PWG 2016 Battle of Los Angeles, Final Stage

You can also read my recaps of Night One and Night Two

September 4, 2016

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Trevor Lee vs. Dalton Castle

The crowd is hot for Castle. They do some stalling to start as they play up to the crowd. Castle then takes Lee down and works the leg for a bit. Lee retreats in the corner then gets heel heat for saying he is a “TNA superstar.” Lee then mocks Castle but turned his back and gets clotheslined outside as Castle struts before flying out with a tope. Back inside, Casltle hits a running knee smash. They go back-and-forth until Castle boots Lee off the top then charges on the apron as Lee trips him up. Lee then drops Castle onto the apron with a back suplex as the action heads back into the ring. Lee takes Castle down with a dropkick as that gets two. Lee hits a release German suplex then starts choking Castle out with his foot. Castle mounts a comeback and hits a few suplexes. He eats boot on a charge but is able to catch Lee coming off of the top and uses an overhead suplex for a nearfall. Lee breaks out of a German suplex attempt as that leads to a reversal sequence with Lee hitting a deadlift German suplex after flipping over Castle in one single motion as the crowd applauds. Lee takes Castle outside and yells at the fans but Castle does a 6-1-9 and uses a hurricarana to take him down. Castle rolls Lee inside but gets hit with a knee smash as Lee follows with a Twist of Fate. Lee then hits Castle with a Penalty Kick from the apron then heads up top but Castle gets his knees up on a swanton as both men are down. Lee is able to reverse a crossbody in midair and covers but Castle floats over and hits a delayed deadlift German suplex for two. Castle then uses a pair of rolling German suplexes as Lee is taking a breather on the apron. Castle hits Lee with a running knee and sets up for the Bang-a-Rang but Lee slips out and ends up hitting a Superman elbow. Lee then gets whipped into the ropes and comes back with a Canadian Destroyer and puts Castle in a small package for the win (13:37) ***.

Thoughts: Good opener. Nothing memorable happened or anything but it was a good, solid match that picked up towards the end and had a nice finish.


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Ricochet vs. John Hennigan

Hennigan is clearly the heel here as he pisses off the crowd. They show off their athleticism with a reversal sequence that ends in a stalemate and has the crowd on its feet. Very choreographed but still entertaining. Hennigan kicks Ricochet low after a break then works a rear naked choke. Ricochet comes back with a DDT and flies out with a Fosbury Flop. The crowd chants for Ricochet as he hits a cradle suplex after another reversal sequence that gets two. Hennigan gets out of the Benadryller and comes back with an enziguiri then a double springboard kick for a nearfall. They are fighting on the apron as Ricochet’s foot is through the ropes and Hennigan hits a neckbreaker as Ricochet dumps outside. Hennigan rolls him back in for a two count then hits a springboard kick to the face. He sets up for the Starship Pain but Ricochet rolls out of the way then they trade kicks until Ricochet hits a clothesline as both men are down. They get up and slug it out as Hennigan wins that battle. He gets two with a standing Spanish Fly then tries again for the Starship Pain as Ricochet yanks his leg down. Ricochet knocks Hennigan down and tries for a kick but Hennigan uses the ref as a shield then kicks Ricochet low. Hennigan hits the Moonlight Drive but Ricochet is able to kick out. Hennigan tries for the Starship Pain again but Ricochet cuts him off. Hennigan knocks him off the top but misses the Starship Pain. Ricochet hits a bicycle knee smash and catches Hennigan with a fireman’s carry and turns that into some short of driver before putting Hennigan away with a 630 (11:57) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Some really good action but a little too over-choreographed. Hennigan has instantly become a heel in PWG but he had a somewhat disappointing showing BOLA weekend.


