Thunder in paradise

Hey, Scott,

What’s your opinion of this show? I watched it as a kid and thought it was stupid but fun like a lot of syndicated action shows from the 90s.

I understand that Sting actually appeared on a few episodes prior to Hogan signing with WCW, which seems interesting as them working together might have been a minor reason for hogan to eventually go to WCW.

I know in one of Hogan’s books he claimed that Flair was the one who visited the set to try and recruit him (though this was debunked in Flairs book and is just another tall tale to add to the growing pile that Hogan is known for).

Also, had Thunder not gotten cancelled, do you think we would have been blessed (cursed?) with a crossover episode with baywatch (instead of the Hogan-Savage-Vader episode?

I’m pretty sure that the show never aired in Canada. Wasn’t it on TNT? At any rate, I’ve never seen a single episode of it.