Ring of Honor – October 19th, 2016


Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Ring of Honor TV – 10/19/16

We are TAPED from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. And we’re not wasting any time this week, as we hear the music of the Bullet Club to kick us off! And here comes ROH World Champ Adam Cole, the ROH Tag Team champs The Young Bucks, and Adam Page! The announcers put over the Bullet Club and specifically Ladder War, where the Bucks captured the titles. Hey, Matt Jackson has himself a microphone! Let’s hear what he has to say:

“At the pay-per-view, I think it’s safe to say that the Bullet Club turned All-Star Extravaganza into FIVE STAR Extravaganza!” He and his brother had the craziest, most insane Ladder match in the history of the company, and now they’re two-time, two-time ROH World Tag Team champs! He calls himself and his brother the greatest tag team of all time, then gives the mic over to Cole. “Who’s ready for storytime with Adam Cole, bay-bay?” The Bullet Club is really good at a lot of things, but we’re really good at keeping promises, and at All-Star Extravaganza, we kept a lot of promises. I beat Michael Elgin, proving that kid has never been in my league; Adam Page demolished the shoulder of Kyle O’Reilly, proving that if you mess with the Bullet Club, you get hurt; and the Bucks proved that they’re not only the best tag team, not only in Ring of Honor, not only in this country, but all over the world! And with the Trios titles coming soon, some combination of the Bullet Club will be winning those belts; and Adam Page, you will soon be the Ring of Honor World TV champ! And the Bullet Club will have every piece of hardware in Ring of Honor! We’re just getting started; we’ll have all the gold, all the power, and all the control! Speaking of control, that’s the end of the promo but up next, it’s Taylor and Lee vs War Machine, so don’t reach for that remote control during this great ad break!

We’re back and there’s the music of War Machine! Hanson and Rowe make their way to the ring as we see highlights of Lee putting Rowe through two chairs a month ago on ROH TV. And there’s Shane Taylor and Keith Lee! They make their way to the ring…..and War Machine greets them with stereo topes to the floor!

So, that’d be a ‘No’ to the Code of Honor, then?

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs Keith Lee & Shane Taylor

Rowe tosses Taylor the barricade as Hanson busies himself with Lee. Taylor gets sent to another barricade as War Machine now doubleteams Lee, slamming him on the floor and following that with Rowe slamming Hanson onto Lee after. More doubleteams on Taylor now, as they put him down with a knee to the head. Lee attacks, but Rowe stops that with a Superman Punch. Taylor back now and we pair off again, with Lee reversing a whip on Rowe to send him to the barricade and finally turn the tide. The commentators talk about the ref having ‘relaxed rules’, which is ROH code for the ref just not bothering to enforce any rules. More brawling as the teams pair off again, with Taylor tossing Rowe to the barricade, then he and Lee toss Hanson to another barricade. Rowe comes back with a Superman Punch to the back of Lee’s head, and we’re still not even close to getting in the ring yet, which is just ridiculous. Hanson pounds away on Lee now as Rowe misses Taylor with a knee and gets wiped out by a shoulder. Corino has the gall to call Todd Sinclair the ‘best referee in professional wrestling’ because he’s NOT enforcing the rules, because he knows that this feud needs to end. Then make it a no-DQ match or something, because this is stupid. Hanson tries to slam Taylor on the floor, but….well, insert a joke from Scott about Kevin Owens here. Because Taylor is FAT. Lee comes over to doubleteam Hanson now, and they toss Hanson to the barricade. And they ROLL HANSON INTO THE RING! SWEET JESUS! Rowe takes out Lee still on the floor with some knee strikes, and they slug it out to the opposite side of the ring. Hanson charges at Taylor, but Taylor backdrops him on the top of Lee and Rowe! Taylor to the apron, corkscrew to everyone on the outside! Sure, why not; that 20 seconds in the ring was WAY too long. Speaking of too long, I sure hope that isn’t the case with this great ad break!

