Pro Wrestling Diary Shoot Interview with Nelson Frazier (Viscera)

This interview was filmed in 2009

It runs at one hour and fifty-eight minutes long



Frazier talks about getting into wrestling at age 3 and from that became a fan. He then got trained by Gene Anderson along with Mo as they were the last two wrestlers Gene trained before he passed away.


He talks about wrestling stopped being fun when he got to the WWF where it became a business as you were on the road almost 300 days a year and away from your family.


His first team name with Mo was called the Death Squad as Mo went by “Voodoo” and he was called “Black Magic.”  They wore masks and from that they worked for George Scott.


On meeting Mo for the first time, Frazier thought he resembled Koko B Ware but credits him for helping him train. They became the Harlem Knights after working for the Italian Stallion. They worked for free but got experience and put money into their looks and got some buzz as a result.They also worked as repo men during the day and said no one ever gave them problems when they came knocking at the door. He thanks Stallion for giving them the chance to get noticed. However, one day they asked Stallion for some gas money as they never got paid and got $5 to split and after that they left and went to Memphis.


Frazier has a lot of respect for both Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett. They showed up at the TV tapings one morning and got put on TV that day. Just a month later, they got into the WWF.


They got the call from the WWF. In Memphis, they were feuding with the Moondogs as Frazier said he was too young and militant and not taking care of guys in the ring like they should so one of the Moondogs quit and Jarrett said there was no one left to work with so he put a call into the WWF. Frazier said they worked a tryout match as the Harlem Knights and it did not go that well but the crowd was cheering them and they had a look so the WWF signed them up.


Frazier talks about how they never worked as babyfaces before but the company wanted them in that role after the reaction they got during the tryout match. He said Oscar got added after he rapped on an elevator in front of Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania and gave them his business card as McMahon was impressed then called him up to be part of the team.


He first met Vince in his office where he gave them all their names and gimmicks. At first, he loved the gimmick and said it got hot once he started dancing but they were underutilized and could have been one of the best teams ever. He did find the gimmick stereotypical but it was a great opportunity.


On other teams in the WWF at that time, Frazier said he was impressed with the Steiner Brothers but joked how glad they were both babyfaces at the same time. He credits Mike Rotunda for teaching psychology. Frazier also credits Bam Bam Bigelow for teaching him a lot and how they wrestled frequently on the house show circuit.


After getting the titles for just a few days, Frazier said there was no plan for a longer run and told the night they won it would only be for two days.


He is asked about several other workers. Frazier said that Yokozuna was impressive in the ring and great to hang out with on the road. He then tells a story of how Yoko would drag him out to drink where the Undertaker would buy shots of Jack Daniels and Yoko would make sure you could hang and drank your fair share. He cried when Yoko passed away and found out while watching RAW when it flashed across the screen. Frazier talks about Mr. Fuji and how he always shaved off guys eyebrows.


Frazier prefers working with smaller guys as its much easier and makes for a better match.


On Bret Hart, Frazier said its just his opinion but he was one of the best champions of all-time. He talks about how he was worshipped in foreign countries and was a true leader who took care of guys in the ring. Hart also stood up during meetings for the benefit of the locker room.


Frazier said that Doink was originally supposed to face Jeff Jarrett at 1994 SummerSlam but it got switched the week before that he would be facing Jarrett.


He wrestled in Memphis during the Summer of 1994 as he lived in Memphis as did Sid Vicious so they paired them up as both companies had a relationship.


Onto the Men on a Mission heel turn, Frazier said they told Vince about wanting to do something different and new so he decided to turn him heel and promised to win the King of the Ring.


Frazier said that Oscar had a lot of heat on him and did not respect the business and ran his mouth, which is why he always got ribbed. He recalls one time Oscar told Steve Lombardi he would have him floating in a river.


When he won King of the Ring, Frazier said he wanted to be the actual king with the whole wardrobe. He also talks about being the first person to pin the Undertaker in the middle of the ring. He even drew up the belt design and had Reggie Parks make it as Frazier also talks about majoring in commercial arts while in college.


