AJ Styles: one of the greatest?

After making a name for himself for over a decade everywhere, now AJ Styles finally makes it into WWE this year at the Royal Rumble, feuding with Jericho with a couple great matches into his first WrestleMania, making Roman Reigns look good and lose, having a Match of the Year candidate with John Cena, giving Dean Ambrose his best singles match and crowned WWE Champion all within 9 months. Is it best to say that AJ Styles is the Superstar of the Year and just one of the greatest wrestlers ever with the likes of Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels?

​He’s having a hell of a year, but putting him up there with Flair and Michaels is a bit much. I’d say that this year certainly might be the one to put him over the top into the Observer Hall of Fame, but Flair and Michaels both drew money on top of a major promotion, or at least in the case of Shawn worked at a high level for a long time. Styles was in TNA with no one watching for 10 years. He’s great, absolutely, and even I’d say he’s the greatest working today, but all-time? No.​