WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event – March 11th, 1989

March 11, 1989

From the Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, PA

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, Elizabeth will choose whose corner she will be in when the Mega Powers explode at WrestleMania V.



“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

The crowd is really into Beefcake here. Rude has the Ultimate Warrior’s face airbrushed on the back of his tights. The match starts off with both guys fighting against the ropes. Beefcake wins that battle and lands ten mounted punches in the corner. He applies the sleeper but Rude escapes as Beefcake continues to beat on Rude, who finally comes back with an inverted atomic drop. He gets two with a snap suplex then applies a chinlock that Beefcake breaks up with a stunner. Beefcake hits an inverted atomic drop as we see Andre the Giant at ringside. Rude catches Beefcake with a boot to the face then dumps him outside where Andre beats him down then chokes him out behind the referee’s back. Jake Roberts comes out as the crowd goes nuts and Andre runs away. Rude then attacks Jake and tosses him inside where Andre helps beat him up for the DQ (5:45) *1/2. Beefcake eventually gets to his feet and attacks Rude. He clotheslines him to the floor then tries to beat on Andre but that fails then Big John Studd enters and has a staredown with Andre until Jake slides Damien into the ring as Andre bails.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but this was all about putting over the upcoming Andre vs. Studd feud. They tried but the fans were not feeling Studd in his role and it didnt help matters that he made for an awful babyface. Poor Jake was the third wheel in the WrestleMania V match.


Bad News Brown vs. Hulk Hogan w/ Elizabeth

Bad News cheap shots Hogan as he takes control of the match. Hogan rolls away from an elbow drop then hulks up and fires away as he knocks Bad News through the ropes. Hogan heads out and throws some more punches before heading inside as Bad News yells at the fans from the apron. Hogan slingshots Bad News inside then hits a clothesline and elbow drop. Hogan hits the big boot but Bad News no-sells a turnbuckle smash and takes over. Hogan catches Bad News with a boot then takes him outside where they brawl. Bad News grabs a chair but Hogan takes it away and hits him in the head very lightly but Bad News goes nuts and tosses the chair away as he paces outside of the ring then says he will be back while heading backstage. Hogan makes the ref stop the clock as Bad News comes back with a shovel as we head to break. The action returns with Hogan taking away the shovel and tossing Bad News inside where he hammers away. Bad News comes back with a clothesline then hits a slam. Bad News gets two with a leg drop as the camera shows a concerned Elizabeth. Hogan gets dumped outside where Elizabeth checks on him until Bad News chases her away. Back inside, Bad News stays in control then asks for the mic as he tells the crowd to look at their hero and says he will not give him any mercy. He then attempts the Ghetto Blaster but Hogan ducks then hulks up and hits the leg drop for the win (9:44) **1/4.

Thoughts: Decent TV match, although a bit sloppy at times. It was all action for the most part and I liked the part where Bad News asked for the mic during the match. It felt new and fresh. Sadly for Bad News, this pretty much meant he was out of the World Title picture.


After the break, we see Randy Savage pacing around backstage in front of Elizabeth’s dressing room door to hype up tonight’s announcement.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Blue Blazer

DiBiase clotheslines Blazer as soon as he enters the ring. He hits a few elbow drops before taunting the crowd then ducks his head for a backdrop as Blazer puts him in a small package for two. Blazer gets another nearfall with a backslide but DiBiase clotheslines him back down. DiBiase then hits an elbow smash from the middle rope but Blazer lands on his feet after a backdrop and surprises DiBiase with a dropkick then flies out with a tope and starts hammering away. Back inside, Blazer hits a crossbody and a backdrop. Blazer hits another dropkick but gets caught with a powerslam as DiBiase gets the win (3:57) **.

Thoughts: All-action in this one. Both guys looked great but too bad for the Blazer as he suffers his first TV loss and has nothing at all going on in the company.


Savage continues to pace in front of Elizabeth’s dressing room door.


Gene Okerlund now brings Elizabeth to the interview platform. She says it is a tough decision as she loves both men and never wanted it to come down to this. Okerlund asks her if she will be in Hogan’s corner at WrestleMania V and she says no. Savage then runs out and gloats about how Elizabeth will be in his corner but Okerlund wants to ask Elizabeth herself and asks Savage if he is afraid of her answer. Savage says he is the champion and not afraid of anything as Okerlund asks Elizabeth if she will be in Savage’s corner and she says no. Savage is pissed and tells Elizabeth she is out of line then Hogan comes out to tell Savage there is two reasons why he will not take his head off. First, he has respect for his manager and last he is waiting to do this at WrestleMania V, where he will once again become the World Champion. The segment was fine and it was cool how they had Savage and Hogan keep their hands off each other until their match. Savage was really great here. At this point in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Dave Meltzer reported that Elizabeth was going to be taken off of the road and going to promote a line of perfume.


The Brainbusters w/ Bobby Heenan vs. The Rockers

The Brainbusters attack the Rockers from behind to start. Marty floats over on a slingshot suplex attempt then Shawn comes off the top with a crossbody onto Tully as the match breaks down with the Rockers clearing the ring. Shawn slams Arn off of the top rope then puts on a Boston Crab. Tully tries to break it up but Shawn catches him then the Rockers hit stereo super kicks as the Brainbusters regroup outside. Back inside, Shawn suplexes Tully then hammers away in the corner. He hits a flying headscissors as Arn tags in and holds Shawn against the ropes as he tags Tully back in the match. Heenan pulls the ropes down on Shawn as he dumps outside then the referee orders Heenan back to the dressing room as he is pissed off. We return from break with Marty and Tully slugging it out but Arn makes a blind tag and surprises Marty with a clothesline. The Brainbusters cut off the ring then Arn dumps Marty out to the floor. Marty slingshots back in with a sunset flip but Arn makes the tag as Tully breaks up the pin. Marty and Tully do some matwork then Tully cuts off a tag attempt with an inverted atomic drop. Arn tags and hits a spinebuster for two as Shawn makes the save. Arn tries a Vader Bomb but Marty gets his knees up and makes the tag as Shawn runs wild on Tully. The crowd is going nuts as Shawn is cleaning house. The match breaks down as Rockers hit stereo pescados as both teams are now brawling on the floor as this match ends in a double countout (9:19) ****1/4.

Thoughts: Awesome match. This was all action but sadly the end of these two teams feuding with each other. They tore it up around the house show circuit and it would have been nice for them to get a proper blowoff at WrestleMania V. I’d definitely seek this one out.


Brooklyn Brawler w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Red Rooster

This is joined in progress. Brawler beats on Rooster, who fights back. Rooster hits a dropkick and a hip toss then Brawler ducks his head for a backdrop as Rooster puts him away with a small package (1:05) 1/4*. After the match, Heenan comes in and talks trash to Rooster allowing Brawler to attack Rooster from behind. Rooster ends up dumping the Brawler as Heenan then bails.

Thoughts: Just a quick match to put over the upcoming Heenan/Rooster match at WrestleMania V. The Rooster gimmick was just death though.


Okerlund is in the locker room with Randy Savage, who screams how he does not Elizabeth or anyone else as he is the champion. Savage then goes ape s--- and starts ripping up the locker room and practically falls down on his ass while shoving a bunch of shirts on a rack. I cannot say this enough but Savage was incredible during this feud.


Final Thoughts: An excellent show. We had a great match and a hot angle with the rest of the show featuring solid action. It did a great job with the Mega Powers storyline as that feud remains strong. One of the better shows in SNME history.


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