Pro Wrestling NOAH bought by tech company Estbee

Tokyo Sports reports that Pro Wrestling NOAH has been bought by Estbee, an IT company whose executive is former AJPW owner Masayuki Uchida. The deal was made in the space of three weeks after Naomichi Marufuji met privately with Uchida on October 10th and the sale was finalised yesterday.

Estbee acquired the trademark, titles, and roster of NOAH. The wrestlers and staff were told yesterday and no schedules have been changed.

Estbee’s statement: Estbee have been looking to raise funds and get into new areas of business. While we have no business history with pro wrestling, Mr. Uchida has a connection to NOAH and decided to breathe new life into the company.

Takaaki Kidani, the president of Bushiroad (owners of NJPW and stakeholders in NOAH), tweeted: I was completely surprised to hear news of NOAH’s acquisition. On behalf of the industry, I hope this heads in a positive direction.

All information and translations via Enuhito and Chris Charlton