At 1995 SummerSlam against Diesel, Frazier said Vince told them the World Title match goes on last then said they both moved well even though they messed up a few spots. He thought it would have been better for Diesel to chase him for the title but Vince wanted Diesel to “kill the monster.”


On why Men on a Mission broke up, Frazier said that Mo displayed some jealously when he won King of the Ring but he gave Mo more attitude after that and it severed their relationship. Frazier said they lived together at one point and were very close as he does not blame Mo for acting that way as he was young and a bit immature. Mo is a truck driver today who occasionally promotes Independent shows. Frazier said Mo was getting $5,000 to stand on the apron while he wrestled singles matches as he does not understand why Mo cared so much about what he was making. Frazier said they were both released together and that was the company’s way of splitting them up and so he could bring him back after he matured. Frazier said this ruined their friendship and wishes he could go back and change how he dealt with Mo’s professional jealously.


After getting released, Frazier said he briefly talked with Eric Bischoff about getting into WCW but it did not materialize as Frazier said he is thankful looking back as he is a WWF guy. He then worked for Carlos Colon in WWC and thought it was great as the fans were rabid and tossed batteries and bottles at him when he beat Colon for the belt.


The WWF called him back up in July of 1998 for a one night appearance against Ken Shamrock on RAW and was promised they would bring him back down the line, which they did in January of 1999.


Frazier puts over ECW and Paul Heyman for working November to Remember 1998 but said it was also a one-night deal.


During his second run with the WWF, Frazier put over Steve Austin and the Rock and said that Austin once hit him with a suitcase full of beer during a segment that knocked him silly. He also puts over Degeneration X for getting so popular. He liked Owen Hart and said he would always glue Mark Henry’s boots to the ceiling. Frazier became friends with Bradshaw & Faarooq and said they would go out together at the bars.


Frazier got hurt with a separated shoulder and did not have a spot when he got healthy. They wanted him to down to Developmental but he felt another opportunity would come for him and ended up getting released.


He came back to the WWE in 2004 and was supposed to be in a tag team with Gangrel but got switched over to RAW instead. Frazier said they needed ideas to fill TV time and Vince came up with the “love machine” character as he compliments Trish or being great to work with and how their chemistry was fantastic. He said the same for Lillian Garcia and how she was upset when the angle ended and her tears the last of the angle were legit.


Frazier said he butted heads with Vince over changing his look then talked about getting tattoos during his love machine character. He moved over to ECW where he was repackaged as Big Daddy V and talks about how he thought he did a good job. Frazier said the rumors of the company wanting him to go home and lose weight was false as he was off the road due to pneumonia.


On his release, Frazier talked about getting pneumonia and was very sick and got released when his doctor told the company for making certain “comments” regarding his health and the WWE had to let him go again. Frazier said he was going to be in the Battle Royal at WrestleMania 24 and from that have a feud with Kane.


Frazier talks about the McMahon Family and has a lot of love for them. He said that Stephanie is just like her father. He also calls Triple H the smartest man in the history of the business for marrying into the company.


On John Cena, Frazier says he eats and breathes wrestling and is one of the most hardworking guys ever in the business.


The biggest misconception of him is that he is a one-dimensional person as he had five different characters. His favorite was the love machine.


Frazier believes the internet and “news sheets” are hurting the business as it has taken away from the fan experience.


On getting “ribbed,” Frazier said he never had that happen to him but the worst he saw happened overseas. Lex Luger ordered some noodles to his hotel room and someone put shit underneath them in the bowl.


He closes by discussing a few film and TV roles he is working on and thanks the fans for their support.


Final Thoughts: Overall, the interview was dull. I was most interesting in Frazier when he talked about his relationship with Mo crumbling as you can see it really effected him. It also tells us why he got released from the WWF so soon.

Frazier seems like a nice guy and all but the interview was not that interesting. I saw glimpses of Frazier thinking he was too big of a deal for some of the roles he was given and might have been difficult to work with but he did not have a bad thing to say about anyone and seems like a “gentle giant” to me.

I really do not recommend this interview. There are a few good stories but there are a lot of lags in the interview. I’ll say that it is far from the worst shoot interview I have seen.

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