Can/Should They Even Try?

As somebody who’s been covering the ins and outs (phrasing) for a while here, wonder what your thoughts are on this one.

So Stephanie makes her announcement that the WWE is going to "integrate LGBT characters into storylines."

Since then, we get "Make Darren Young Great Again!" and Patrick Clark, who gets this reaction from Rich Swann;

Young seems like he’s going to be stuck as a low-tier guy based on talent and charisma. I think the boat sailed after the pop from the battle royale and the match with Miz. Considering they never (that I recall) acknowledge on any broadcast that he is actually gay, it seems like he’s there as "a gay we all know who is gay", but we’ve gone so far past the actual coming out that any attempt to put it into a storyline doesn’t make a lot of sense.

And even if Clark is just the WWE being late on introducing a "Based On Prince" character, the thought almost immediately goes to "is this LGBT character incorporation?"

As a gay WWE fan, I’d love to see some kind of storyline with a strong gay character, but not where the storyline is "look at that strong gay character we now have!"

So Stephanie said it, it’s a thing, I don’t know how you run it without an actual gay wrestler, one whose actually over, talented, not a caricature and isn’t getting "the gay story push". I feel it’s almost a reverse Jurassic Park, where they thought they should but didn’t stop to think if they could.

Or is it just too much to ask the WWE to incorporate a good character into a good story in general these days?

​Yeah, I have no idea what their idea of "incopororating LGBT" characters is supposed to be, because they have enough trouble coming up with actual characters for the millions of midcard geeks they already don’t use properly. Clearly it’s just a thing she said and will never get followed up on, like 90% of the stuff they say to the media about how they’re "telling stories" and all that nonsense. ​