Black Scorpion Plug Request And Question For The Blog

Hiya! Hope you’re doing well, Mr. K! Your old pals at The Obtuse Angles Podcast here! Was wondering if you could help plug our new episode as we break down The Black Scorpion? We think your listeners will find it quite humorous (Lance Storm voice). and iTunes.

Also, for poops and giggles, let’s say your handed the book in November 1990. Starcade is around the corner. Who’s The Black Scorpion?

​There was nothing really WRONG with Flair as the Scorpion, as long as they had built it up beforehand somehow, but they didn’t. They spent all year burying the guy in the midcard and then suddenly panicked and put him back in the main event and then put the title on him a couple of weeks later. Had they just unmasked the guy as Flair at Halloween Havoc and done a rematch at Starrcade where Flair regains the title, GREAT. ​

Alternate theories: Tully Blanchard could have worked in the role if he wasn’t all Churchy McGee at that point. Maybe Nikita? Really, the whole thing was a Higher Power situation where they built it up so big that they couldn’t possibly pay it off to the degree the people expected anyway.