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Marty Scurll vs. Cody Rhodes

Scurll attacks Cody with his umbrella before the bell. He hits a super kick from the apron then the bell rings as they head back inside. Scurll gets two with a brainbuster as he is now yelling at Cody’s wife. She takes her shoes off as that allows Cody to get two with a rollup. Cody hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Scurll comes back to yank Cody down by the arm as he now rakes his back. Scurll stays on the attack then hits a basement dropkick after some mocking that has the crowd booing. Scurll starts stomping Cody’s arm then does some more taunting. Cody comes back with a clothesline then heads up top but Scurll cuts him off and hits a superplex but Cody cradles him for a nearfall. Scurll places Cody in the corner and sets up for a kick to the nuts but the crowd chants “she wants kids” as Brandi jumps on the apron only for Scurll to hit a super kick to the groin. Scurll takes Cody’s boot off but Cody fights back and hits a springboard dropkick as both men are down. Cody gets up and fires away but Scurll holds onto the ropes to block an Alabama Slam then hits a powerbomb. Cody comes back with a Disaster Kick then flies outside with a double springboard plancha. Scurll rakes him in the eyes then drops him on the apron with a back suplex as he now starts to harrass Brandi. Scurll asks for a kiss and they taunt each other until Scurll sneaks in a kiss then does the “yes” chant only to turn around and get slapped. He heads back inside where Cody boots him in the face and hits a moonsault press for two. Scurll kicks out of a spinning toe hold and starts breaking Cody’s fingers but Cody comes back to hit the Cross Rhodes as Scurll is able to kick out. Cody tries it again but Scurll gets out and tries to put on the Chicken Wing. Cody elbows out of that then accidentally takes down the ref in the corner. Scurll hits Cody low then covers as the ref counts for the win (11:40) ***. After the match, the crowd chants for Cody to please come back and he says he will be.

Thoughts: Fun match, although having someone not win clean is a bit odd here. Anyway, the crowd loved Cody and the interactions between Scurll and Brandi were pretty damn good. I really did not think Cody showed much in this match though. So, I guess he will be back in PWG again.


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match:Mark Andrews vs. Chris Hero

Hero takes Andrews down with a kick to the face during the ring introductions. He then gets two with a sitout powerbomb and takes Andrews down again with an elbow smash. Hero continues to rough up Andrews until he comes back with a tornado DDT. Andrews then flies out and hits a Dragonrana as it appeared Hero slipped on the floor. They head back in where Andrews goes up top but Hero catches his hurricarana and hits a piledriver for two as Andrews is almost dead. Hero lays into Andrews in the corner. Andrews comes back with an inverted hurricarana as both men are down. Andrews gets up and hits a flurry of strikes but gets hit with a bicycle kick. Hero places Andrews on his shoulders but Andrews uses a victory roll and gets the upset win as the crowd goes nuts (6:06) **. After the match, Hero lays out Andrews as the crowd chants “f--- you, Hero.” He then shoves down the ref and hits Andrews with an avalanche piledriver.

Thoughts: I liked the booking as the tournament needed a major upset. Hero beat the crap out of Andrews here and made himself a heel with the crowd in this match too.



Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Mark Haskins vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly is selling his shoulder injury from his first round match against Matt Riddle. They mix it up for a bit as neither man can gain an advantage. Haskins is able to attack the shoulder and really wrenches back O’Reilly’s arm. He hits a dropkick for two then goes back to the arm. O’Reilly fights out with a bunch of strikes before kicking Haskins down. O’Reilly works a body scissors as he peppers Haskins with crossfaces. O’Reilly hits a sliding knee smash to the ribs as he slowly beats on his opponent. Haskins comes back with a dropkick as both men are down. Haskins is up first and lands some kicks to the chest. O’Reilly catches a kick then takes Haskins down with a leg sweep after a flurry of kicks. O’Reilly follows with a running elbow smash then a knee to the face as both men are down. O’Reilly gets two with a capture suplex after trying for a front sleeper hold as the crowd engages in a dueling chant. Haskins comes back with a bicycle kick then puts O’Reilly in the Stretch Muffler. O’Reilly turns that into a triangle hold and that ends with a rollup for two. Both men kick each other down as the ref starts up the ten count. They get up and trade strikes but O’Reilly catches Haskins with a backbreaker then puts him in the knee bar. Haskins bridges back and gets two but O’Reilly hits him with a pumphandle GTS then turns him inside-out with a lariat for a nearfall. Haskins escapes from a suplex then is able to put O’Reilly in a Scorpion Death Lock and wrenches back as O’Reilly taps out (15:00) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Good match and another upset. O’Reilly’s offense is just awesome. His strikes look as good as anyone else’s in wrestling and he has a awesome submission game too. Haskins is also impressing me in this tournament as he had an excellent match against Cedric Alexander in the first round.


