Impact Wrestling – November 3, 2016

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 3, 2016
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

It’s a big show this week as we’ve got three title matches, including the TNA World Title being defended as Lashley challenges Eddie Edwards to get his title back. Lashley has another problem though as he attacked Cody to end last week’s show, which might come back to haunt him tonight. Let’s get to it.

We recap Lashley vs. Edwards, including Eddie winning the title and Lashley’s path to becoming #1 contender again.

Here’s Brandi Rhodes to open the show and talk about some of the decisions she and Cody have had to make in three years of marriage. Cody was attacked last week but Lashley can rest assured that he’ll be back. Cue Maria and Sienna to interrupt and ask if Brandi is going to stick around or run home and take care of her husband.

Maria says she gives people opportunities but sometimes she slams doors in their faces, like she did with Allie. She sees something in Brandi though and that’s why she wants to help. Brandi says the Rhodes name means something and she doesn’t need help from anyone. Sienna gets in her face and a fight breaks out with Sienna taking over without much effort. The AK-47 leaves Brandi laying.

Video on Eddie Edwards’ childhood and family.

Grand Championship: Aron Rex vs. Jesse Godderz

Rex is defending. Josh wonders if there are big rings under the tape on Rex’s fingers. I’m sure there’s no way to, I don’t know, CHECK THEM BEFORE THE MATCH but wrestling referees are stupid by definition. Jesse takes over to start and goes for the Adonis Lock but gets spun away.

Josh goes into analyst mode to ask Pope who he has for the first two minutes. A crossbody gets two on Aron and it’s off to an armbar (a beautiful one according to Josh). Godderz’s Fujiwara armbar takes us to the end of round one, which goes to Jesse. Rex snapmares him down and grabs a chinlock to start round two.

Back up and Rex gets rolled up for two before headbutting Jesse into the corner. A slow motion powerslam gets two on Rex but the round ends as the Adonis Lock goes on. Round two goes to Godderz and we take a break before round three. Back with Rex getting punched in the face as Jesse would be smart to waste time. The champ rakes the eyes though and a big right hand retains the title at 12:24.

Rating: D. I still can’t stand this concept and this didn’t do anything to help the problem. The first round is usually both guys going slowly, then a second round of only a step faster and then they do the finish in the third round. Let it be a ten minute time limit or whatever but this was tiresome when they were already in the tournament. Rex as the cheating heel is a slight upgrade but it’s not enough to fix things.

Video on Team X Gold, another unnecessary concept. Team Go For Broke respects each other.

Marshe Rockett/Trevor Lee/Andrew Everett vs. Rockstar Spud/Decay vs. Go For Broke

This is probably 75% of the division (if not more) in one match. There are three men in the ring at a time and Josh confirms that yes, the flag is the bragging rights trophy. Lee, DJZ and Steve start things off but instead of explaining the match, let’s hear about a sale at TNA’s website.

Double teaming DJZ doesn’t do much good as he takes the other two down with a dropkick and flip dive to the floor. Mandrews comes in for a double stomp to Steve but gets buckle bombed by Lee. Spud and Rockett get the tag and the big Marshe intimidates him into a tag off to Abyss. Clotheslines and shoulders don’t put anyone down but Mandrews springboards in with a dropkick to both guys.

Sutter comes in to clean house but Abyss starts chokeslamming people. One such chokeslam puts Steve onto Sutter….and that’s an ejection for Decay, leaving Spud on his own. Wait so there are elimination rules? Shouldn’t that be a DQ for the whole team? Not that it matters as Sutter gives Spud a Flatliner for the pin at 5:19.

Rating: D. There’s no story to the matches, the prize is a flag, Go For Broke has cleaned out the entire division in about a month and the rules aren’t clear but the announcers have to plug everything else instead of explaining anything. This comes off as the latest waste of time that TNA has come up with and gets to call brilliant despite it being nothing but flips and chaos for five minutes.

Video on Eddie winning the X-Division Title.

