“Don’t chant Goldberg, Brock doesn’t like it.” “Ok, Goldberg sucks! Goldberg sucks!”

So, does sending Brock and Heyman out and attempting to get Brock booed (and his opponent cheered) in Minnesota rank as the stupidest promo decision by WWE Creative in some time?

Where do you rank it in the all-time "oh no they didn’t" stakes?

​I feel like announcing the big match on TWITTER is more of a strange decision in the grand scheme of things. That and Rollins somehow managing to win a match with two rollups at the same time.

Man, this PPV on Sunday…I thought they somehow couldn’t make a buildup less compelling than No Mercy’s undercard, but three Cell matches based on the authority figure essentially coming out and saying "It’s October, so we’re gonna do three Cell matches to improve ratings" is starting to get into TNA territory.

PS, Kevin Owens is fat.​