WM XII and Hunter

Hey Scott,

Just wondering what the deal was with Hunter and the UW squash match at WMXII. It just seemed strange considering it wasn’t like he was in on the chopping block or anything. He was several months out from the Jesus push. Plus, it was the world of jobbers in ’96.

A bodydonna, Hakushi, Isaac Yankem, Mabel. Bob Holly wasn’t doing anything especially pressing that Sunday.

What was the point of sacrificing HHH?

​Because he was a guy with a name who could theoretically get a decent match out of Warrior, who was a guy that they wanted to make World champion again. Hunter was going to win King of the Ring right away anyway. Really, the only reason it’s become this legendary "burial" ​is because of what happened after the fact, and because Hunter was all butt-hurt about it and ended up being the guy who’s in charge and so he makes the history.