Chris Hyatte question

Hey Scott,

For some reason I was going down an old rspw rabbit hole and came on a archived version of that embarrassingly horrible Chris Hyatte fan fic about you kidnapping HHH. Can you tell me who the other two guys helping you in his bizarre story were supposed to be? Y2Q and Anakin? I’m thinking maybe Anakin is supposed to be Sean Shannon but I’m not even sure. Can you shed any light on this question?

Here’s a link to it if you wanted to be reminded about how absolutely horrible it was. The "jokes" are so cringe worthy.


​I am able to shed no light on it because I barely even knew about it until well after the fact. Chris spent months trying to start a "feud" with me and I have no idea why. At one point he even came up with a bizarre scheme where he tried to hack my passwords and then pretended to warn me about someone else doing it, presumably so he could rip off the mask Vince Russo-style and reveal himself as the mastermind all along. Who knows why, people are weird.​