We’re back and everyone’s in the ring! It’s a miracle! Rowe comes at Taylor with a flying knee and staggers him, Lee nails Rowe in the head, then Hanson kicks Lee in the head. Taylor back at Hanson, who ducks a few clotheslines and comes off the ropes, but doesn’t duck this one, as Taylor drops him. Rowe catches Taylor; Exploder suplex to Shane! That was awesome. Lee avoids a shot and comes off the ropes, tossing Rowe halfway across the ring! He turns around and comes at Hanson, who catches him and powerslams him. Now that everyone is doing these insane-o power moves to the big guys, the match has picked up. War Machine goes for a double chokeslam on Taylor, but Shane fights out and clobbers Rowe with a right while Rowe goes for a Discus. Cross-corner whip on Hanson, who goes upside-down in the corner to the apron, then runs across to the top rope. He gets caught coming down by Taylor, Hanson fights that off and cartwheel through a double clothesline but gets caught coming back off the ropes, double chokeslam on Hanson by Taylor and Lee! 1,2, NO! Hanson is busted open, not sure why. And to continue the charade, Lee makes a show of tagging Taylor in for our first tag nearly 7 and a half minutes into this ‘tag team’ match. Rowe comes back in to break things up and hits some SHOTGUN KNEES~! to send Taylor to the floor, then War Machine with the double-team on Lee. Pop-up Powerslam to Lee from War Machine! 1,2, NO! War Machine goes for Decapitation, but Taylor trips Hanson, then hits Rowe when Rowe attempts a tope. Taylor back in now, Lee gets Hanson up but Hanson flips out of a suplex attempt; Taylor nails him in the back of the head into a Death Valley Driver by Lee! 1,2, NO! Tag from Lee to Taylor, but Shane charges and gets dropped by Hanson with a whoopie cushion, and Hanson makes the tag to Rowe. Slam from Rowe to Lee, then Rowe takes off and jumps off Lee with a Superman Punch to Taylor, following that with a second SHOTGUN KNEES~! to Lee. Rowe gets Taylor up, which is kind of insane to watch, as Hanson goes up: Fallout from War Machine! 1,2, NO! Lee drags Hanson to the floor and comes back in, Taylor puts Rowe on Lee’s shoulders, sitout powerbomb from Lee! 1,2, NO! Taylor goes up as Lee powerbombs Rowe again, but Rowe moves out of the way of the big splash! Hanson pulls Lee to the floor and now he goes up, frog splash by Hanson misses! No water in the pool! Lee goes up, MOONSAULT from Lee misses! Jesus. Rowe back in now, Canadian Destroyer on Keith Lee! 1,2,3. (War Machine over Keith Lee & Shane Taylor, pinfall, 11:14)

WORTH WATCHING? Well, this was interesting, but I’m not sure it was good. The first half of the match was spent in a bunch of boring brawling on the floor with guys getting tossed to barricades and beating on each other with forearms. That was really all there was to the first half. The second half was all big power moves and kickouts, which I grant were exciting. The story seemed to be that the teams refused to follow the rules of the match because they hated each other so much, but that’s just backwards booking; you do that match with a garbage finish and build to the No-DQ or gimmick match if that’s what you really want to do. I hate the referee’s discretion stuff in ROH a lot, in case you can’t tell; they passed off the whole match as him wanting the feud to be over so he allowed a bunch of stuff, then the ending made it clear that this feud must continue, making him look like a moron. I’m going to go with a NO on this one, but with the caveat that the match picked up a ton after the commercial and the power moves were cool to watch. If that’s your type of action, have a party.

Post-match, Taylor comes back in with a chair and destroys Hanson with it, then hits Rowe in the head with it before putting the badmouth on him. So, I assume we’re going to get the stip match anyway? Then why ignore the rules in this match to the degree they did? Hey look, here’s some great ads!

We’re back with a promo from Caprice Coleman. Uh, yay? He tells us that the six-man tag team titles have been up for election for a long time, but soon they’ll be won by the Cabinet! Sure.

Kelly and Corino recap the 6-man tag tournament so far, which is all of one match, as ACH/KUSHIDA/Jay White advanced over the Briscoes/Yano. Up next, it’s another first round match!

Hey, it’s Jason Kincaid! He’s kind of awesome! And his teammates look to be Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali, as Kelly tells us that all of these men competed in the 2016 Top Prospect tournament, and they’ve maintained contact with each other ever since. And here comes the Cabinet! And Coleman has a mic! “You all know the deal; when you see the Cabinet, we’ll be taking a kneel!” And after Coleman warns the opposing team that they will be DQ’d if they attack during it, they indeed take a knee to ‘protest’ the Code of Honor.