Battle of Los Angeles Second Round Match: Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Ospreay dropkicks Sabre outside then flies out with a tope con hilo. Back inside, Ospreay gets two with the Red Arrow. He takes Sabre out with a bicycle kick and flies out with a Fosbury Flop. Sabre rolls away from a 450 splash and hits an uppercut. Ospreay catches Sabre with a backslide for two then gets another nearfall with a corkscrew kick. Ospreay tries to springboard into the ring but Sabre cuts him off and boots him in the face as he was tangled in the ropes. Sabre works the neck then taunts  Ospreay to chop him as he knocks Ospreay down and stomps the back of his head. Sabre puts Ospreay in some wacky stretch to further attack the neck. Sabre then works a strangle hold as he is getting more aggressive. Ospreay finally escapes as he then takes Sabre down with a springboard forearm smash for two. Ospreay handsprings out of a tornado DDT but Sabre uses a rollup then catches him with a Tiger Suplex for two. Ospreay is able to get his feet on the ropes as he was being stretched out but Sabre inflicts more pain. Sabre tries for a top rope Dragon Suplex but Ospreay breaks that up and they slug it out. Ospreay tucks Sabre’s head underneath and jumps off to hit a super kick. Ospreay hits a standing shooting star press then they work a nifty sequence that ends with Ospreay countering a bridging pin with one of his own for the win (10:58) ****.

Thoughts: Excellent match and best of the second round. This was somewhat like an abbreviated version of their classic at EVOLVE 58 during WrestleMania weekend. Ospreay pins Sabre, the PWG Champion, and moves on to the semi-finals.


PWG Tag Team Title Match: Pentagon Jr. & Fenix vs. Young Bucks (c)

This crowd is rabid for Pentagon & Fenix. Nick and Fenix start off the match with a back-and-forth sequence that ends in a stalemate. They tag out as the crowd chants “Cero Miedo.” Matt uses an eye poke after some taunting then after a reversal sequence returns the favor. Pentagon hits a pair of sling blades before tagging out. Matt gets double-teamed during a nice sequence as Nick breaks up the pin attempt. Nick then takes Pentagon down with a facebuster and takes Fenix down with a moonsault block off of the apron. Fenix then breaks up a pin and hits Nick with a rolling frog splash then another one from the top rope that got a ton of height as that gets two. Matt makes a blind tag and drills Fenix with a super kick from the apron. The Bucks take Pentagon off of the apron as they are in control. Fenix escapes and cleans house as Pentagon comes into the ring. Pentagon hits Matt with a pumphandle driver then takes Nick out with a tope con hilo. Fenix flies out with a tornillo but the Bucks duck and he takes out his own partner. Nick then takes them both out with an assisted moonsault from the top rope as Matt does a ton of flips before sliding out with a double back rake. However, the Bucks celebrated too much and eat super kicks. Back inside, the Bucks come back with super kicks then Matt hits a slingshot DDT on Fenix onto the apron the Pentagon uses a package piledriver on the apron to hit Nick as the crowd goes nuts. Pentagon really protected Nick well there. Back inside, Pentagon and Matt slug it out. Matt escapes from a package piledriver and uses a pop up powerbomb. Matt tries for a package piledriver but Fenix breaks that up with a super kick. Pentagon then hits the Bucks with a Gory Bomb/package piledriver combo as Fenix comes off the top with a springboard 450 on Matt for a nearfall. The crowd starts a “this is awesome” chant. Matt then catches Fenix’s moonsault block on the floor as the Bucks hit Fenix with a Tope Con Meltzer Driver. The Bucks head in to nail Pentagon with a double super kick then hit him with the Meltzer Driver but Fenix is able to make the save. The Bucks heads up top for 450 splashes but Pentagon & Fenix get their knees up. The Bucks then hit double super kicks but Pentagon & Fenix spit at them from their knees. The Bucks hit them with a bunch of kicks to the face and get the win (14:31) ***1/2. After the match, Fenix thanks the crowd as they are throwing money into the ring. Pentagon then grabs the mic and says he is sorry as he does not speak English but does speak in his native tongue as the crowd gives them a standing applause. The Bucks then attack them from behind.

