Observer Questions

Based on the last observer review:

1) Had Flair jumped in 1990, is Flair/Hogan the obvious main event for WM 7? Was there ever a speculative booking scenario? I assume Flair would come in, and beat Warrior via shenanigans to get the belt then job it to hogan at Mania, but was there ever a plan?

2) Did Sting’s title run fail, like Warrior’s because without Flair there were no strong challengers/Black Scorpion… Or was it doomed from the start?

3) Was there talk of turning Luger heel on Sting after his title win? Or making Luger the scorpion? He must’ve hated watching his best friend get the belt after years of screwjobs against Flair

4) If Kerry weren’t available, who replaces Beefer at SummerSlam, and do they get a run with the IC Title?

​1. From what I can tell from Dave’s speculation thus far, general plan would have been for Warrior to turn heel and lose the belt to Hogan at Survivor Series, then do six months of buildup to Hogan defending against Flair at Wrestlemania.

2. ​It was doomed from the start. That being said, I don’t think it was a bad call to get the belt off Flair at this point. Clearly they didn’t want him as top guy any longer, and there’s no point keeping him as World champion and then treating him like a midcarder. It just turned out that everyone thought they wanted Sting as champion, and when it happened they all realized that they didn’t actually want that. Hindsight says they should have just went with Luger when he was hot and worried about getting challengers for him later.

3. Luger has said many times he never cared and was only concerned about the payday.

4. Well it’s pretty much a moot point because Kerry came in at the same time as the Beefcake accident anyway, but based on who was available they probably would have just put Tito in that spot for a couple of months, but I don’t see them changing the title.