The Cabinet (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King, & Rhett Titus) vs Jason Kincaid, Leon St. Giovanni, & Shaheem Ali – ROH World Six-man Tag title tournament, Round 1

Looks like King and Ali are going to start us off. Ali controls with a hammerlock, which King reverses out of into a hiptoss. King is proud of his work, but not so much when he turns around into a hiptoss of Ali’s. Ali misses an elbow drop, and he and King trade off moves missing in sequence. Ali decides to offer the hand, and King drops to a knee. Ali goes down and gets in King’s face, so Kenny slaps him and takes him to the Cabinet corner. Titus in now, and stomping away, then back to King, who does some stompin’ of his own, before tagging in Coleman for some choking with the boot. The Cabinet all takes a knee to celebrate, so Kincaid and Leon come in and dropkick them to the floor. Kincaid gets a running start, and comes through the ropes with a Blockbuster to Coleman on the floor! I rather like this young man, I do. Coleman gets thrown back in, Ali and Leon doubleteam him with some shots from Ali and a reverse neckbreaker from Leon that gets two. Tag to Leon proper now and he tags in Jason, and they triple team Caprice with a rolling lung-blower, 1,2, no! Kincaid pulls the straps down and goes up, but Coleman yanks him off the top and drops him face first on the top buckle, following that with a knee to the face. Brisk match so far; let’s see if it stays that way after these ads!

We’re back with Kincaid fighting out of the Cabinet corner, but Titus drops an elbow on him before he can tag. King gets the tag now, then back to Rhett as Titus hits a running strike to Jason in the corner. King tries to follow with a spinkick, but Jason ducks it and gets the tag to Ali, who runs wild on the All-Night Express. Kneelifts from Shaheem into a seated dropkick, but a straight left from Rhett stops that. Suplex attempt is reversed to a go-behind from Ali, who backs to his corner and tags in St. Giovanni. Leon comes in with a rolling clothesline on Titus, then a springboard Superman Punch to Caprice on the apron. Forward neckbreaker with an assist from Ali by Leon! 1,2, no! Leon goes for a suplex, but King comes in and ANX hits Leon with kicks, then a dropkick from Titus. King gets yanked off the apron by Kincaid to break up the One-Night Stand; he shoulders Titus in the gut and springs in with a Blockbuster on Titus. Jason and Leon tie Titus up in the tree of woe, and everyone goes to a corner; Ali with a delayed dropkick as Kincaid and Leon come off with Coast-to-Coast dropkicks to Titus! Neato! 1,2, NO! Kincaid gets kicked in the face by King on a tope attempt as Leon goes up to the top, Phoenix splash by Leon hits the knees of Rhett! Titus with a splash in the corner and a tag to Coleman, who hits an enziguri to Leon in the corner. King gets him up and drops him in a stunner as Titus dives onto the rest of the team on the floor, Coleman goes up….Skysplitta by Caprice! That’ll be enough. (The Cabinet over Jason Kincaid, Leon St. Giovanni, & Shaheem Ali, pinfall, 8:04)

WORTH WATCHING? A breezy, enjoyable six-man tag match here. Kincaid is a madman and I really like watching him wrestle, but this was just fun to watch all the way around. I still hate the Cabinet gimmick, but the match itself was aces. YES, this match is worth a look; well-paced, didn’t wear out its welcome, good stuff.

Post-match, the Cabinet celebrate as we see that they’ve advanced to face off against KUSHIDA/ACH/White in the next round.

Back to Kelly and Corino, who promote the house shows and tell us that Lethal and Silas Young will face off next! After some excellent ads!

We’re back to the music of Silas Young! Young has an ROH World title shot in his pocket, having won the Honor Battle Royale recently; he’ll get his shot in Florida next Saturday! And the last man that he eliminated in that match was one Mr. Jay Lethal, who makes his way to the ring, as we’re reminded that Lethal will get his rematch for the ROH World title in London, England on November 20th! Who will he face; Adam Cole or Silas Young? I have a theory that it probably will not be Silas Young. Just a theory.

Jay Lethal vs Silas Young

Code of Honor is followed for the first time tonight. Lockup goes to the corner and they really work it back and forth before breaking, then going back to it. Lethal with the armwringer, Young reverses out of it, Silas trips Lethal up, Jay does the same, rollup from Silas, Jay kicks out. Nice sequence there as we reset. Lockup again, Young with the headlock now, Lethal shoots him off and Young runs through him with a shoulderblock. Young comes off the ropes, Lethal with a hiptoss and a seated dropkick to Young, who rolls out to the apron, and Lethal puts him to the floor with a springboard dropkick. He follows that with a tope to Silas, then tosses him to the barricade. Lethal back in, another tope sends Young to the barricade. Chop to Young against another barricade, and Lethal goes back in, 3rd tope sends Young to the barricade again! And now, Adam Cole has wandered out to join Corino and Kelly on commentary as we’re going to join these great ads!

