeing that he is taking oxycontin to be able to walk and still wrestling at this point as much as he could, he seemed shaky and somewhat withdrawing at this point.

Marty would stop whenever he got into too much detail over being abused or talking bad about someone as he is a man who needs extensive therapy and its no wonder he numbs himself with drugs and alcohol to stop his thoughts. And his ankle needs to be seen to be believed. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Even still, he was coherent here despite his appearance but constantly went off topic. As a subject, Marty is fascinating in many aspects. This was not an entertaining interview as it is more of a peak in the window of Marty’s messed up life.

Depending on what you find interesting in a shoot interview will determine how much you would enjoy this particular series. Its not really meant to be fun but more to look at what the wrestler is like on the outside and I thought this was a fascinating look at what makes Marty tick as a person, even if it was tough to watch at times. Sean Oliver is a pro though and kept things moving as much as possible, even if he appeared a bit ticked at Marty’s rambling at the end.


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