NWA World Championship Wrestling, March 1, 1986

We open with video of Ron Garvin knocking out and pinning NWA Champ Ric Flair from a house show. This was after a 60-minute draw. They agreed to continue the natch. Garvin won, but did not receive the NWA Title since the time limit had already expired.

Tony Schiavone and David Crockett are our hosts today. Coming up on the show, Garvin will face Flair’s cousin and Four Horseman teammate Arn Anderson for the NWA World TV Title. Ric Flair will make a rare in-ring appearance on the show. Dusty Rhodes, the Midnight Express, the Rock & Roll Express, many more, and news about the Crockett Cup also coming up.

Ron Garvin comes to the podium to hype his matchup with Arn. He says he’s become a carpenter, to add to his truck driving side job. Next, he’ll be telling us he’s a plumber…

To the ring, Jimmy Valiant vs. Bob Owens. The usual punch, kick, nervehold crap that lasts way too long, while Valiant talks nonsense after each move. As a kid, I liked Valiant when he first debuted in JCP in the early 80s. I don’t know what the hell was the matter with me. Couldn’t stand him by ’86. I like him even less today. Way too long match finally ends with the elbowdrop. DUD

Valiant joins Tony at the podium. He calls out Paul Jones & his army of “foreigners” and says this world isn’t big enough for Jones and himself.

After a break, the Rock & Roll Express join Tony and they’ve got tennis rackets. They promise Jim Cornette’s day is coming. Ricky Morton also talks a little trash on Ric Flair, who belittled the R&R and their fans last week.

To the ring, Baron von Raschke w/ Paul Jones vs. George South. South keeps ducking the Baron’s offense and the East German commie is pissed. Baron takes control with a fireman’s carry into the armbar. A shoulderbreaker followed by some wear down holds and stomps put South in trouble. He keeps firing back, but a shot from Jones on the outside sets up Raschke for the iron claw and the win. *

Arn Anderson joins Tony and says he’s a man of his word, defending the TV Title on TV every week. What a novel approach. Arn says he doesn’t know why he has to defend against Ron Garvin, who is not a top contender, but is the Charles Manson of the wrestling world. Interesting. Last week, Garvin said cheering for Ric Flair was like cheering for Manson & Hitler. Arn says he doesn’t want to get in the ring “with that idiot”, and he’s a top contender to go to prison, to murder someone, to be a pervert, but not for the TV Title. Great promo.

To the ring, Ivan Koloff w/ Nikita Koloff vs. Rocky King. Young Rocky keeps it competitive for awhile, but Koloff puts him down with the Russian Hammer, a chokehold as the opponent is running the ropes. Ivan misses a charge and Rocky hiptosses and dropkicks the Russian Bear, but Koloff regains control and ends it with the Russian Sickle off the second rope. *

Afterwards, Nikita Koloff delivers a devastating Sickle on King.

Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon join Tony at the podium. J.J. shows off his snakeskin shoes, which he says are more expensive than Tony’s entire suit. Blanchard says the shoes are a sign of class, and J.J.’s tuxedos got burned when he joined Tully Blanchard Enterprises. J.J. says they put Dusty Rhodes on notice 3 1/2 weeks ago that the National Title would be theirs within four weeks, and Dusty is now in a helpless and hopeless situation. J.J., winning the Nostradamus of the Week Award, says the next time you see them on TV, the belt will be theirs.

To the ring, it’s the Barbarian w/ Paul Jones vs. Tony Zane. The Barbarian press slams Zane, a man with basically Dusty Rhodes’ build, so it’s no easy task. Jones nails Zane with his cane. Barbarian does a big leg drop, then headbutts Zane out of the ring. Jones kicks Zane while he’s down. Barbarian ends it with a powerslam and long flying headbutt. *

The Koloffs bring the World Six-Man Tag Team Title trophy to the podium. Ivan hypes upcoming matches with the Road Warriors, and says these Americans are very stubborn, so they will have to put them out of wrestling. Ivan calls Magnum T.A. a “cheap coward” for attacking Nikita from behind, but not putting the U.S. Title on the line in the ring on TV.

We see footage from Magnum’s brawl with Nikita that ended last week’s show, that took the entire locker room to separate.

