Impact Wrestling – October 27, 2016

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 27, 2016
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero

It’s an interesting time in Impact Wrestling and that’s excluding all of the court shenanigans going on at the moment. The big story at the moment is Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards over the TNA World Title but in addition to that we have the mixed feud between Cody and Brandi Rhodes vs. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Let’s get to it.

We open at the Hardy Compound where Senor Benjamin and Vanguard I have prepared a corn maze. The humans go their separate ways and Jeff, wearing sunglasses, says he has lost his family and stops to eat corn, seemingly starving. Matt suddenly has a pre-mo-NEE-tion saying that an outsider will appear tonight and give them a bad message. As for now though, it’s Trick or Delete.

Ethan Carter III/Jesse Godderz vs. Aron Rex/Eli Drake

This was set up during a brawl on Fact of Life last week. Aron works on Jesse’s arm to start as it’s the simple white and pink gear still looks pretty horrible. Jesse and Ethan alternate dropkicks for two on Rex but it’s off to Drake for a breather. That lasts all of five seconds before it’s back to Aron, who has to be saved from the Adonis Lock. A double flapjack plants Drake and we go to a commercial.

Back with Jesse fighting out of a chinlock but getting kneed in the ribs to put him right back down. The beating doesn’t last long though as Jesse dives over for the hot tag to Carter but Rex takes him right down into the corner for some knees to the face. Drake adds in some shoulders and we’re off to the second face in peril segment.

The Russian legsweep and wind-up elbow get two on Carter, who then has to fight out of Drake’s chinlock. They trade sleepers and Carter falls into the corner for the tag to Jesse. An Angle Slam of all things sends Drake flying as everything breaks down again. Rex has something on his hand to rake over Jesse’s face, followed by the Revelator for the pin at 15:18.

Rating: C-. This was more long than good and I’m still not sure why they feel the need to turn Rex heel so quickly. It’s almost like a guy who has been a generic character for years and only made a splash on the main WWE roster with an over the top gimmick isn’t all that interesting as Aron Rex: Guy In Trunks.

We look back at Maria attacking Brandi last week.

Maria is running her mouth when Brandi comes in, sending Maria scampering.

Grado has something planned for Halloween but won’t say it on camera.

Some kids come up to House Hardy so Jeff sings the Obsolete Song and Matt tells them that they’re soldiers in the Great War.

Rockstar Spud teases who he has for his Team X Gold teammates.

Here’s Grado to say he’s been having a great time in Impact Wrestling but wants more. That’s why tonight he wants to bring out one of his inspirations: Robbie E! See, for Halloween, Grado wants to be a BroMan. He heads to the back and comes out in yellow trunks and covered in oil, which gives us the always awesome shocked Robbie face. A lot of dancing ensues but the TNA Wyatts appear and beat them down. Josh says they’re called the DCC as two of them give Grado a spike piledriver.

Earlier today, Aiden O’Shea called Allie over to talk to Billy Corgan. Allie thinks she needs to stand up for herself so Corgan grants her a match with Laurel Van Ness for tonight.

DJZ/Braxton Sutter/Mandrews vs. Rockstar Spud/Decay

This is Team X Gold and Decay are mystery partners. Sutter and company are now called Team Go For Broke and carry a Team X Gold flag, which seems to be the division’s title. Sutter drops Abyss with a flying shoulder and catches Steve in a scoop powerslam. Mandrews comes in and his high levels of suck allows Steve to take over with some ripping at the face. Steve charges into a boot in the corner but Mandrews still can’t dive over for the tag. The second attempt works and it’s off to DJZ as everything breaks down. The ZDT takes care of Spud for the pin at 4:03.

Rating: D+. And they want two divisions going at the same time out of these guys? There’s barely enough time to have DJZ defend his title regularly (When is the last time there was even a real story over that title that doesn’t involve a heavyweight laughing at how worthless it is?) but hey: THEY HAVE A FLAG!

Cody and Brandi call this personal.

Here are Lashley and Eddie Edwards for their contract signing. All contact has been banned and I’m sure that’s going to hold up. Lashley thinks it’s amusing that Eddie got to face Cody last week instead of the inevitable title loss right off the bat while he’s been jumping through hoops.

