Really Random Questions

Hey Scott,

I own all your books.

​Really? Even the Kindle collection of UFC rants from Because that one didn’t do very well. ​

-If Vince wasn’t so stubborn and let Randy Savage be more active from 1993-1995 who would you have preferred he have a long term feud with? Shawn or Bret?

​Shawn was the guy he wanted to put over, so we’ll go with him. ​

-If Rick Rude had stayed "up north" instead of going to WCW in the early 90s, where do you think he would have fit in? Potential Bret Hart title challenger? Would he have had a run with the title himself?

​At that point, no, I don’t think he would have ended up with the title. Going to WCW allowed him to truly reinvent his gimmick and become a top guy, which he couldn’t have done in WWF given the Hogan/Warrior logjam on top. ​

-Scale of 1-10, how bad ass would a Mr. Perfect/Rick Rude tag team have been in the late 80’s? Managed by Bobby Heenan too?

​I would be fully on board with that idea. 9/10. ​

-With people dressing up as scary clowns being a big trend now, isn’t this the perfect time to bring back heel doink?

​I must be getting old because I have no clue what the f------ clown thing is about.​

-What do you think would do better: A WWE TV show comprised entirely of squash matches or TV a show dedicated to only tag-team wrestling?

We already have the first one. It’s called Smackdown, apparently.

-If someone enjoyed Power and Glory’s run as a tag team, does it mean they are a bad person?

​Only if they also vote for Trump.​