To the ring, it’s Magnum T.A. vs. Randy Mulkey. Mulkey tries to leap frog Magnum, but gets caught in a bear hug, into the belly-to-belly suplex for the quick squash. *

After a break, World Champion Ric Flair, in one of his classic ring robes, stands at the podium. “Can you imagine the rush the female population of the world gets when THE world’s heavyweight wrestling champion walks out on national television,” Flair rhetorically asks. He calls out David Crockett for referring to Magnum T.A. as “The Boss” when the world champ hasn’t even been on the program yet.

“When you make excess of a million dollars a year, when you ride in nothing but long limousines, you fly around in your own Gulf Stream, you’ve got the biggest house on the biggest hill on the biggest side of town, and you’ve got any woman in the world you want, just like that, WHOOO, then there’s not much else. Now, Ronnie Garvin, 90 minutes, one hour, two days, it makes no difference. I used to pride myself on every woman in the world calling me, WHOOO, a 60-minute man. Well I can go 90 minutes just as easily as I can go 60.”

Flair says Dusty Rhodes is walking around on false pretenses like he should be the champ. Flair says look at all the magazines, talk to all the authorities, when he gets off an airplane, everyone knows who’s the champ. Flair hypes up the other heels like the Midnight Express, the Koloffs and Paul Jones’ Army, and adds a shot at Ricky Morton. Another great promo by the best in the business.

To the ring, Tully Blanchard w/ J.J. Dillon vs. Bill Tabb. Tully struts around the ring. Tabb gets in some offense, but Tully responds with boots to the midsection to take the big man down. Tully drops repeated elbows on Tabb and wears him down chinlock. They cut away for a station I.D., and apparently Tully pinned him during the brief break. Since we missed it, Tully hits the slingshot suplex and pins him again. *

Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll join Tony. Dusty Rhodes’ says Ric Flair came out here talking about everything except Ronnie Garvin knocking him out and pinning him. Dusty yells at one of the audience members heckling him: “Well if you don’t wanna hear it, get your fat ass out of here! Sorry Tommy, you might have to edit that a little bit.” Nice. Dusty doesn’t take criticism from the audience very well.

After a break, it’s Jim Cornette, which is always entertaining. 1986 Cornette is incomparable. He says the Rock & Roll Express obviously had their tennis rackets loaded with something. Cornette believes the R&R, the NWA, Jim Crockett and Dusty Rhodes are involved in the biggest conspiracy since Watergate, trying to put him in a cage and hang it above the ring. Cornette says the fans are nothing but a bunch of failures in life that are jealous of him and his men. He says he will not be placed in a cage and hoisted 100 feet above the ring.

To the ring, Cornette’s Midnight Express vs. Paul Garner & Alan Martin. Beautiful Bobby hits a top-rope flying elbowdrop early on. Loverboy Dennis tosses Martin outside and Bobby nails a neckbreaker on the concrete floor. Ouch. Bobby calls Cornette to ringside and the MX manager taunts Martin as he’s choked on the second rope. David Crockett reads a poem from a fan in West Virginia that is just as horrible as you would expect from someone in West Virginia…

Bobby delivers a picture perfect Alabama Jam. Dennis drags Martin over to the corner, lifts Martin’s hand, and helps him tag in Garner. Hilarious. Bobby to the top again, this time with a flying dropkick. Dennis drags Garner over and helps him tag in Martin. I love it. Bobby goes to the top one more time. This time it’s a flying knee to the back of Alan Martin’s head. Dennis mercifully ends it with the full nelson facebuster. That was a total squash, but it was a thing of beauty. Coupled with Cornette’s hilarious commentary, this one gets a very rare rating for a squash. ***

Time for the announcement of the host city for the first Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament. They say they got bids from all over the world, but and it will be held in…the Superdome in New Orleans. David Crockett says he is disappointed it won’t happen in Charlotte, where the promotion started, and that’s just ridiculous crap because they could’ve held it wherever they wanted, and should have kept it in Crockett territory.

