Fight Network and TNA


So the consensus seems to be that Fight Network’s parent company wants to invest in TNA with the intention of eventually taking over the company once they go bankrupt and can’ pay te loan back.

But they’d still have a debt-ridden company with a tainted brand. Would they want to sell the trademarks and tape library to Vince and re-name it Fight Network Wrestling or whatever?

​They’re not actually buying the physical tape library, they’re apparently buying the streaming rights to portions of the library. TNA keeps the tapes, and Fight Network has the right to offer TNA programming on a theoretical streaming service. This would basically prevent TNA from selling those rights to another provider like Hulu or Netflix, which is in fact something they should have done YEARS ago and thus selling those rights at this point to a company that doesn’t even have a streaming service is pretty desperate.

It’s a ridiculously complicated legal mess​.

Damning documents unsealed by the court
And as if Dixie couldn’t look any worse, now they’re 5 million in debt.  And Anthem still wants to buy!