Thoughts: This match was a bit all over the place but they did some crazy stuff and it was entertaining throughout. Fenix & Pentagon were crazy over during BOLA weekend and Fenix in particular had an amazing weekend. He’s really a great talent and is brother Pentagon is one of the most charismatic guys in wrestling. I also liked how they let these guys speak to the crowd as Fenix has been learning English from Taya Valkyrie at Lucha Underground tapings. The end also leads us to believe that Fenix & Pentagon will be getting a rematch.



Battle of Los Angeles Semi-Finals Match: Mark Andrews vs. Trevor Lee

Andrews is selling the shitkicking he received from Hero. Andrews dodges an attack and fires away. Lee cuts him off but Andrews comes back with a hurricarana for two. Andrews gets cut off with a clothesline after trying a dive as he rolls outside as Hero is on commentary saying its a shame Andrews is hurt. Lee drops Andrews on the apron with a back suplex then walks him around the ring and does it a few more times. Lee rolls Andrews inside for a two count then Andrews floats over on a suplex to hit an enziguiri. Lee catches Andrews with a dropkick then whips him into the corner. Andrews hits the Stundog Millionaire as both are down. Lee sets up Andrews for a Twist of Fate on the apron but Andrews escapes and stomps him down. Back inside, Andrews gets two with a swinging DDT then heads up top but Lee rolls away and catches Andrews with a double stomp. Andrews blocks a deadlift German with a victory toll then hits an inverted hurricarana. Andrews flies out with a tope con hilo then heads up top but Lee jumps up to cut him off. Andrews goes for the shooting star press but Lee gets his knees up then hits the small package driver for the win (8:19) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match, although slowly paced. Andrews run as the underdog babyface ends as Lee moves on to the finals.


Battle of Los Angeles Semi-Finals Match: Mark Haskins vs. Marty Scrull

Scurll attacks Andrews before the bell the same way he did to Cody in the second round. Haskins manages a quick small package for two then Scurll goes back to work. Haskins fights back and takes Scurll out with a tope. Scurll fights back and tries a tope into a DDT but that gets blocked as Haskins nails him with a super kick. Haskins is selling his leg here as he yanks Scurll off of the top and boots him to the floor. Haskins heads inside but Scurll uses a dragon screw and starts attacking the leg. Haskins is screaming in pain as Scrull yells that he is crying like a bitch. Scurll hangs Haskins’ leg in the ropes and charges but uses an eye poke instead. Scurll is doing sumo wrestling poses to f--- with Haskins as he is stomping the leg. Haskins finally gets free and puts Scurll in a single leg crab but Scurll reaches the ropes. Scurll targets the leg but wastes too much time taunting and eats boot on a charge. They fight up top for a bit until Haskins elbows Scurll off. Haskins then rolls through a double stomp and gets kicked in the leg. Scurll gets two off of a powerbomb and hits a few strikes but Haskins comes back with a knee smash. Scurll hits an inverted suplex then locks on the crossface but does not have it locked in fully as Haskins gets out. They trade super kicks as both men are down. They get up and have a reversal sequence until Haskins kicks Scurll in the head and hits the meteora for a nearfall. They get up as Scurll  tries for the chicken wing. Haskins blcks that and uses and armbar but puts it back on but Scurll escapes again. Scurll hits a super kick as the crowd claps then chants “this is awesome.” Scurll sets up for the chicken wing but Haskins hits an elbow smash. Scurll uses a finger breaker then counters an O’Connor roll with the chicken wing and gets the win (16:47) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Really good match. Scurll is so damn entertaining and really has his act down pat. He was great here. Haskins also showed a lot this weekend and could easily return to PWG in the future. Scurll is now going on to the finals after losing last year in the Semi-Finals.