To the ring, the Rock & Roll Express vs. Bill Mulkey vs. Mike Simani. Mulkey gets destroyed for a bit, then Simani hesitantly tags in. They dominate with quick tags and work over Simani’s arm. Morton hits a suplex, followed by a legdrop. They end it with the double dropkick. *1/2

Magnum T.A. joins Tony. He says to Nikita Koloff that he’s just as proud to be an American as he is to be a Russian. Magnum says he called Nikita out last week and asked him to jump. When he didn’t do anything, Magnum jumped. We again see footage of last week’s brawl. Magnum says Nikita is nothing but a big bully and he’s not going to run away from him. Magnum says this battle will not end until he puts Nikita away completely and sends him back to Russia.

To the ring, it’s Arn Anderson vs. Ron Garvin for the NWA World TV Title. 10-minute time limit. Anderson with a takedown that Garvin reverses into a headscissors. Arn pounds away in the corner. He whips Garvin across, it gets reversed, Garvin rares back for the knockout punch and Arn smartly takes a powder outside. Garvin lands headbutts and wrenches in an armlock. The crowd chants “Break it!”.Garvin lights up Arn’s chest with open-handed chops. A series of reversals on the hammerlock and they go to the ropes. Arn takes Garvin down with a yank of the hair and goes to work on the arm. Garvin powers out and drops Arn face-first, then locks in Hold #973: ARMBAR! Garvin uses his legs to tie up Arn’s arms and wrenches his neck with his hands, rendering Anderson helpless. Arn reaches the ropes, but gets pummeled with more open-hand chops. Garvin turns a front facelock into a small package for a two count, and we go to a break…

Back live, Garvin is still in control, working on Anderson’s arm with a combo armbar/sitting surfboard on Anderson’s shoulder. Ric Flair comes out to offer commentary and support for his fellow Horseman. Arn gets out and backdrops Garvin. He stomps away. Anderson slams Garvin, lifts him up and locks in a bear hug. Garvin escapes and almost gets the pin with a sunset flip. Another bear hug, but Garvin uses forearms to escape. Time is running out, the announcers tell us. Garvin drops an elbow. Backdrop by Garvin, he signals for the knockout punch, but Arn ducks out again. Back in, Garvin chops Anderson, Arn ducks out again and wants to know how much time is left. Back in, running the ropes, Garvin catches Anderson in the abdominal stretch, and the bell rings. It’s a time limit draw. **3/4

Flair comes to the ring and taunts Garvin. That allows Arn to nail Garvin from behind and deliver the gourdbuster. Flair goes in and does the three count for himself. Flair and Anderson celebrate at the podium, then leave.

Paul Jones and Baron von Raschke come out. Jones loves what the Horsemen just did. Then he turns the conversation to Jimmy Valiant. He has the camera zoom in on a big scar on his elbow, and says he suffer injury after injury at the hands of Valiant in 1985. Jones says his army is going to be his revenge in 1986. Baron says the plan is working, and that’s all you need to know.

The Rock & Roll Express return with their rackets. Morton says they’re coming for Cornette and the Midnight Express, and says to Ric Flair, “Not on your best day.Ric Flair struts past the podium as the interview wraps up and exchanges words with Morton.

To the ring, it’s Ric Flair vs. Brodie Chase. David Crockett tells us Flair is “the world heavyweight champion of the world“. Thanks David. Just shut up. Flair tells a lady in the crowd he wouldn’t take her home no matter what. Flair shows off the brand new Big Gold Belt around his waist. He says to Teddy Long, who is collecting ring gear again this week, “Are you worthy to hold something like that in your hands? You guard that with your life, brother.

Flair laces in the chops on Chase and locks in stepover armbar. Small package by Flair, huge chop, then he tosses Chase out. Flair chops Chase on the floor and does the Flair Strut back in the ring. Flair chokes Chase on the apron and WHOOOS to the crowd. A double-armlock suplex, followed by another hard chop and he’s just abusing Chase now. Belly-to-back suplex and Flair says, “Now, we go to school.” The patented figure-four and it’s over. Quick match and total Flair squash, which is rare. Even jobbers usually get in some offense on Flair. **1/2

Jim Cornette comes back out to hype the feud with the R&R Express again really quick and that’s the end of the show.

Another strong program this week. Thanks for reading.