Wrestling Injuries

Hi Scott,

Hope you are well,
Long time-lurker, first-time mailer. With the recent news of Hideo Itami’s injury, I’ve seen an increase in the comments that argue contemporary wrestlers are getting more injuries now than the older generations did. Do you think there is any substance to this, perhaps down to the fact that Vince’s obsession with bodybuilding having less of an influence on the wrestlers they push?

I argue that WWE are just being held to higher degree of responsibility for their wrestlers health and thus the repercussions are obviously gonna affect the show more frequently.

Just wondering if you have any thoughts on the matter?

​I think the perceived increase in injuries is down to three things at the moment:

1) Guys trying to do too much stuff without enough practice and training.

2) People getting obsessed with really heavy lifting to produce muscle mass for TV, which leads to a rash of injuries to necks and shoulders.

3) WWE being compelled by their own policies to report those injuries, whereas in the "good old days" guys would just work through it until their arm fell off like Paul Orndorff because they didn’t want to miss a payday.

​The Itami injury was obviously just a fluke thing that would have happened to anyone, but you do hear a lot of guys suffering injuries while trying crazy spots, like "wrestling Seth Rollins". ​