Battle of Los Angeles Semi-Finals Match: Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet

They go all out to start as Ricochet hits a spinout powerbomb then flies out with a dive. Ricochet flies in with a springboard clothesline as he takes control of the match. Ospreay fights back but walks into a spinebuster then rolls away from the People’s Moonsault and hits an upkick. Ospreay lands on the apron then boots Ricochet in the face before hitting a flying forearm. Ospreay flies out with a tope con hilo. Back inside, Ricochet catches Ospreay with a backbreaker then gets two with a standing shooting star press. Ospreay hits a spin kick after getting out of the Benadryller then takes over. He gets two with a corkscrew senton as both men are down. Ospreay hits a pair of kicks but Ricochet blocks a springboard cutter. Ricochet then snaps off an inverted hurricarana but Ospreay lands on his feet to hit one of his own. They get up and trade strikes as that turns into a reversal sequence ending with Ricochet hitting rolling suplexes for a two count in an awesome sequence. Ricochet heads up top after a quick breather but Opsreay rolls away then catches him with the Essex Destroyer and gets two with a corkscrew kick. Ricochet blocks another cutter then hits a driver and sets up for the Benadryller but Ospreay breaks out and hits a cutter for the win (10:07) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Fun, but too short to be considered a classic or anything. They told a story of Ricochet trying to become the first person to win BOLA twice but that will not happen as Ospreay advances to the finals.


Team Ciampa (Tomasso Ciampa & Sami Callihan & Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle & Brian Kendrick) vs. Team Liger (Jushin Thunder Liger & Cedric Alexander & Jeff Cobb & Tommy End & Chuck Taylor)

Kendrick was a surprise entrant here as the crowd chants his name during the introductions then his teammates make him wear the makeup. Team Ciampa is all wearing the cat face paint. Taylor and Ciampa start things off. Ciampa tells Taylor “Brother Dustin, I’d new you come” as the crowd chants “psycho kitties.” Callihan tags and calls out Liger, who comes in and tries to take off the mask but Callihan puts up his claws. Liger rips it off but Callihan rakes his chest. Liger rakes him back then works a surfboard until Kendrick makes the save. Kendrikc tags as does Cedric as the crowd chants “CWC.” Kendrick pulls up on a dropkick by Cedric then gets in his face but Cedric takes him down. Cedric hits a dropkick then Riddle tags in as Cedric now tags in Cobb as the crowd applauds. Cobb and Riddle go face-to-face then they work an amateur sequence at a rapid pace as the crowd goes mental. Riddle works a cross armbreaker but Cobb lifts him up with one arm. Dunne and End tag in as they go right at it as Dunne takes control. End comes back with a bicycle knee for a two count as they trade more strikes. Ciampa and Taylor tag in as they go back-and-forth. Ciampa traps Taylor in the corner and goes for the thumb in the ass but Liger makes the save and tells Ciampa to put a thumb in his ass. Ciampa cannot bring himself to do it as Liger tells it to put it in his asshole so he does as Ciampa is the one selling pain. End comes in to put his thumb up Ciampa’s ass as they all start doing this one-by-one until they are all in the ring. Liger then leads them in a conga line and stops as everyone falls down. The crowd chants for Liger, who then pulls out a remote and pauses the match as they do the PWG signature slo-mo sequence as the announcers and crowd even play along. Liger then hits the button to restart the match as Alexander flies out to hit End with a tope con hilo in a cool spot. Cobb is the last guy in the ring as he sets up for a dive until Ciampa cuts him off. Ciampa heads up top but is hesitant then sings “I Believe” by R Kelly with the crowd but Cobb cuts him off. Ciampa shoves him down as the crowd continues singing. Ciampa comes off to hit Cobb with a splash then everyone comes in and trades big moves until Liger clotheslines Dunne and gets the win with a brainbuster (17:41) **1/2.