Lashley gives Eddie a change to get out without signing but Eddie talks about Lashley ducking him and how the rematch is next week. Lashley did take Eddie lightly and he got lucky. This isn’t a movie though and now the lucky guy has to pay. The champ says he’s not backing down and signs but asks Lashley what happens if he loses next week. That’s enough for Lashley and the table is turned over, only to have him sign in peace.

We recap Allie getting beaten down last week.

Laurel Van Ness hits on Sutter, who doesn’t know what to think.

Back to House Hardy where we have the opening of the first Halloween movie (nice touch). The doorbell rings and it’s…..the Hurricane, who has the door slammed in his face. Jeff leaves to put on his costume and comes back as that fast talking insane guy from the Great War, who I don’t believe has a name.

Back from a break with Jeff, in costume, mowing the lawn into his logo.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie

Madison Rayne is on commentary again. Laurel drives her into the corner to start and shrugs off a clothesline. They head outside where Laurel misses a charge into the steps to give Allie a chance. Back in and Allie scores off a double leg takedown and some right hands, setting up a rollup for two. Not that it matters as a curb stomp ends Allie at 4:33.

Rating: D. There wasn’t anything to this match but it’s part of a bigger story. I’m sure Allie will get better (she’s a long tenured indy wrestler) and get the win back later so this is fine at the moment. What isn’t fine is Madison, who has a pretty grating voice and is playing this totally straight, meaning it doesn’t really add anything to the match and is more distracting than anything else.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump come up to House Hardy. Senor Benjamin tazes Trump and Jeff asks what happened to the e-mails. Matt: “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Ok I chuckled on that one. Jeff shouts about Boo Radley and Vanguard I chases Hilary away.

Godderz comes up to Rex and demands a title shot, which Rex actually grants.

A kid comes up to House Hardy and gives Reby a tape, which is from the DCC. They’re coming for the Hardys and their titles next week.

Mike Bennett and Maria say they have what Cody and Brandi want.

Video on Lashley vs. Edwards.

Mike Bennett/Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Cody/Brandi Rhodes

Maria starts and tags out in less than three seconds, meaning the men will really get this going. Cody sends Mike into the corner and Maria slaps him in the face, almost drawing Brandi over for the fight. A cutter gives Mike two and we take a break. Back with Cody fighting out of trouble and slamming Mike down.

Maria is smart enough to sneak around the ring and pull Brandi off the apron though, meaning Mike can get in a running corner clothesline. Mike allows Maria to get in a few cheap shots but she kicks her husband low by mistake. The tag brings in Brandi and it’s time for the catfighting because neither of them are full time wrestlers.

The bad looking offense results in Maria being sent into another low blow on Mike, followed by some kind of choke/half nelson from Brandi (the camera keeps moving around so we never get a clear shot of it). Cody adds a modified reverse Figure Four (I believe Jamie Noble used to call it the Trailer Hitch) for a double submission at 11:20.

Rating: C. This was basically the definitive welcome to the company for Cody and Brandi as the women were really just there as window dressing for the match. There’s nothing wrong with that as they’re not trained wrestlers and can only do so much. In other words, it was smart to let the guys do most of the work here and just give the fans something to cheer for at the end.

Cody and Brandi go to the back but Lashley jumps Cody, leaving Brandi to flail at his back. Lashley, in a weird camera shot where he’s supposed to be looking at Cody but is looking at the camera, says no one comes into his house without his permission to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. As is so often the case with TNA, this was much more about setting up stuff later on instead of doing anything at the moment. The main event felt somewhat important but the big show is next week. It’s pretty much TNA’s version of Backlash and the card looks big, though it’s still nothing all that exciting. This wasn’t much of a show but I’ve seen far worse.


Aron Rex/Eli Drake b. Jesse Godderz/Ethan Carter III – Revelator to Godderz

DJZ/Braxton Sutter/Mandrews b. Rockstar Spud/Decay – ZDT to Spud

Laurel Van Ness b. Allie – Curb stomp

Cody/Brandi Rhodes b. Maria Kanellis-Bennett/Mike Bennett – Double submission

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