Cool Down Match

Why does WWE always feel the need to have a cool down match late in the card on PPVs? Everyone of them feels like a waste of time and a disservice to the wrestlers in those matches because nobody gives a s---. Couldn’t they bring the crowd down a bit with interviews or video packages? Instead they trot out some match to make their own roster look worthless because nobody could possibly care about a Mi​z​
match right after a John Cena match.

​Is there a time when people possibly COULD care about a Miz match?

I strongly disagree with the theory as well. I liked the NWA setup of small-small-small-medium-medium-big-big-big as far as card layout goes. Instead of building up the audience and then bringing them down again, why not build and build and then deliver a huge main event? WWE is so set on their way being the best way that they never stop to think if maybe there might be another way. ​