We’re back with Young in control, knee across the face of Jay. During the break, Lethal took a neckbreaker across the knee of Silas to allow Young to take over. Chop in the corner from Young as Cole puts over his World Championship tour coming up, as he casually confirms that indeed, he will face off against Kyle O’Reilly at Final Battle. Young puts the badmouth on Lethal and drops him with a belly-to-back suplex, then slaps on a chinlock. Meanwhile, Cole accuses Corino of doing one of the most offensive things that’s ever been done to him at the Honor Rumble:

Corino: “You asked me to get you coffee!”
Cole: “And you didn’t!”

Hee! I love Adam Cole so very, very much. Lethal fights up from the chinlock, but gets caught with a knee off the ropes. Silas goes for a Boston Crab, but Lethal kicks him off, then slips out of a Fireman’s Carry by Young. They both exchange missed moves before Young catches Lethal with a right hand, which Lethal responds to with a back elbow. They exchange kicks now, and Lethal wins that battle, with a second kick that staggers Silas and drops him. Cole calls Corino a ‘joke’ on commentary, to which Corino responds with a kind of half-Pesci, asking him if that means he’s a funny type of guy, or does he mean a guy with a whole bunch of championships (that he lists); Cole responds by saying that he’s a ‘hilarious joke’. You know, there are worse ways in ROH to get over as a heel than by insulting Corino, who is relatively beloved by the ROH crowd. Back in the ring, Silas charges Jay and eats a kick, a second charge eats an elbow. Lethal springs off the second rope and misses a Cutter, but he manages to escape a Misery attempt from Young and hit the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes up, Hail to the King elbow! 1,2, NO! Cole keeps needling Corino on commentary, which is just great. Jay goes for the Lethal Injection, Silas moves and catches Jay with a backbreaker. Jay avoids the clothesline, but Young takes him back down with a Cutter. 1,2, NO! Cole decides that he wants to see the action a bit closer and leaves commentary, but that proves to be unwise, because while commentators can’t be attacked by a very, very pissed-off Kyle O’Reilly while sitting at the desk in ROH, arrogant ROH World Champs who stand in the aisle with their backs to the entrance are afforded no such protection. And as if on cue, a wild Kyle O’Reilly does appear and attacks Cole, mercilessly pounding him and sitting him in a chair at ringside. Meanwhile in the ring, Silas gets Lethal in a Fireman’s Carry and hits a plunge, then looks to go for the split-legged moonsault; but Kyle is on the apron and is lining up Cole on the floor and bumps into Silas. Young shoves him to the floor, but that gives Lethal the chance to roll Young up for the pin. Boo, ROH. (Jay Lethal over Silas Young, pinfall, 9:03)

WORTH WATCHING? I thought it was up until the dogshit finish. Look, I get that you don’t want either guy to do a cleanish job here because they both have World title matches coming up soon, but then don’t put them in the ring together or do the schmozz with Adam and Kyle hitting the ring. Up until that point, I actually enjoyed this, as they were telling the story of two veterans that were countering a bunch of moves from the other, which I always like. I’ll give it a mild YES, as the finish shouldn’t detract from the match as a whole, but man I hate that finish. Don’t be lifting that s--- from the WWE, ROH.

Post-match, Kyle has some words for Silas, but Cole gets in the ring and hits Kyle from behind as Young tosses Jay to the floor. Young and Cole face off now, but Jay pulls Silas to the floor and they brawl, while Kyle quickly gets the better of Adam and drops him with a brainbuster. Young goes to the top of the ramp and holds up the World title belt as we see the next three challengers for Cole lined up, which is admittedly a nice thing, and we’re done with ROH TV for the week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: This one was a move the goalposts type episode. ROH is set up to tour London soon, and they used this week to set up matches for Florida next week and London after, as they still do a lot of their business on the house shows and it makes sense for them to promote them heavily as a result. They don’t return to PPV until December 2nd, which is Final Battle, and the endgame is clearly O’Reilly/Cole there, so I don’t expect Adam to drop that title any time soon. The show itself was fine, obviously nowhere near last week’s, but the six-man was enjoyable and the main was goodish until the finish. Kind of average this week.

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
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