Thoughts: The comedy is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea (its not mine) but Liger appeared to be having the time of his life out there and the crowd popped huge for his win. The action at the beginning and end was really fun though.


Battle of Los Angeles Finals: Will Ospreay vs. Trevor Lee vs. Marty Scurll

This match is under elimination rules. They all face off for a bit then go after each other. Ospreay hits Scurll with a tope con hilo then heads inside where he flips out of a back suplex attempt from Lee and dodges Scurll’s super kick fakeout to hit the standing Spanish Fly for two. They all end up kicking each other down then slowly get up as Lee & Scurll beat on Ospreay, who fights back. Ospreay gets hit with a double super kick then Scurll slaps Lee down after he tried to break Ospreay’s fingers and shows him how its done. Lee hits Scurll with a roundhouse kick then hits a draping DDT before the Twist of Fate on the apron. Ospreay flies out with the Flying Space Tiger Drop on Lee then heads in with a springboard 450 to Scurll for two. Ospreay gits Lee with an inverted rana but Scurll chops him across the chest. Scurll hits more chops in the corner. They all start hitting each other then Lee reverses a crossbody in midair for two. Ospreay continues to fight off both men but Lee tucks his head in the corner and hits a superkick. Ospreay hits Scurll with the Essex Destroyer but Lee hits him with a German suplex. Scurll puts Ospreay in the chicken wing but Ospreay gets his hand up before the three count. Scurll then lays into Ospreay and Lee helps out as Scurll then puts Ospreay back into the chicken wing. Lee is stomping on Ospreay’s chest as he finally taps out as we are down to two men (10:00). Lee and Scurll slowly get to their feet then start slapping each other. Scurll hits an uppercut but runs into a stomp as both men are down. Scurll hits a tornado DDT then tries to roll through with a suplex but Lee counters and hits a release suplex for two. Scurll then comes back to snap Lee’s arm as tries for the chicken wing but Lee blocks and gets two with a German suplex. Lee hits a Twist of Fate and heads up top for the Swanton as that gets two. Lee then charges but Scurll pulls the ref in the way as he gets knocked down. Scurll grabs his umbrella and uses it to beat the crap out of Lee. Scurll then wakes up the ref and rolls on top but Lee is able to kick out as the crowd cheers. Lee comes back with chops in the corner and hits a roundhouse kick but Scurll reverses and locks on the chicken wing. Lee eventually rolls out but Scurll lands a bunch of elbows and puts him back in as Lee ends up tapping as Scurll has won the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament (19:17) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good match but the burnout factor seemed to be setting in as the show was long as the building was hot and humid. I liked how both guys took out Ospreay before beating on each other and although both are heels, I think Scurll’s act is better than Lee’s heel TNA Superstar gimmick. Scurll really had a great weekend and deserved to win.


After the match, Scurll is in the ring with the trophy. He then talks about how he deserves this and talks about seeing wrestling for the first time at age 6 and knew it was what he was supposed to do. He talks about being put on this planet to wrestle and how people told him due to his size it was an unrealistic goal as he is a “little s---.” Scurll then says how he is owed a title shot for winning the tournament and tells his friend, Zack Sabre, to be prepared to come back to Reseda and defend the PWG Title against the greatest professional wrestler. Sabre comes and holds up the title as Scurll holds up the BOLA Trophy. Sabre leaves and lets Scurll celebrate.


Final Thoughts: Although it could not hold a candle to the first two nights (most shows can not to be honest) it was still quite good. They learned the lesson from last year and shortened the final night which was for the best. Last year’s final match was about 37 minutes long. Anyway, they managed to surpass last year’s tournament and all three nights were a blast. Hopefully, PWG runs another show before the end of the year.

You can order the show at Highspots or from the PWG website


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