Old style

Hi Scott,

Few questions for your consideration:

1 – Chris Masters managed to get the full nelson over *fairly* credibly during his time in WWE. Is there an old style move you could see getting over in 2016 and beyond as a credible move and who do you think could do that? If still healthy maybe Daniel Bryan?

I think that for a lummox like Stroman, the heart punch would an easy move to get over and not f--- up. Plus it’s genuinely impressive when a big guy does it.

2 – Reading some of the older Observer flashbacks on your site, the mentions of Maxx Payne/Man Mountain Rock reminded me of the footage he shot for a documentary (The Thing that Should Not Be" or "The Real Maxx Payne" ). There’s a short clip of it on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlkbAlKL2QM) and I HIGHLY doubt we’l ever see anymore but did you hear much about it during the era?

Oh yeah, it was all over the internet when it started becoming a thing that might happen, and then he got threatened with lawsuits out the wazoo and it suddenly died. It’ll never, ever see the light of day.

3 – Why does Vince McMahon not like wrestlers to look/talk into the camera?

​Something to do with not breaking the fourth wall, although that specific quirk is more Kevin Dunn than Vince if I recall correctly. ​The rationale is that they’re on a TV show, but they don’t want the characters acknowledging that it’s a TV show, so you get people pretending to watch a monitor and yet facing towards the camera at the same time while looking just to the side of the camera so they don’t actually acknowledge the camera. It makes for completely ridiculous dynamics and is one of the many reasons why a fresh director would help the product immensely.