Tag Team Titles: Hardys vs. DCC

The Hardys are defending and the DCC now appear in the ring after their freaky video. The Hardys get beaten down but the DCC walk away without the bell ever ringing. Jeff says it’s not time to punch the clock because the Hardys still want to fight. That means we get a bell and a referee (Shouldn’t he have been down there for the scheduled match?) and it’s a big wild brawl. Josh says this is the strangest thing he’s ever seen and actually says he’s seen Delete or Decay and the Great War. I repeat my often stated opinion: Josh Matthews is a stupid, stupid man.

Things settle down with Matt getting double teamed by the two masked men, who I’ll call Porkchop and Cash for lack of anything better. Porkchop gets his mask bitten and something like a headlock neckbreaker allows the tag off to Jeff. Cash has to break up the Twist of Fate but a double clothesline allows Jeff to Twist Porkchop. The third one (Toaster Oven) comes in for the DQ at 2:40.

The five head to the back with a score playing over their fight. They actually interrupt a Grado interview and Grado stops to ask Jeff for a picture…..which Jeff actually grants in a funny moment. Jeff is in trouble so Matt throws the magic water on him and it’s Immortal Jeff, who burns a cigarette on Porkchop.

Matt commandeers a forklift to chase Cash as Porkchop puts Jeff in a case, along with the water bucket. That makes the regular Jeff (as regular as he gets) come out with a Twisting Stunner. Matt takes Cash’s mask off to reveal another mask, only to have Matt get kicked off the forklift for a huge crash. Jeff goes to check on his brother…..and Matt has amnesia.

Ethan Carter III (because transitions mean NOTHING in TNA) is going to call out Eli Drake.

Here’s Ethan in the ring and Drake comes out shortly thereafter. After turning down Ethan’s challenge, Drake says he earned everything he’s gotten around here and Ethan has been handed everything instead. That sends Ethan onto one of his traditionally great rants about how he’s earned the right to be called the man around here. Eli brings up Bound For Gold so Ethan suggests the title shot against Ethan’s right to ever challenge for a shot again. Drake says next week….is his title shot because he’s cashing in, which leaves Ethan “Midcarder” III right where he’s always been.

Lashley says he’s ready and Eddie has no idea what’s coming.

Video on Eddie losing the X-Division Title to Lashley and losing his mentor right around the same time. Then he won the World Title and now believes anything is possible.

TNA World Title: Eddie Edwards vs. Lashley

Lashley is challenging. We get the Big Match Intros with JB calling this the super fight. I’ll give TNA this: they do a solid job of making the big matches feel important. Or maybe it’s that JB is really good at his job(s). The bell rings after the break (thank goodness) and Lashley throws the champ around before elbowing him in the face.

They head outside with Eddie chopping him up against the barricade but getting dropped throat first across the steel. Some choking with a wristband takes us to the last break. Back with Lashley in full control with a chinlock and a knee to the face. The champ fights back and sends Lashley outside for a suicide dive.

A Shining Wizard gets two on Lashley, who comes right back with a Dominator for the same. They head outside for a few moments before Eddie misses a top rope double stomp. Lashley pulls the referee in the way and then hits the spear for two, earning the second referee a right hand to the face. The first referee goes to call for the DQ but the Boston Knee Party gives Eddie the fast counted pin at 18:53.

Rating: B. This was more long than good and really illustrated the problem with a lot of TNA: I like Eddie but he’s really just a person who happens to be champion. Lashley is a big dragon for Eddie to slay and that’s what he’s done twice now. I don’t feel any connection to either of them and it’s much more like I’m just on the outside watching something happen.

Overall Rating: C-. The main event almost bails this out but there’s just so much bad stuff earlier on. The new divisions (if you can call them that) need to be cut off almost immediately as they’re going nowhere and have a very limited direction (though they do have a flag). Other than that it was the usual Hardy insanity, Maria being all evil and a good Carter vs. Drake segment. The problem boils down to how little there is to care about on most of this show as too much of the material ranges from boring to nonsensical. There’s some good on here but it’s few and far between more often than not.


Aron Rex b. Jesse Godderz – Right hand

Go For Broke b. Marshe Rockett/Trevor Lee/Andrew Everett and Rockstar Spud/Decay – Flatliner to Spud

Hardys b. DCC via DQ when the third DCC member interfered

Eddie Edwards b. Lashley – Boston Knee Party

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