What happened?

Been out of the IWC game for a little over 9 years (y’know…) and after re-discovering you ( Old Wrestleline fan! ), I’m shocked to find that a number of your commenters have put Mike Mizanin on a pedestal. Now, I’m fully aware that these aren’t exactly the kind of people that got their Smark Stripes from watching 9th generation AJPW tapes, but seriously, what gives? This isn’t a Mark Henry 2006ish situation wherein Mizanin has all of a sudden "gotten it" or anything, he’s literally doing the EXACT same match/promo he’s been doing for 8 years now.

So my question is, Are these people actually operating under the assumption that Mizanin is good? Or is it some sort of long-play trolling deal?

​Got me man, I just figured out dank memes a few months ago. I figure people will get bored of supporting Miz soon and get back to important things, like pointing out how Kevin Owens is fat or mocking Roman Reigns again.